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Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

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Rottweilers are quite recognizable to most people because of their muscular, thickset, big bodies. I’m pretty sure that many of you have seen them on TV or in films. Rottweilers are also extremely loyal and have natural guarding instincts. That’s why they have been most commonly used as police dogs or patrol dogs.

Scientific research showed that Rottweilers could make wonderful companions to family life even though some people may be frightened by their fearsome reputation and physical strength. That’s why many people choose a Rottweiler to be a member of the family. However, a problem arises here: Are Rottweilers good with kids?

Let’s find out the answer to this question in this post!

Outstanding Features of Rottweilers

Although Rottweilers seem to be aggressive and ferocious, this breed behaves very friendly to families. They are extremely sensitive to love. If you treat them gently and give them adequate training, they will be great members of your family. Rotts also understand their missions and play their roles well!

Photo credit: Grigorita Ko 

  • Protectors: Instinctively, Rottweilers are strong guardians whose priority is always their family. If there are any potential dangers, they will make attacks with great strength.


  • Loyal Friends: Despite their large, unfriendly appearance, Rottweilers are the definition of loyalty. They tend to be around their owners as a guardian.


  • Carers of Children: Rottweilers treat members of the family as parts of their pack, so protecting and caring smaller kids is considered as an instinct. This breed loves playing with kids, and these interactions are not only the job of a guardian but also a special mission to keep the kids safe and untouchable from threats.

What about Rottweiler puppies? Do they remain their features when being more adult? We have the post about Rottweiler puppies’ features and characteristics for you!

Potential Dangers

Rottweilers Are Vicious Aggressors

Because of the guarding instincts, Rottweilers find it quite challenging to accept the presence of strangers who intrude into their territory. Anything unusual will grab suspicious attention from a Rottweiler, so if they are not trained to welcome strangers, they would square up to any guess they meet.

Photo credit: sirtravelalot 

Small children can be threatened by the appearance of Rottweilers. When seeing an unfamiliar dog, they tend to scream and run out of the place. In this case, Rottweilers will become very defensive. They tend to run after the kids and might make attacks as a result.

Rottweilers Are Food Aggressive

Most dogs don’t like sharing (either food or shelter). After given meals, they feel very alert to other animals and people, including family members who come to their place. If your kids come near dogs during their meal, they may think it is a threat, then bite the kids or cause serious injuries.

Rottweilers May Cause Accidental Injuries

While Rottweilers are extremely loyal protectors and can get on well with humans, they aren’t known as a child-friendly breed.

The problem is that they are excellent predators with a robust body, so even though they love playing with and taking care of small members, their strength may unexpectedly hurt your children. If you have a Rottweilers, you probably notice that he usually runs around the house, in the yard or through the doorways with high speeds when excited. In case your children are too small to avoid the runway of the dog, they can fall on the ground, leading to scratches or broken hands or legs. Also, the Rottweiler is a pack animal which may be more dangerous in a group with other dogs, so if you have more than one Rottweiler, be especially careful when leaving your children with them alone.

Another strength-related problem of Rottweilers is their instinctive expressions. Biting the arms of owners is the way to express their love to family members. When highly excited, they may crush children’s hands. On the other hand, children, especially babies or toddlers, cannot control their behaviors well. And in many cases, they may have dangerous actions such as waving their hands or beating the dogs, making Rottweilers misunderstand the babies want to play with them.

Safety Rules

Kids and Rottweilers seem to make friends with each other easily, and the relationship between them is strong and hard to explain clearly. Many adults had unforgettable memories of their dog-friends when they were young, and I would like to call this the marvel of life.

However, there are some safety rules we have to follow before connecting our kids with four paws friends.

Never Let Young Children Alone with Dogs

The list of accidental injuries that dogs may cause to young children may threaten any of parents. Therefore, please bear it in mind and keep a close watch on your children when they stay near the dogs. Even if your dog is on the list of safest dogs for children, you still need to be really careful.

Teach Children How to Behave When Playing with Dogs

Photo credit: AlikeYou

Children should be taught carefully to ensure that they don’t startle a strange Rott and must have the permission of the owner to touch the animal. However, children shouldn’t come around a dog without guidance and witness of the dog owners.

Remind them to avoid hugging or hitting a strange dog in any case, in particular, their mouth, head, and neck area.

Rottweiler Should Be Separated from Children During Meals

To avoid attacks for food, keep your children safe by separating them with Rottweilers during meals or snacks. Rotts may also think the presence of a child in their feeding time is a threat, so Rottweiler owners should consider arranging feeding place out of their children’s reach.


So, are Rottweilers good with kids? Each of you may have your own answer. They can be good to children, yes, if we apply obediently safety considerations. The most important thing is to never let your kids alone with a Rott. Training is also a much-needed way to keep dogs safe for not only kids but also other people around you.

Finally, please remember to show your Rottweilers your true love and their role in the family, as well as their connection with each family member!

Leave your comment below if you have any question. Thank you for reading!

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