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Pomsky Dogs – Lovely Creations With Fascinating Characteristics

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Which one are you going to choose if you can only have one dog only, while your favorites are both Huskies and Pomeranians? Don’t worry! Your dilemma is officially solved with the existence of Pomskies – one of the most beautiful cross-breed dogs vehemently sought after by many dog lovers around the world.

In this post, we will give you a close look at Pomsky dogs. Let’s get started!



As a combination between a small, lapdog-type Pomeranian and a big, working-type Siberian Husky, the resulting puppy is called Pomsky.

These expensive pups come into being through artificial insemination. Because of the huge gap between each parent’s size, Pomskies must always have a Husky mother and a Pomeranian father.

This is to prevent the dangers of health and birth complications happening when a large pup is born to a tiny mother. And so, Pomsky pups are “shaped” like Husky dam but with the size of Pomeranian sire. This case is pretty similar to the Husky Chihuahua mix.

Life Goal

Commercial purposes aside, the original point of mixing these two beautiful dog breeds is to design a manageable lapdog that possesses the proud appearance of a Husky and the sweet character of a Pomeranian.


Pomsky dogs have been introduced to the world for just a couple of years. And yet, they have successfully attracted a lot of interest and attention from worldwide dog admirers, making them one of the most sought out dogs in 2017, regardless of their costly price.

What makes Pomsky’s price is so high is Pomsky’s limited number. Also, because they’re still considered useless mongrels in purebred breeders’ perceptions, the breeding program isn’t widespread.

Prominent Features

Curious Appearance

Pomsky dogs are varied in appearances and temperaments. The outcome of the first time breeding is always unpredictable: the litter can take after one parent more than the other.

For example, when you first cross breed a purebred Husky with a purebred Pom, you may have a large pup which is independent like its Husky sire, or a medium-sized pup that is bossy like its Pom dam.

In order to produce smaller Pomskies, a healthy Pomsky female is chosen to mate with a Pom male. This way, the resulting Pomsky pups will inherit 75% of Pompom gene and 25% of Husky gene.

Intriguing Measurements

Depending on their physical looks, Pomskies’ size and weight are various. But because Pomsky dogs can only be small- to mid-sized, they usually weigh 20-30 pounds and reach 10-15 inches in height. The average figures inferred from those of Husky and Pom.

It was also recorded that, though rare, Pomskies could grow to the size of a purebred Husky.

According to The Pomsky Club of America, the predicting weight of a 50/50 Pomsky (half Husky, half Pom) is 15 to 25 pounds. Whereas that of a 1/3 Pomsky (1 quarter Husky, 3 quarters Pom) is 10 to 15 pounds.

Coat Colors and Patterns

Pomskies have a double-layered coat with long, silky threads of hair. The fur’s colors can range from common pure white, grey-white, brown, reddish-brown, to rarer shade like blue.

These dogs always shed, but the thick fur comes in handy in the cold season. During shedding seasons, the fluffy fur needs daily brushing to maintain its shining softness and to eliminate the fallen hairs, as well as dead skin and foreign debris.

Talkative Ball of Energy

Having inherited the bold trait from a Husky parent, a Pomsky is prone to “talk” as well. The act includes whining and howling, even “talk back” sometimes. What’s more, their resounding yapping – a pastime instilled by their Pomeranian heritage, maybe a great annoyance for your sensitive ears.

As is the case of small dogs, their little body contains a lot of energy and can get bored easily. So, you need to keep the pooch busy by either playing with him or giving him something to entertain himself with. If your dog doesn’t have anything to vent its vigor on, your furniture may be its next victim.


Pomsky dogs are lively (just like Alusky – another hybrid between Husky and Malamute). They have a burning passion for running, fetching, playing, jumping – basically any dynamic activity they can exhaust themselves in, or any opportunity to show off.

These dogs are highly intelligent; they seem to grab the idea that humans love miniature-looking things, so they take full advantage of it. If it looks like your yapping buddy always thinks he is the boss of the household, it is because either you’ve indulged such behavior too much or he’s having small-dog syndrome. Either way, this condition isn’t good for him, so you need to be watchful.

The Pomeranian Husky mix is friendly. They love humans in general, especially their caregivers, and can cohabit peacefully with other pets in the household if they are socialized from the beginning. The smart fluff ball knows who gives him more snacks and is likely to enjoy spending time with that person more frequently.

All-House’s Dog

Pomskies adapt to their living environment exceptionally well. Because of their modest size, Pomsky dogs don’t require large living space. That’s why they are deemed good apartment dogs just like Chihuahua or Chinese Crested. As long as your Pomsky has enough exercise every day, the size of the house is irrelevant to him.

However, there’s one important thing to remember: Pomsky is a mix of two stubborn dog breeds, one is prone to “backtalk” and the other is rather bossy. But both are very intelligent. So, any Pomsky pup is highly trainable and will make a well-behaved dog if you train your smart little boy from an early age.


Pomskies’ lifespan normally ranges from 12 to 15 years, which is the average result of a Pom’s 12-16 years and a Husky’s 12-15 years.

General Care

Nails, Teeth, and Fur

The dog’s nails are fast-growing. So, if you don’t want to have scratches all over your arms and legs, as well as on your furniture and floorings when your bundle of joy gets overexcited, you should clip your dog’s nails every few weeks or whenever you can hear his nails clack on the floors.

Small dogs get dental problems more often than big dogs. That’s why it is advisable to brush your dog’s teeth frequently (every day, if possible) to keep him from getting cavities. If you’re a busybody, try to make time to give him at least one teeth-brushing session a week.

Now, the biggest problem with Pomskies is: they do shed a lot! Normally, you’ll be expected to groom your dog 3-5 times a week. But during the shedding seasons (which last for half a year!) you have to groom him at least twice every day to collect the fallen hairs, lest they stick to everything in your house.

Brushing as regularly as possible and the situation will be lessened. For there’s no way can your Pomsky cease to shed completely. Feeling dizzy already? And it isn’t over yet.

Other than grooming, you’ll also need to ensure his hygiene, too. Because Pomskies are fur-covered dogs and can easily have skin-related diseases like their Pomeranian parent, you’ll need to bath your dog and clean his ears to avoid infections. Also, these sessions are required as regularly as possible.

It is still okay if you can’t bath and clean his ears frequently because you are short on time, but try to schedule the sessions no lesser than once a month for the former and twice a month for the latter.


Pomskies tend mischievous behaviors. So, if they don’t get to burn off the exceeding energy, you need to exhaust your active buddy with daily games and exercises. Possible methods include a short walk around the neighborhood, playing fetch in the park, or one or two rounds of chasing games at home.

But you have to be creative when playing with him. As he is a quick learner, if you play the same game with him constantly, he’ll get bored and develop behavioral problems eventually.

But remember to never leave him in the yard for a long time unless you want to make him succumb to the “Husky’s instincts” – the urges that tell him to desperately howl your ears off, find a way to escape, dig holes, or destroy all of your flora.


It’s true that both Husky and Pomeranian are picky eaters. However, if you train him from the start, your dainty Pomsky won’t be as fussy as his parents when he grows up.

That said, Pomsky owners should choose the right foods to feed their doggy if possible, and preferably healthy foodstuff for 2 meals a day.

How Much for a Pomsky?

The demand for Pomsky dogs always surpasses the supply. This is because the number of Pomskies is narrow, but they've quite sought after. It doesn’t help that there are not many reputable Pomsky breeders around the world and you should never buy any dog from a puppy mill. Therefore, to put it mildly, Pomsky isn’t a cheap kind of dog and maybe not affordable for average buyers.

The expense of adopting or buying one Pomsky is various as it depends on many crucial factors. You can expect a price for one Pomsky pup from somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000. The exact cost depends on the pedigrees of his parents, whether they’re purebred and healthy or not, are the colors and patterns of their coats considered rare or common, etc.

Moreover, if you want to be the first to pick a Pomsky pup from a newborn litter, you’ll have to pay an extra cost of about $100 to $500. The amount can be higher than that if the pup has blue eyes – the most favorite trait in Pomsky dogs.

Also, the geographic factor will add shipping fees to the total cost, so you must think of this, too. Other than that, the expenses for toys, accessories, periodic health check, and other supplies – which will undoubtedly cost a lot if you wish a full and happy life for your dog, should be taken into consideration as well.

Owner’s Responsibilities

Every living being grows, and with that the changes in its appearance. This is exactly true with Pomsky dogs.

As it is, the “baby Husky” appearance will be lost gradually as he grows. And so far no breeders can tell for sure the weight and size the pup will reach when he’s all grown up.

The worrisome problem is that people are usually interested in these dogs only because of their cute size and looks - the most unpredictable factors when it comes to Pomskies. There’s often the case where the owner sees that his teeny-tiny Pomsky pup he brought home has now become a medium-sized dog. And so he kicks the dog out in the street.

Therefore, ask yourself whether you can tolerate the changes in your dog’s outer look when he gets older, then consider carefully the responsibilities attached before getting a Pomsky (or any dog, for that matter).


Never buy or adopt a puppy just because of his adorable look and size. But if you’re sure you can embrace all of the dog’s possible transformations, then it’s a good idea to have a Pomsky.

Your days with him will be filled with joy and activities in addition to the peak that he will not only cheer you up but also help you to develop a creative mind! For you have to come up with new games every two months to entertain him and to prevent him from destroying your stuff.

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