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Stunning Golden Retriever Names Should Go with Your Lovely Scottish Friends

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Are you looking for the best name for your new golden retriever? Have you ever found yourself stuck among thousands of choices? Choosing golden retriever names is not as difficult as you might think at first, provided that you take our tips. 


Golden retrievers are among the most popular breeds raised by the American due to their friendly and joyful personalities. Given their cute faces, it stands to reason that you want to find the best name for your companion. However, when it comes to naming a dog, pet owners tend to run into great trouble of being showered with numerous choices available.

Below are some suggestions for golden retriever names that you can consult to make the final decision.

Tips on Choosing a Golden Retriever Name

Go with Simple Names

Because dogs are inclined to remember short words much more easily than longer ones, it is advisable that you choose short and simple names for your puppy. One more reason for this is that you may sometimes speak out your pet’s name in public, so you should keep it as short as possible. In other words, golden retriever names shouldn’t be longer than three syllables.

At the same time, avoid using too common names for fear that another dog would come to you upon your call or your dog would run to other people. Besides, names whose sounds are remarkably similar to basic command like “Sit”, “Stay” are warned against use.

In case you have young children, a simple name is undoubtedly no hard for them to learn and call. By this way can they be familiarized with the new family member without having to put in much effort. Be careful not to choose weird names to avoid attracting negative attention when shouting outside. 

In this sense, “Rusty”, “Bailey”, “Sandy”, etc. are feasible options.

Base on Personality

Every dog has their own personality and their names should reflect those unique traits. For instance, if your dog is in the habit of sleeping a lot, let’s call him “Sleepy”. In general, the golden retriever breed is famous for their intelligence and affectionate character (listed in the roundup of most affectionate dog breeds). They are fond of drawing attention of people around and love to take part in any fun games.

They are also bred as gun dogs that can retrieve downed game from the water. Such names as “Daniel”, “Lewis”, or “Clark”, which are inspired by names of great outdoorsmen, are suitable for their outgoing attribute.

Otherwise, to emphasize their loyal character as a famous breed of guide dogs, you can call a male dog “Akins”, “Leonard”, “Baron”, or “Minion” and a female one “Arion”, “Casey”, “Valora” or “Isis”.

Alternatively, it may be fun to choose a name that by no means matches your furry friend’s real personality. For example, a mild-tempered dog can be named “Jaws” even though he never attacks anyone throughout his life.

Base on Appearance

The golden retriever is the breed of various outstanding features that can be made use of during the naming process. It might strike you at first sight that a golden retriever’s beauty comes from his blonde or golden coats. So, this could be a source of inspiration for devising a suitable name. In this sense, “Goldie” or “Blondie” is highly recommended.

Or if your friend is a short-haired golden retriever, you can call him “Shortie”.

Base on Abilities

Besides being trained as hunt dogs, golden retrievers are ranked among the top rescue dogs, bomb dogs and other specialties that make them great companion of humans. Many of them have gone down in history as heroes, such as “Zanjeer”. He was praised as the hero dog of bomb detection in Mumbai. You can express your anticipation of a courageous dog like that by naming your dog “Zanjeer”. 

Base on Origin

It is widely convinced that golden retrievers are indigenous to Scotland, where they are trained to retrieve game from land and water. This is probably the reason why most of them like being in water. To honoring their heritage and ancestry, you can consider picking a name of the Scottish origin for your lovely friend. Male dogs are suited with “Aindrea”, “Angus”, “Balfour”, “Benneit”, or “Calum” while names such as “Arabel”, “Alana”, “Blair”, “Dolag” or “Dallis” are often used to highlight the elegance of female ones.  

Refer to Other Languages

To make it more special for your puppy, you can look up for words that mean “golden” or “gold” in foreign languages to name him. By this way can you depict the breed figuratively and express your appreciation of the dog at the same time. For example, in Spanish, a male golden retriever can be called “Dorado” while a female one is named “Dorada”. 

Use Famous Names

There are many times that the golden retriever breed has appeared on screen and they are also favorite pets of many celebrities. A dog named “Sammy” used to be depicted in the movie “Parent Trap” while “Liberty” is owned by Gerald Ford. You can take those names as references for naming your own dog. “Sherlock” might suit him best if he likes to investigate surrounding things while an energetic puppy would enjoy being called “Sparky”. 

Suggested Golden Retriever Names


Male dog names: Your adorable little boy deserves one of those great names “Baron”, “George”, “Harry”, “Andy”, “Smith”, “Knight”, “Shaun”, “Ben”, “Dave”, “Barney”, etc. Or you can check out this post for more boy dog names.

Female dog names: Here are some great names for your elegant dogs: “Sadie”, “Lucy”, “Bella”, “Jennie”, “Indie”, “Jade”, “Annie”, “Summer”, “Jasmine”, “Buffy”, “Ella”, and so on.

Unique golden retriever names: Their gorgeous large size and long coats really make them stand out from other breeds, so unique names fit them well. Some examples are “Odin”, “Basil”, “Asa”, “Bosie”, “Rogue”, “Zeus”, “Byron”, “Thor”, “and Gemini”.

Cool names: How about breaking with tradition and picking a name just as awesome as your dog? Here are your choices: “Jin”, “Ora”, “Spinster”, “Mystic”, “Snooty”, “Storm”, etc.

English cream golden retriever names: These dogs are favored by their beautiful broad heads as well as a soft light colored coat. As a result, you may prefer names that denote this light nuance, such as “Milk”, “Misty”, “Pearl”, “Coconut”, “Ivory”, “Chiffon”, “Lychee”, etc.

Gold dog names: There are several lovely names that go with the stunning dark coat like “Roxie”, “Brew”, “Marigold”, “Glimmer”, “Dollar”, “Dorian”, “Glorie”, and so on.

White dog names: For snow-like white coated dogs, such names as “Ivory”, “Marilyn”, “Snowflake”, “Smoky”, “Crackers”, “Casper”, “Opal”, “Salty”, “Phantom” turn out much suitable.


As soon as you buy or adopt a new golden retriever, it comes to your mind that choosing a name for him is an urgent thing to do. The name you pick can reveal as much about yourself as about your dog and it will be used for a lifetime. Once you train your dog to recognize his name, he will stick to it for good and promptly obey your commands. Therefore, take some criteria listed above into consideration and think up a name to your liking.

Hopefully, this article will help you get through the difficulty of picking out the best golden retriever names among thousands of choices. 

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