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List Of Most Affectionate Dog Breeds That Always Think The World Of You

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Many thousands of years ago, the ancestors of man’s best friend – the wolves, had decided to leave their wildlife behind to become human’s constant companions. Throughout the millennia, the predecessors of today’s domesticated dogs were gradually varied and spread all over the world, with numerous pedigrees, appearances and temperaments.

However, no matter what looks or characters they carry, one precious trait remains unchanged – their love for the human. For further illustrations, let’s have a look at the list of seven most affectionate dog breeds.

Top 7 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds for Your Household

#7. Dachshund

Without a descriptive image, you might not recognize the German-sounded name right away. That’s because you may be more familiar with nicknames like Doxie, Dashie, Wiener (Weenie) dog, Sausage dog, Tacken, etc.

Came from the faraway land of Germany, Dachshund breed was inherently hunting pedigree which is super-good at scenting. Occasionally strong-headed characteristic aside, Dachshunds are unusual cunning and particularly fond of ditching. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if your long-bodied friend succumbs to his ancestors’ nature whenever he sees a hole or burrows in the ground.

That being said, today’s Dachshunds are in reality affectionate buddies who love to stay beside you. They are curious and so constantly scenting everything. Dachshunds can bark when strangers come close, but they actually love to befriend with people, especially with young children. They are gentle and take meticulous care not to hurt the “little humans” in the house, so families with little youngsters could put their minds at ease.

#6. American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel is a member of the great Spaniel type – a large group of Spanish hunting dogs.

Not only are they called “happy dogs” due to their amiable temperament towards their owners, but the Cockers also earn the title of “Master of Watchdogs” thanks to their hunting heritage.

As it happens, they not only devote to their “pack” (fiercer loyal, excellent at guarding the house) and really fond of being showered by the owners’ affectionate gestures (hugs, praises, or pats on the head after accomplishing an order) as well.

Since Cockers are sentimentally susceptible dogs, the owners’ words of praise and worthy treats will help strengthen the bond between both parties.

#5. Papillon

Another name for Papillon dogs is Continental Toy Spaniel, but you can call them Butterfly dog or Squirrel dog. Needless to say, these nicknames are clearly attributed to their unique features of large butterfly-like ears and long, curly tail.

With the delicate size and friendly appearance, the Papillon is decidedly an approachable type. Aside from being one of the most affectionate dog breeds, they’re also outgoing and dynamic – they love running under the sun as much as being coddled and pampered.

They are happy dogs which surely make good buddies for children. Despite being a little aggressive to protect their domains, Butterfly dogs can live amicably with other animals, even with cats, if they are allowed to socialize with each other since they were pups.

#4. Poodle

Originated from France and Germany, Poodle breed has three sizes: ranging from smallest to largest. But whatever the size is, Poodles are well-known for their lively but aristocratic personality together with unique, human-like cleverness.

Though they’re sometimes stubborn and mischievous, Poodles need plenty of their owners’ attention and interaction. You could say that Poodles love being with humans in general.

These are energetic dogs that will give their all to their families and are always up for a good game, whenever and wherever. And though Poodles are enormously affectionate with their family, it may take some time before they could warm up to strangers.

#3. Great Dane

The Great Dane breed of Germany has been around for roughly 5,000 years. A Great Dane might look a bit intimidating because of his impressive size and regal appearance, but he is actually one of the most affectionate dog breeds ever recorded.

As mentioned above, the Great Dane’s size is inversely proportional to their characteristic. Because they are a gentle giant through and through. This type of dog likes people and loves being with the family.

Especially, you could set your mind at rest whenever your Great Dane (a.k.a the nanny of the household) set their watchful eyes on your children. That trait is applied to strangers as well, because they will welcome visitors just as happily as they do with their owners.

However, if this giant thinks you’re in need of defending, then he can be extremely protective and even ready to scarify himself to protect you.

#2. Samoyed

The gorgeous Snow White of Taiga forest originated in Siberia as they were bred by Samoyede hunters and fishers. For centuries they were employed for sled pulling, game tracking, reindeer herding, and other duties.

For such a long time closely spending with human owners, it’s no wonder that Samoyed's attachment to humans is so profound that it makes them the second most affectionate dog breed in the world.

The Samoyed is a highly faithful breed. It is commonly said that one Samoyed would be loyal to one owner only. They are sweet with kids and other pets alike. This is due to their peaceful nature and tendency towards affectionate gestures (such as frequent belly rubbing, coaxing, and petting).

#1. Golden Retriever

This is our star among most affectionate dog breeds – the Golden Retriever – due to their renowned friendly nature towards everyone and everything.

Golden Retrievers are a delight to every household. Though they do love outdoor activities vehemently, they are family dogs at heart, and thus, need to mainly live with their beloved human "pack” indoors.

Having possessed positive traits like very patient, gentle and exceptional eagerness to please their owners (by trying to be helpful with housework) is why they’re so popular as an assistance dog for the blind and the deaf, as well as an excellent nanny for young children.


Before other kinds of pets came along, dogs had been a “constant shadow” behind us. This millennia bond between canines and humans can’t be denied, nor can it be briefly explained.

Since dogs are all friendly by nature, the list above includes only a few typical examples of most affectionate dog breeds in the world. Either mischievous or caring, playful or calm, big or small, dogs are forever the man’s best friend. The time we spend – from then to now and to the future – will only help this bond more profound.

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