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Miniature Rottweiler Puppies-Features & Characteristics

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Rottweilers are superb dogs, and they have created an excellent impression among dog lovers. Due to good acceptance and demand of Rottweiler, there have been a lot of new twists and variations to the breed in the recent years. Some so fantastical that many professional breeders have taken notice and tried to suppress them. The mini Rottweiler puppies are just one of the twists that have really ridden on the tailcoats of the ancient breed.

rottweiler puppies features

The mini Rottweiler puppies are a miniaturized version of the full-grown breed. The Rottweiler tumbled down from dogs that had been in use with the Roman army two million years ago. They had bred in Rottweiler, Germany. Nowadays, Rottweiler is using as guard dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, and in many other positions.

Characteristics and Features of Miniature Rottweiler Puppies


Know the average size of a miniature Rottweiler puppy:

The average weight of a mini Rottweiler puppy is approximately ten to fifteen pounds, and it will stand around a foot tall when grown up. It makes it roughly 15 percent the size of the classic breed.

Better to have a good understanding of its character:

The nature of the mini Rottweiler puppies are the same as that of a full-grown Rottweiler. You can raise them to be aggressive, but to keep their general temperament under control; you need to put the dog under extensive socialization. Their facial structure and coloring give them an aggressive look. Regardless, this dog will crawl up in your lap on the settee and snooze away happily.

Grooming Needs, know some important facts:

The mini Rottweiler has a light coat, which you can clean and brush easily. They will shed a bit, but the very short hair makes this a small problem at best. The mini Rottweiler puppies love to have brushed, so you should consider brushing them frequently just to make them happy.

The very essential training requirements:

Classic Rottweilers have been using in military and police, which indicates the level of intelligence of these dogs. These dogs are very smart, and they maintain a good discipline. They like to be the dominant dog, so establishing yourself as the alpha is significant.  Therefore, the mini Rottweiler puppies need a conducive environment in which you can train them very easily, and they will learn things quickly.

Factors influence its temperament:

There are several things, which will directly affect the temperament, like training, heredity, socialization, etc. Dogs having excellent temperaments are playful and curious, willing to approach people and held by them. The mini Rottweiler puppies will be a great member of the family. The only matter that you need to be careful about the dogs is socialization and treatment. Love and socialize them, as pups and everything will be okay.

Activity Level – like to have active engagements:

Mini Rottweiler is an athletic breed. That means these puppies need a good walk every day and heading into a climbing area where they can chase squirrels or any activities that are good for them. Rottweilers need at least a couple of 10 to 20-minute playtimes or walk daily.

Watch the playful puppies:

Well adaptable to all situations:

The mini Rottweiler Puppies are well adapted to every situation. There is a common belief that small dogs are not fit for apartments, contrary to that these mini Rottweilers are very much suitable for apartments. Quiet, low energy, relatively calm indoors and polite with the other residents are the qualities, which make them adaptable for any apartments. A well brought-up Rottweiler is generally confident and relaxed. He is typically unfriendly toward strangers, but he is not shy or scared. While dealing with new people, Rottweiler will watch and understand the people and situations.

Apart from that, these dogs are adaptable to any weather conditions. They can tolerate cold weather as well as hot weather.

Easy to train because they are brilliant:

The mini Rottweiler Puppies are brilliant and prey drive. Due to the high level of intelligence, these dogs are easy to train.  Because of this reason the classic breeds are using as guide dogs and guard dogs.

Extreme personality with a difference:

The ideal Rottweiler is courageous, calm and confident and it is never timid. He has a self-assured coldness and does not make friends with people instantly or accidentally.  It is certainly not a highly excitable dog. This breed has an inborn quality of protecting his family and property, but he will be aggressive toward people without any reason. The Rottweiler is smart and flexible with a strong work ethic.minirture lab rottweiler

Robust health, but required frequent attention:

Rottweilers are generally healthy, but like all dog breeds, they are also prone to certain health conditions. Not all Rottweiler will get any or all of these diseases, but it is important to be attentive to them if you are considering this breed.  You have to monitor its food intake, if not,  mini Rottweiler puppies have a tendency to overeat and can gain weight.

While buying mini Rottweiler puppies you can confirm health clearances by verifying it in the official website of OFA.


The mini Rottweiler puppies are incredibly kid’s friendly dogs. These dogs have a natural instinct to protect their families and can be ferocious in their defense. To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from a puppy mill, a reckless breeder, or pet store. Search for a breeder of good reputation who makes sure that the breeding dogs are free of genetically transmitted diseases that they might transfer to the puppies and that they are with excellent temperaments.

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