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Red Nose Pitbull – What Make Them So Different From Other Pitbull Dogs?

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Meta: The Red Nose Pitbull is one of the most energetic, courageous, intelligent dogs available to protect your family from any danger, making it one of the favorite dog breeds in the U.S. This article will give you a close look at Red Nose Pitbull dogs, as well as one of their variations – the Blue Nose Pitbull. Let’s get started!

Red Nose Pitbull is one of the favorite dog breeds in the U.S. although there are many arguments about its temperament. Are they true? And why is this aggressive dog still so popular in the United States?

This article will give you a close look at Red Nose Pitbull dogs. At the end of the day, you will understand how courageous and loyal to the owners they are, and why they’re friendly to people around.

What Is a Red Nose Pitbull?

The American Pitbull Terrier has many variations, one of which is the Red Nose Pitbull. You may sometimes hear about the Blue Nose Pitbull – another variation of Pitbull. However, red nose and mouth, pink or deep brown-red toenails and red eyes make these two dogs different.

Red Nose Pitbull appeared less than two centuries ago. In Ireland, fighting dogs are quite popular and often cost a small fortune. They are also called Old Family dogs. However, through the process of selection and propagation, the next generation has quite a unique look like red eyes, nose, mouth, and even nail toes. They are called Old Family Red Nose.

The initial intention of the breeders was to create a healthy dog with high fighting power (that is also the reason why Pitbull and Bulldog are crossbred to result in the Bullpit). However, they did not expect to create a dog of such special color. In other words, the red color is actually a side effect.

It is unfortunate that this breed was banned because of being raised by criminals who took its advantage and made it extremely aggressive. Conversely, if the dogs are nurtured, loved, trained and taken care by the good owners, they are sure to be one of the great pets as being tough, powerful, and very friendly with everyone around. It depends largely on the dog owner who is calm, determined and affectionate.

Prominent Traits of Red Nose Pitbull

Body Measurements

Red Nose Pitbull is a medium-sized dog with a potentially intimidating appearance: muscular body, strong legs, and a stubby tail. In comparison with the average Pitbull, the red nose one is slightly larger. In particular:

  • Average weight is 35 to 65 pounds (male). Females weigh slightly less.
  • Average height is 18 to 22 inches for both male and female.

Outer Looks

Their head is depicted as a large brick with the jaw and cheeks looking very powerful. The neck looks well-muscled to fit its entire body. Besides, their ears are often clipped but not required to do so. Also, their ears are usually curled and forward. Whereas, their tail is long, thin and slightly pointed at the back. In the rare cases, Pitbull can have webbed feet which is actually the membrane connected between toes.


You commonly meet a Red Nose Pitbull with a copper-colored smooth fur. Besides, there is fawn and white, solid brown, and even white coat. The coat is thick, short and shiny. Often, Pitbulls’ noses will resemble the color of their hair. This means the Red Nose has a brown or red coat and nose, while the Blue Nose is gray with a gray nose.


Red Nose Pitbull is one of the supposedly aggressive breeds attacking and disliking other animals. This kind of Pitbull's variations was originally bred for the purpose of attacking larger animals and other dogs, not humans. Although it has faced many conflicting opinions, the fact is that Red Nose Pitbull can become a great pet when properly trained.

On the other hand, Red Nose Pitbull is a friendly dog as long as it does not feel threatened. For the dog, it needs proper training and socialization. So, overall, the Red Nose Pitbull is quite intelligent, adorable, brave, instinctively protective.

Although they look courageous, strong, aggressive a little due to being an inheritance of the ancestral nature, you cannot deny their other strengths. The positive side of owning a Red Nose Pitbull is that it is very loyal to the family and does not hesitate to hazard its life to protect its owner. It is even available to fight the enemy until the last breath.

General Care for Red Nose Pitbull


  1. Grooming and shedding: Having a short coat and shedding at a moderate level of hair. Should brush regularly. 
  2. Bathing: Once a month or whenever needed. 
  3. Teeth brushing: Regularly keep your dogs’ teeth clean. Avoiding dental problems and infections of the gums.
  4. Checking ears: Occasionally you should check your Red Nose Pitbull’s ears in order to avoid infections and mites.


Pitbull is a carnivore. Although they are domesticated, they require the owner to provide a significant amount of protein in daily meals. Some foods include beef, corn, brown rice, poultry meat (chicken, turkey, etc.) Brown rice and corn provide Red Nose Pitbull carbohydrates and fiber.

Also, you should choose a type of dog food that fits into the maturity stage of your Red Nose Pitbull. Dog food which is rich in protein and calorie should be chosen to meet the Pitbull’s high level of activities. Also, the food should be studied and fed with a certain amount at different ages. Nevertheless, in some cases, you can also feed adult dogs with puppies’ dog food, but do not abuse it.

If you have any questions about your dog's diet, contact a veterinarian for advice on the amount, timing and frequency of feeding. It is best to learn before adopting a puppy. With the help of the veterinarian, your puppy will not have diseases like obesity due to over-feeding.


Pitbull in general and Red Nose in Pitbull in particular, are physically strong dogs. They need regular exercises to maintain good health.

A special feature compared to other breeds is that Red Nose Pitbulls are capable of jumping over obstacles such as shots or fences. Without sufficient space, they would be difficult to relieve their energy.

You can teach your dog to walk or run on the treadmill. Let’s be cool because it can do that itself. This dog is always energetic and requires training every day. An owner can take a long walk once a day, even go swimming or play fetching. And don’t forget delicious treats to reward your dog!

Living Conditions

Pitbull is not suitable for living in condominiums for several reasons. The first reason is due to its size. Secondly, their physical ability requires a lot of exercises each day. The third reason is their aggressive nature for other animals. Because of this, it is advisable to feed Red Nose Pitbull in a greenhouse, which has a barrier to better discharge its energy.


Training always plays an important role in raising dogs, especially for the Pitbull breeders. Some studies have proved that training and socialization help these dogs become more friendly. When a Red Nose Pitbull is frightened, they are more likely to be agitated and uncontrollable, which in turn causes the attacks or bites.

In fact, some owners have abandoned their puppies because they cannot control them. However, it is capable to overcome it. Their nature is quite intelligent and agile, so just training and socializing properly is effective.

Instead of training a Red Nose Pitbull by punishments, which does not turn them into friendly puppies but pushes them to the edge of danger, and makes them unable to control themselves. This is an unsupported method. Whether it is human or animal, no one likes to be treated negatively, especially for the aggressive, stubborn and vigilant breed. Remember to train them with positive incentives as incentives and rewards.


Just like training, socialization is the key to open a good door to the Red Nose Pitbulls. Let's start with the puppies. Make them familiar with the environment, people and animals around. Bring your puppy to every place you can visit. You can go to the park, in front of the school for students to greet them, stroll through the shops, etc.

Nurture their morale until they are about 16 weeks old and try to maintain the routine every day. After a period of time, your dog is more friendly, sociable, kind and obedient. This is entirely possible. Do not worry too much about raising a stubborn but lovely Red Nose Pitbull.

Last but not least, don’t forget to choose a great name for your Pitbull since he/she was a puppy. The more love your dog feels, the more quickly he/she becomes social with the world.

Common Health Problems

In general, Red Nose Pitbull is healthier than other breeds. Their average life expectancy is about 12 – 14 years.

However, they are also likely to suffer from joint-related illnesses. Eye problems are also common. Skin diseases such as pollen allergies, though not serious, are still possible. Other diseases that Red Nose Pitbullmay suffer are hereditary cataracts and heart diseases.

Red Nose Pitbull and Family

Some people raise Red Nose Pitbull dogs for keeping the house, while some raise them simply because they like their personality. But for whatever your purpose is, you must be careful about keeping a dog with such strong personality in your family. Though, to determine whether a Red Nose Pitbull is suitable for your family or not, it depends on your family most of the time.

Be careful while keeping Pitbulls with other dogs or pets. Never leave any dog alone with your children as there might be serious risks. This does not mean Pitbull is not suitable for young children but vice versa, they are extremely tolerant and patient with children.

Red Nose Pitbull and Blue Nose Pitbull

Many people mistakenly believe that Red Nose Pitbull and Blue Nose Pitbull are two different breeds. The fact that they have two different names doesn’t mean they belong to two breeds. Instead, they are just two variations of the Pitbull and share many similarities in personality and physical traits. The most striking difference is, of course, their nose colors.

Like the Red Nose, the Blue Nose is intelligent, full of energy, and extremely loyal to the owner. They love children and will be more friendly when taught and socialized properly.

What Much for a Red Nose Pitbull

The price of Red Nose Pitbull is quite interesting as it changes frequently. In the past, Blue Nose Pitbull was more expensive than Red Nose Pitbull, but nowadays it is opposite simply because the Red Nose Pitbull has become so rare.

On the other hand, the Blue Nose Pitbull is easier to find, which pushes the price of the Red Nose Pitbull to a higher level.

Before raising any puppy, you should come along and meet the owner beforehand to learn about its habit as well as the health check.

  • Average puppy cost: over $1,000 
  • Total annual medical expense: $550 to $675
  • Total annual non-medical expense: $450 to $600


The Red Nose Pitbull is one of the most energetic, courageous, intelligent dogs available to protect your family from any danger. You are totally able to change their negative traits by training and socializing appropriately. Just give your dogs the love and respect, and they will become a great companion to your family. This is not just the Red Nose Pitbull but Blue Nose, Pocket, and all other Pitbulls.

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