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Husky Chihuahua Mix – The Designer Dog You To Keep At Home

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Breeding of dogs of different shape and sizes is not much common. However, they still exist and preferred by people who love to keep a designer breed dog as their companion. One of such unusual breeding would be husky Chihuahua mix. The breed is a mix of Siberian husky and the Chihuahua. As crazy as it may sound, you can find these designer dogs with many people, however not many. Siberian husky is a medium sized dog with fur all over it to protect itself from cold. Chihuahua is a toy sized dog with a long body.

Origin of the husky Chihuahua mix

When it comes to hybrid dogs, there isn’t much history available about it. Breeding of two specific dogs, also known as ‘designer dogs' has been in the scene from the past twenty from years or so. Usually, breeders do this type of unusual breeding to create something unique and earn extra money.

Best features of this breed

When you mix the Chihuahua and the Siberian race, the result can turn out to be anything. Sometimes the mix inherits more from one parent than the other, and hence you will have to wait to find how your dog develops eventually. However, most probably, your dog would be of medium or small height, something like a husky puppy.

Individuals prefer Siberian husky dogs because of their free spirit, intelligence, and independent nature. Also, they are a beautiful breed of dog and look almost majestic. Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are brave, strong-willed, proud and adventurous. On mixing these two races, you will most probably get a dog which is intelligent, dominant and adventurous. It can be free-spirited like a Siberian husky and thus, you need to leash it most of the times.

Health, training, and grooming

People initially bred Huskies as a sled dog. They are sturdy and generally don't face any serious health issues. All they need is the proper exercise to keep them in good health and occasional visits to the vet. Whereas, Chihuahuas are known for their poor health. They commonly suffer from glaucoma, rheumatism, gum problems, colds and so on. Also, there are chances of frequent bone breaks because of their size. They also tend to be obese if you don't give proper care for their nutrition and diet. Health issues are pervasive in husky Chihuahua mix race as it carried forward as hereditary features of Chihuahua.

Your husky Chihuahua mix will most probably be intelligent, free-spirited and wild like a husky. Proper training need to be given to the dog to subdue its wild spirit. High chances are that your dog will have medium length hair. However, it won’t shed as much as an ordinary husky does. Give your dog baths two to three times a week. Giving daily baths might seem like a good idea, but it dries out its skin. Take your dog for long walks to keep its energy level in control as huskies are known for their over activeness.

These dogs are prone to several health issues, such as elbow and hip dysplasia. To a great extent, its health issues can control with the feeds. What you feed your husky Chihuahua mix is very important. Hence, the diet of this breed should be high in glucosamine and fish oil and chondroitin supplements. Overfeeding your dog is never a good idea, as Chihuahuas are anyway prone to obesity. It is crucial that you keep a check on what your dog is eating as being overweight can lead to various health diseases in your dog.

These dogs shall have an average lifespan of 11-13 years, and so far we cannot find any major health issues disturb this breed. However, some minor health issues like, distichiasis, corneal opacities, PRA and cataract may create concerns and hence required vet checking occasionally.

Negative remarks

The breeding result of a Siberian husky and Chihuahua is very unpredictable. No one can say for sure how your dog will turn out. To breed two dogs that are so different not only in their size but also in their temperament is a very risky affair. The mix dog can turn out to have more health problems than a regular purebred dog. It's not worth the risk.

Best intelligent companion:

They are adventurous, clever, fun-loving, mischievous, stubborn, alert, independent and obstinate. It is an ideal inbound dog and can easily mingle with family members. They are very attentive and obedience in nature, hence its masters won't have problems to control the dog. It can run tirelessly for long distance; therefore it is a good companion for hunting and cattle herds. The dog required regular exercise, hence give him proper outing and allow him to run around without a leash.


Ahusky Chihuahua mix is an unusual dog, to be honest. Make sure that your breeder offers a health guarantee on the dog. Also, he should be open about the health problems that these mixes may suffer and provide you with proper documents that the dogs used for breeding were free from any health issues.

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  • My husband and I got a Chihuahua Husky mix at the animal shelter. She is a very beautiful dog. She has the personality of a husky but has the littledog syndrome that most Chihuahuas have. She is sturdier than the average Chihuahua (found that out after a 3 year old tried to play with her). She is also easier to train in some aspects compared to Chihuahuas but harder compared to huskies.
    We were completely surprised when we discovered that she was a husky mix because she is still a bit of a small dog. Never met an other Chihuahua husky mix so I can’t say for others but my own.


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