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Husky Chihuahua Mix – Why Is It One Of The Most Unthinkable Hybrid Dogs?

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Meta: When anyone is talking about the craziest, coolest, weirdest, or most controversial hybrid dogs ever, the name Husky Chihuahua mix is always on the top of this list. But can you really blame them, since the notion of this cross is already unthinkable? Let’s find out!

Breeding dogs of different shapes and sizes are not very common, but the result could be very interesting because it’s hard for us to predict how the mixed puppy will look like.

In fact, hybrid dogs, which are crossbred between two breeds with very different body measurements, are preferred by people who love to keep a unique dog as their companion. One of those unusual combinations is the Husky Chihuahua mix.

What Kind of Dog Is This?

The right question should be, “How is this even genetically possible when they are very different, like chalk and cheese?” The Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds (and labeled as a companion dog), while the Siberian Husky is large (and labeled as a working dog).

The truth is, all breeds can breed each other. However, the risks of naturally producing a litter of this cross are unspeakably high. And therefore, they must be bred via in-vitro fertilization.

As crazy as it may sound, you can find these designer dogs with many people. Well, not many, to be honest, because they are deemed worthless mutts and very much frowned upon by professional breeders.

Consequently, Husky Chihuahua mix is not recognized by the AKC. They don’t have a consensus name other than the vague “Siberian Husky mix”, “Chihuahua mix”, or perhaps “Huskyhuahua”.

For those who don’t know, there is another case in which the Husky is crossbred with another breed which is much smaller than the Husky. This is the Dachshund – well known for its very short legs but long body. And the result we have is called Dachshund Husky mix.

Prominent Traits of Husky Chihuahua Mix

Though the breeding of two specific dogs has been in the scene from the past twenty years or so, when it comes to hybrid dogs, there isn’t much history available about them. And in the case of the Husky Chihuahua mix, the records are even less.

It isn’t exaggerated to say that these two breeds are like fire and ice. They have almost nothing in common. Chihuahuas are dogs of hot climates while Huskies are children of snow. The former is apartment dog, whereas the latter most definitely isn’t, etc.

That’s why the resulting pups of these two breeds are a bit … mystic (legendary even), as they’re unpredictable regarding every aspect.

So, the best way to guess what they would turn out to be is to make logical speculations based on the parent breeds’ respective traits and characteristics.

Outer Look

Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog with a dense, long fur to protect it from cold. Chihuahua is a toy-sized dog with a long body.

When you mix the Chihuahua and the Siberian Husky, the result can turn out to be anything. Sometimes, the mix inherits more from one parent than the other. In the end, you will have to wait to find how your dog develops with time.

However, and most probably, your dog would be of medium or small size, something like a Husky puppy with erected ears, curled tail, and (very) short stature.

The pups can look like their Chi sire (i.e., super small), or resemble the Husky parent but smaller (if the Husky is the sire this time). Some owners even claimed that their mix pups “look like a little wolf during winter.”

Body Measurements

Chihuahua’s measurements are 6 - 9 inches at the shoulder and 3 – 6 pounds in weight. Whereas those of Husky is 20 - 23 inches at the shoulder and 35 - 60 pounds in weight. A vast gap right?

But if they somehow do (i.e., accident, and maybe thanks to the interference of in-vitro fertilization), your Husky Chihuahua mix’s measurements could be anywhere from very small to medium-sized. The weight could be anywhere between 35 and 45 pounds, or even 50 pounds. The fluctuation is wide.

Some Husky Chihuahua mix owners claimed that their dogs were of medium sized (or, “as big as a large Jack Russel”), 15-25 pounds in weight, 1-2 feet tall.

As said, designer dogs are variable in every way. With a mix like this, you could have some pups tiny like the Chihuahua, or medium-sized like the Husky, or somewhere in between. But your Huskyhuahua will never be as big as a Husky Malamute mix.


Chihuahua’s coat is either short or long. The short, soft, smooth, and glossy coat will shed more than the long-haired one. Anyhow, it still requires grooming.

What about Huskies? Their double coat definitely needs regular grooming. The coat consists of a dense undercoat and a flat-lying outer coat. The strands of hair are of medium length. Twice every year in their cold homelands, when it’s warmer, Huskies shed their coat. The occasion will happen more often and each bout lasts longer (i.e., 3 weeks) if they live in warmer climates. Otherwise, they are just medium shedders.

So, what if a minimal shedder mates with a moderate shedder? Hmm… The high chance is that your hybrid will have medium length hair that still needs brushing as frequently as possible.

Colors and Patterns

Just combine the founding breeds’ coat or eyes colors and you can fancy how your Husky Chihuahua mix is going to look like. Here are the “color charts”, so to speak, for your speculations:

  • Husky’s coat colors: white, black-white, red-white, gray-white, sable-white, agouti-white.
  • Chihuahua’s coat colors: fawn, sand coloring, cream, black, chocolate, black-tan, red.

Because some Huskies have mesmerizing blue eyes or mismatched eyes, their hybrid pups with the others may possess these traits, too.

Records from owners of these dogs claimed that their mix dogs had both blue eyes; others had one blue, one brown; or one eye was blue-and-brown while the other was brown.


Individuals prefer Siberian husky dogs because of their free spirit, intelligence, and independent nature. Also, they are a beautiful breed and look almost majestic.

Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are brave, strong-willed, proud, and adventurous. Whenever you see one shivering, usually because it’s cold, not scared. In fact, they’re bold and fearless.

On mixing these two races, you will most probably get a smart, demanding, and adventurous dog. Occasionally, it’s said to be an ideal inbound dog and can easily mingle with family members.


Because of the Escape Artist heritage, it can be free-spirited like a Siberian Husky and thus, you need to leash it most of the times. Otherwise, the mixed dog may dig holes in your garden and run away.

Moreover, small dogs like Chihuahua may have Small Dog Syndrome (SDS). You can bark a lot due to this. Therefore, you need to take note of this syndrome, and find a way to teach your Chihuahua not to bark.

And let’s not forget that both dog breeds are dynamic enough that if they aren’t provided with their daily dose of exercise, the destructive behaviors are bound to happen. Expect this from your hybrid pup also.


As stated, your Husky Chihuahua mix will most probably be intelligent, free-spirited and wild like a Husky. So, proper training needs to be given to the dog to subdue its wild spirit. 

However, due to their independent personality and stubbornness, training a Husky Chihuahua mix won’t be easy unless you’re firm and really patient. For the attitude of a sassy Chi and the energy and stubbornness of a Husky make a horrifying combination (honestly!).

Life Expectancy

  • Chihuahua’s lifespan: 10-18 years.
  • Husky’s lifespan: 12-15 years.

Inferred from those digits, the resulting hybrids may have an average lifespan of 11-13 years. And so far no major health issues disturbing this breed are found. 

General Care for a Husky Chihuahua Mix


Perhaps it won’t shed as much as an ordinary Husky does, but Husky Chihuahua mix does shed. So, it still needs grooming as often as possible.

Bathing, Cleansing, and Trimming

Give your dog baths 2-3 times a week. Giving daily baths might seem like a good idea, but it dries out its skin.

Moreover, their ears and teeth should be tended to regularly. And their nails need trimming when they become too long to avoid cracking. You can use a pet nail grinder to do that.


Take your dog for long walks to keep its energy level in control as both parent breeds are known for their over-activeness. So, make sure your Husky Chihuahua mix gets plenty of daily exercises.

Lenient start with a proper outing and allow it to run around without a leash twice a day will be sufficient for puppies. The frequency should be doubled when the dog gets older. And there should be other 1-hour games, too.

Doing so is not dog abuse. Small dogs such as this hybrid just love high-intensity exercises to burn off their excess energy. Otherwise, they’ll become destructive. So, for the sake of your stuff and yourself, carry out the routine regularly.


To a great extent, its health issues can be controlled with the feedings. What you feed your Husky Chihuahua mix is very important. Hence, the diet of this breed should be high in glucosamine and fish oil and chondroitin supplements.

Overfeeding your dog is never a good idea, as Chihuahuas are always prone to obesity. It is crucial that you keep track of what your dog is eating, for being overweight can lead to various health diseases.


People initially bred Huskies as a sled dog. They are sturdy and generally don't face any serious health issues. All they need is occasional visits to the vet and proper exercise daily to keep them in good shape.

By contrast, Chihuahuas are famous for their poor health. They commonly suffer from glaucoma, gum problems, colds, etc. Also, there are chances of frequent bone breaks because of their size. Plus, they tend to be obese if you don't give proper care for their nutrition and diet.

Health issues are pervasive in Husky Chihuahua mix - mainly as hereditary features of the Chihuahua. In short, these hybrid dogs are prone to several health issues which, most commonly, are elbow and hip dysplasia.

Moreover, some minor diseases like distichiasis, corneal opacities, PRA, and cataract may also be problematic. That’s why occasionally vet checking is a must.

Where to Find a Husky Chihuahua Mix?

Usually, and if this isn’t an accident, breeders do this type of controversial breeding to create something unique and earn extra money. Meaning, they completely don’t care about what the litter might be like or what genetic problems they have to endure. This happens specifically in any puppy mill.

The breeding result of a Siberian Husky and Chihuahua is very unpredictable. No one can say for sure how your dog will turn out.

Breeding two dogs, which are so different not only in their size but also in their temperament, is a very risky affair. The mix dog can turn out to have more health problems than a regular purebred dog. So, it's not worth the risk nor is it worth further offending the moral implications in this.

Since this mix has problematic health issues, the dogs are usually kicked out in the streets and be rescued latter (if they’re lucky). So try your luck at the shelters first. If possible, give one a chance.


A Husky Chihuahua mix is an unusual dog, to be honest. If you truly want to buy one out of genuine love for the hybrid and are willing to embrace all the responsibilities entailed, consult a reputable breeder. And make sure that your breeder offers a health guarantee on the dog.

Also, they should be open about the health problems that these mixes may suffer. Proper documents about the disease-free parent dogs should be fully provided as well.

Comments (5)

  • My husband and I got a Chihuahua Husky mix at the animal shelter. She is a very beautiful dog. She has the personality of a husky but has the littledog syndrome that most Chihuahuas have. She is sturdier than the average Chihuahua (found that out after a 3 year old tried to play with her). She is also easier to train in some aspects compared to Chihuahuas but harder compared to huskies.
    We were completely surprised when we discovered that she was a husky mix because she is still a bit of a small dog. Never met an other Chihuahua husky mix so I can’t say for others but my own.

  • I just rescued a husky Chi mix and she is a handful. She is 8 months and she is husky personality in a chi body. I am mad people breed theses dogs it is mean and evil but I will keep her forever I have 6 Special needs and puppy mill rescues she fits in but we do have problems with her exstream dominance issues and she is a baby. She has had a few fights with the oldest dog but they are all small so nothing bad happens thank God. She learned all commands with in a week BUT she is a dog that would NOT be good for a family with kids. We don’t have kids so it’s ok but she will not put up with any yelling or fighting sound. My husband yelled at me and she was going to bite him. He was not even near me she just started charging and it took 5 days for her to let him pet her again. We never fight but it was a good thing we found out about her protection response. Just a little info on what I know so far

    • You are a great person with a big heart. I have nothing to say, but hope that your small family (including your Husky Chi mix, of course) can have healthy, happy lives.

  • Oh, my boy is a mix too! I DNA tested him because well.. the best description I can give is he looks like a cartoon animal. He is a very particular dog and was found abandoned in the desert by my mother. She took him to a shelter she knew was safe and I went to see the dog she found. Less than a week later I -bitten in the face at five by a strangers pet and afraid of dogs from that childhood trauma- suddenly own a 25lb shedding, jump into your arms, don’t leave me, make noise like a tribble best friend.

    For me he is perfect. I don’t know how well anyone else would handle him though, he regularly drives everyone else crazy. And you know the old doggy in the window song? Only mine has his legs cut short and his body cut long with his head and neck a bit too big and he’s knock kneed. One blue and one brown eye in a corgi like cream coat. It’s a bit sad because he’s got lots of things I’m still finding he’s issues with, and I don’t think he had a happy life before. He’s utterly spoiled now though.


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