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Doberman Lab Mix – A Prominent Breed

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The Doberman Lab mix is an amalgam of the Doberman Pinscher and the Labrador Retriever class. They are colossal in composition with high-spirit energy that makes them a prominent breed among all. It is a unique breed not so subtle among all. Also known as the Doberdor or the designer dogs, this type has acquired all the positive qualities of its ancestors.

The Doberman is almost 28 inches tall

A glimpse of the Doberman Lab mix:

The Doberman is almost 28 inches tall while the females come around 26 inches near the shoulder level. It weighs 65 to 90 pounds maximum. Its ears lay slant towards the front, and its legs and tail are robust with a hefty foot. In some cases, the Doberdor has genetic webbed feet acquired from the Labrador ancestral breed. Both the Doberman Pinscher and the Labrador Retriever class are regarded very highly in the clan. They both are large dogs, and hence their mix is a replica of the former types. Their coat is water resistance and sheds frequently.

The black and dark polished labs are best known to man. But other colors are also prominent line the combination of blue, red, and fawn mixed with rust. It has a very exuberant temperament making it a prevalent breed, and it requires proper and systematic training. They are very faithful to their masters making them an excellent family member while they outsmart in canine athletics too.  Its life expectancy is more than ten years making it to 15 years sometimes. Their health's conditions are affected due to specific eyesight issue, and hereditary hear failures.

Best features of the breed:

The dog is ardent, caring, friendly, watchful and affable. They suit as watchdogs because of their alert attitude. These qualities are hereditary, acquired from their ancestor the Doberman, which is also known as the "Velcro dog.” The Doberman is always ready to satisfy its master and is always hooked up with household members. This inherent feature of the Doberdor makes him a warm and friendly pet for which you will grow a natural fondness. Their defensive impulse makes them secure with other pets, children, and strangers. Though its character and behavior are not easy to predict, yet it offers very comfortable protective service to his master; the quality carried forward from its ancestors it has obtained, which is their hallmark - natural loyalty and intelligence.

Grooming and Training: 

You need to put lots of love care and affection is to groom this mix of puppies. Attention is something this breed definitely longs for. You cannot dare to ignore them. They determine what you expect them to do with their sheer intelligence and runs for it immediately. The grooming periods should be short and appealing so that your dog is not bored off.

Doberman Lab mix is enthusiastic learners who will drive you crazy with their playful sports and fun-loving tantrums. Always give positive appreciation for something done with a caring hand brush on its head. Do not get angry during the training sessions. It may not have a positive feedback. You will have to be a lot patient when dealing with them.

Your Doberdor will move about a lot running hither and thither thereby it is necessary to make room for them. A big apartment will be best. They generally find it is challenging to stay confined in a closed and small room. They also love swimming and have an affinity towards water though sometimes exceptions do occur. Due to the frequent shedding of furs and coat, a regular bath is mandatory. Also, you need to take lots of care and checking on the teeth, nail and skin issues.

The Doberman Lab mix is loyal to its master:

Have you ever confused by thinking, the Doberdor could be a designer dog? It's because their temperament makes you feel as if all qualities have transferred into a single breed. The activeness, loyalty, and allegiance are something worth acknowledgment and recognition. It is a typical family dog with full on energy and activeness. With the right training and social association, the Doberdor will in no time become one that you have always wished and desired to be a proud owner.

You should opt for a dog that will match your daily day of life. In this case, the Doberman Lab mix is the right breed for the slot. They will listen and follow your instruction with ease though sometimes their adamant attitude may cause lots of difficulties. But that's rare. They are a family dog, protective and loyal.

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