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Dachshund Husky Mix And Their Characteristics

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The Dachshund husky mix is a cross between the husky and dachshund. This type of mixed breed is well-known to be more courageous, aggressive, independent, energetic, loyal, and lively and even more social when compared to other mix dog breeds.

Although being a husky origin dog, it does not come up with high-level maintenance that one faces in bringing up an original husky dog. They can be easily trained, by understanding them at first instance. With proper exercise and food, they can be your sweet little home companion. The dachshunds are known for their tracking and hunting features, and the same characteristics can be found in this particular mixed breed of dog too.

Some surprising facts about Dachshund husky mix:

The Dachshund husky mix is basically scent bounded kind of dog breeds, and they tend to hunt a lot during both day and night time. The Dachshunds, in particular, were once used to track the badgers and other tunneling animals like rabbits and foxes. In this generation that has many mixed breeds of dog; the dachshund husky can safeguard the humans and can be their loyal family companion.
They do have both their ears erected like a husky, and they give out an impression that they are well built and an athletic at the very first glance of them. The outside fur has a double coat, which makes them easy to cuddle.

Training them every day

Although the Dachshund husky mix looks small during their initial stage of growth, they tend to be in charge all the times. They do decide the places on their mind before visiting them, and when they are present at the location, they tend to have the ability to grasp things to do with them. Ordering them to perform jobs won't work anytime. One needs to trust their activity and let them decide their actions with their own ideas that keep running on them.

They need to think that the idea came from their own mind and the dog owner needs to take actions that can let them feel so. Any harsh treatment shall never be a good idea, and they will look disinterested if their owners poorly treat them. It's highly advised to keep a personal house trainer who can train this particular dog breed mix, as they shall respond in biting or snapping if at all they were not trained well.


The average life for this kind of breed is between twelve to fifteen years. These breed health concerns are particularly related to their skin and hair related problems, which can make them lose some years of life from their average life expectancy in the world.
They are known as the intelligent breeds, as both the husky and dachshund are very well known for having their own high instincts. By keeping this fact in mind, the dachshund husky mix has the similar mental health, and they are stronger than other mixed breeds.

These dog breeds do face a health issue during the autumn and spring seasons. To let them stay healthy, you need to brush them out for about two to five times every week during both spring and summer seasons.
They tend to lose hair during these seasons, and you need to brush their coat two times a week. Besides performing these health-related activities, you also need to find some time to:

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    Bath the dog once in a month or anytime when they tend to look dirty
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    Trim the nails whenever required 
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    Clean their ears, two times in a month
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    Brush their teeth two times in a week.

Positive aspects in having a Dachshund husky mix:

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    They are more affectionate, eager to please, companionable and alert you when they get to witness stranger around your house
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    The puppies are smart and devoted companies that let their owners explore and adventure more.
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    They found living happily when they get the freedom to decide their own actions.

Negative aspects of having a Dachshund husky mix

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    They should never leave unattended in your yard, as they show a tendency to dig faster to find new adventures out in your yard
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    If it's your first time handling a dog, then you must start with some other breed as the dachshund husky mix cannot manage by an owner who has no zero experience before in bringing up a dog
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    They are more possessive with the toys they tend to play every day
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    Hard to train them single-handedly.


Although the Dachshund husky mix, tend to be a hunting dog, which is the nature of dachshunds, they shall be your best house companion, if at all you can treat them well. It is the best dog breed mix for every person, who feels lonely in their real life. Training them might be quite difficult, yet, they are best alert watchdogs, who can protect your family from any terrible situation.

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