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Husky Malamute Mix

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The husky malamute mix commonly called as Alusky is a cross breed between the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. Alusky has an appearance similar to the wolf which it has inherited from his parents. However, don’t judge the breed by its looks; you will be surprised by its playfulness, friendliness, and loyalty. It is a big and active dog which needs high quality and appropriate canine food that contains the right amount of nutrients. Like its parents, it also packed with a lot of energy, stamina, and a vigorous dog too. Alusky is intelligent and has a good memory, so they make a wild streak with proper training.

Husky malamute mix Info

Though Alusky has good traits like any other loyal dog, it also has a mischievous side that comes out when they don’t get the attention and proper exercise. The absence of training will lead to excessive digging, and chewing character displayed. In looks, it resembles a wolf more than a dog. Alusky is a tall dog with large wide ears, and it has a compact and robust body along with vibrant blue eyes just like its parents. Its eyes are almond shaped; profoundly set and sharp looking and this is what makes it similar to a wolf. If Alusky can give adequate care, it will live for more than 10 years. The average life expectancy of a healthy breed is about 10-15 years.

Grooming and training

The Alusky has a very dense double layered coat that comes in various colors. We usually can find them in a color mix of brown, gray, red, silver or a combination of all these. It needs a moderate grooming to be in good shape. However, during autumn and spring, they tend to shed more coat, and daily brushing is essential. During other seasons, brushing less often is also okay as it doesn’t drop coat much. Generally, it is not difficult to maintain its coat, but in hot weather, you have to give more care. Bath him whenever he is dirty and cleaning his ear on a regular basis is recommended.

As Alusky has a stubborn side, it is important to develop a consistent and firm training session for him. Training Alusky might not be very difficult as they are smart and eager to learn things. However, during training, you have to remain calm and patient and use treats to keep them responsive.

Photo by  Jan

Health condition of husky malamute mix

These mix breed dogs are relatively healthier than their parents. So you won't have much problem like any other mix breeds. Occasionally some of them might be showing hip dysplasia. Similarly, there are chances to have eye problems. Its ear required regular cleaning; otherwise, there are chances to debris build up in the ear along with wax accumulations, which may lead to ear infections and hearing issues.

Positive aspects

  • Unlike pure breeds, hybrid dogs are healthier and don’t possess any significant health concerns. Alusky doesn't showcase any major health issues, but you have to be careful about ear problems.
  • It is possible to keep them in apartments and small spaces provided that they get adequate physical activity and exercise.
  • They get along well with any guests or strangers, and they are quite friendly with people. So you will not face any difficulty if somebody comes to your home, which is a plus and a minus at the same time.

Negative aspects

  • Unlike other dogs, don’t expect him to alert you whenever a stranger drops in. Alusky is not much for barking and his not just suited to use as guard dogs.
  • Alusky has a prey drive behavior that is inherited from its parents and hence they might chase small animals including cats and rabbits.
  • Do not forget that Alusky has an independent and harsh side in his behavior. Due to the same reason, it is difficult to train him using tough training methods.


Husky malamute mix is a loving and loyal breed which is friendly to its owners and strangers as well. They socialize well with people including children if they have appropriately trained. It is better to teach your dog from an early stage. They show interest in pleasing their owners and possess a good memory. These breeds are highly social beings and cannot be left alone for a long time. Overall, they are loving and intelligent breed who makes an excellent addition to your family.

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