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Lovely Shar-Pei Lab Mix

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The Shar-Pei Lab mix, which is also popular by the name Lab Pei, is a cross between the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Labrador retriever. Like all mixed breed dogs, they also have several combinations of behaviors inherited from their parents.

Shar-Pei Lab has beautiful almond shaped eyes and dark brown or black nose. In looks, they are much similar to their Lab parent. They also have loose facial skin but not as heavily wrinkled as the Chinese Shar-Pei. They are perfect companions for an adult home as they are very committed to their owners and follow the commands submissively.


Know their basic behavior:

Shar-Pei Lab mixes have a loyal, loving and protective temperament inherited straight from their parents. They are easy to look after as their requirements are not demanding. Hence they are perfect for masters who don’t have much time to spend on pets. They protect their master well but are not that aggressive to strangers. They would warn-bark if at all if they come across any suspicious situations. Due to the same reason, they are good with kids if it can have proper training at the right age. Like their Chinese parent, Lab Pei’s possess great adaptability. It responds well to its surrounds and situations and hence they adapt quickly to a new home.

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Grooming needs and daily care


As shedding is minimal with Lab Pei, you do not need to spend much time and money on grooming. Both Shar-Pei and Lab are large dogs and hence Shar-Pei Lab mix dogs are also on the heavier side. They require a pretty fair amount of regular exercise for their better health. You can easily fulfill their fitness requirements by taking them for long walks.

They do not like water at all and will try every way to stay away from it. Even though Shar-Pei mix is loving and kind, they would definitely have an inherited dominant side from their Chinese Shar-Pei parents. Hence, it is important to focus on both their mental and physical health to prevent them from becoming destructive.

They are playful and like to play around in a wide-open space. So make sure that the playing area is properly fenced and is safe for your dog before leaving them free. But they also do pretty well inside indoors as they are moderately active inside the home.

Start training at the first stage:

This breed needs a confident master who can handle them with strict commands. Do not be too soft with them as they have a tendency to take over you if you are not strict with them. Also, make sure not to overdo it. You can seek the help of a professional dog trainer if your dog shows any behavioral issues. Once you bring them home, start giving necessary training for housebreaking and in other areas. They respond well to both verbal and hand commands. Training becomes much easier if you begin it at an early stage.

Shar-Pei Labs are intelligent enough to grasp your commands and instructions quickly. But for that, you need to give right training in the first stage of its grooming. You might need good patience level initially as they might tend to disobey first.

Dietary needs

Lab Pei dogs have a lot of energy, and they need a rich diet to maintain it. Make sure that you follow a healthy diet for them to meet their nutritional needs. They might need about 2 to 3 cups of dry dog food every day. You can follow the diet of a lab or any other large sized dogs having similar energy levels. Choose high-quality dry dog foods and give the right quantity to satisfy their needs.


Shar-Pei Lab mix is always ready to please you with their love. At the same time, they expect a lot of love, care, and attention from their owners. They adapt easily with families and make a great family dog. As they are smart and brave, they also suit as a watchdog and are delightful companions. Most people are not ready to buy hybrids as they do not know what to expect with the breed. Now you know a lot about them and do not hesitate the next time if you want to buy a Lab Pei.

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