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Get To Know The American Bulldog Pitbull Mix

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As the name suggests, American Bulldog Pitbull mix is a unique mix of American Bulldog with American Pit Bull and is commonly calling as Pitbull Bulldog Mix. The breed comes from powerful parents, and for the same reasons, it is an all-rounder dog. It has an excellent combination of characteristics inherited from its parents. Generally, it is a very quiet dog that doesn’t bark unnecessarily. Pit bulldog also showcases love the traits of a protective and loving pet. It is normally a large dog with a life expectancy of more than 13 years on proper nutrition. Let's talk in detail about its characteristics and other peculiarities.

General information about American Bulldog Pitbull mix

American Bulldog Pitbull mix is a hybrid mix that has inherited its body structure from American Pit Bull and its muscularity from American Bulldog. It weighs between 40-100 pounds and has a height of 13 to 20 inches. When it comes to size, it cannot consider as a small to a massive sized dog. Bully pit is a medium-sized dog with lean body but yet muscular build like its Bulldog parent. As these dogs are a cross between bulldog and Pitbull, it is also known as a bully breed. Earlier, these races were part of certain violent sports including bull baiting, and that's how the name "Bully breed" originated. However, nowadays, these dogs are using as pet dogs for protection and have been considered as a friendly dog. 

Grooming and Training

Bully pits have a short and fine coat and hence shedding ranges from low to average amount only. However, there are certain seasons when the breed would shed a little more than normal. Overall, a moderate maintenance is essential for bull pit breed dogs. As it has a thin coat, it needs a regular dose of sunscreen whenever stepping out.
Brush your dog 2 or 3 times a week and washing the body with a damp cloth will help in removing all lose hair completely. It just needs to be bathed whenever dirty and required clipping nails whenever the nails are grown out.
Training a bully pit is not very difficult as well, but you need to have a fair amount of patience to do the job. These breeds need a consistent owner who will give a considerable amount of love and pamper sessions but also set clear rules and regulations.

Plus side of the breed

Bully pits don't require much exercise, and a moderate exercise routine is alright for maintaining their overall muscle tone. However, keep in mind that they are not the type of breeds that can be left alone during exercise. You have to assign different exercises and exciting activities to keep them going.
The best thing about American Bulldog Pitbull mix is that they are very social when trained in that manner. It gets well along with children and other animals. It can be allowed to interact with children as they are playful and affectionate to children. However, this nature has to be developed with enough training and socialization as they generally have an aggressive side deep inside.

 Negative aspects

Like any other dog breeds, bully pits also have a mix of good and bad traits in their behavior. These races can have certain health issues like allergy issues, joint problems, and skin allergies, breathing difficulties, heart disease, eye problems, Hypothyroidism, cherry eye and more.
Another negative aspect of the American Bulldog Pitbull is the cost involved for buying the breed and for overall maintenance. The cost of purchasing a dog from this breed can range from $200 to $2,000, and you again have to shed a few hundreds of dollars to buy the basic stuff like the collar, toys, leash, etc.
Other costs involved are medial costs that can cost up to $500 or $600. Some bully pits can act extremely aggressive and can be dangerous at times. Not all dogs from the breed are aggressive, but some of them can be if you don’t give proper assistance and training. Earlier, they were trained to use in violent sports, and it proves that they can teach to control their aggressiveness.


American Bulldog Pitbull mix is a sweet dog with a golden heart, but by it carries a wrong impression as an aggressive breed, which is not true. Once you start giving it all the love, it will not fail your love. They are very loving and caring if you train them in the right way. Do not fear them and you can trust them completely when bringing them home. Give it the proper training, treats, your attention, toys and they will give you beautiful memories to cherish.

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