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Russian Bear Dog – The Black Pearl of Russia

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Meta: The Russian Bear Dog is unique with their appearance and temperaments. They are powerful and completely faithful with owners. They can do more than a normal dog can do. But what makes this dog breed is so special? Should you raise a Russian Bear Dog? Our today’s post will help you solve these concerns.

Owning a Russian Bear Dog, the precious black pearl of Russia, is becoming a trend in America. Not only in America, people around a world now love the odd, powerful and aggressive appearance of this dog breed. In fact, the Russian Bear Dog has appeared for a long time with a strong role and responsibility in the Caucasia area, but until now, they get the attention of people in the world.

Let’s read to know more about this look-like-bear dog breed with our today’s post!



Russian Bear Dog is a common name for the Caucasian Shepherd – a dog breed whose origin is in Caucasia Mountains (Russia). The dog can be called in other names, such as the Caucasian Ovcharka and the Caucasian Mountain Dog.

More than 600 years ago, the Russian Bear Dog was used as a special sheepdog. This means they weren’t really sheepdogs. They just took responsibility for protecting sheep from wolves, not leading them. Russian Bear Dogs lived and worked in single, not in teams. Also, they did very good at hunting bears and being a watchdog (like the red nose Pitbull, Mastiff, or Rottweiler)

Until today, Russian Bear Dogs still take the same responsibility just as in the past, but now this breed is raised and beloved by people around the world.

Life Expectancy

Like most other dog breeds, the Russian Bear Dog can live for about 12 years. In some special cases, they can live up to 14-15 years, but this is quite rare, especially with a giant breed.

However, this just happens when you give the dog a completely suitable environment. Giant dog breeds usually need to do exercise and take care of carefully than small breeds because of their size.

Big size can make a dog get some health problems like heart conditions and obesity. Unfortunately, the rate of dogs passing away before reaching 12 years will be higher when they live in a small house and not be taken for walks and do exercise every day. In those situations, their lifespans can be just around 8 to 10 years and can be shorter.

Prominent Features of Russian Bear Dog

Body Measurements

Russian Bear Dog is such a real giant in Russian mountainous areas when the size of an adult (to the shoulder) can reach up to 30 inches for males and 27 inches for females. Both males and females will not stop growing up until reaching at least 25 inches.

The weight of a Russian Bear Dog can’t be measured exactly because it depends on many factors, from the diet to the living environment. However, a healthy adult won’t be less than 110 pounds (for males) and 98 pounds (for females).

Interestingly, to this breed, a female would be smaller than a male, but she can still reach 6 feet high just for her legs.


The mother nature has given Russian Bear Dog a strong and powerful appearance that can give other animals and people a fear. Sometimes, you may see them look like a combination of bear and lion. For those who don’t know, there is also another kind of look-like-bear dog, which is the Teddy Bear Dog. However, their body size and aggressiveness is nothing compared to a Russian Bear Dog.

With a thick, dense coat in various colors (tan, grey, and white), it is easy to recognize a Russian Bear Dog among a flock of sheep. Because of living in the cold environment all year round, their ears are more special than other dog breeds; they are completely covered with hair.


Russian Bear Dogs themselves are very strong, brave, alert, intelligent and assertive. With these good features, they have done a very good job at keeping livestock and humans safe for more than 600 years. They always yearn to protect their family, path, and territory. They hardly ever let strangers get into their house and always be ready for a fight with those intruders. Because this dog breed is sometimes too aggressive and dangerous to humans, it is necessary to train them so that they can’t bite or harm anyone.

Also, if you are considering having a Russian Bear Dog, make sure you only raise him/her at home. Anyway, this dog breed is not very friendly to strangers and other pets. If not, you will witness at least a fight every day.

On the contrary, they are completely friendly and lovely to their owners. Interestingly, they can harmonize with children and can be a responsible babysitter. So, don’t worry when your kids play with them in the garden, they will always keep an eye on your kids.

General Care for Russian Bear Dogs


Preparing good diets for a Russian Bear Dog seems to be easy but not really. The most common recommendation by the vest is that owners should give the mixture of protein and vegetables in daily diet. This way not only provides enough nutrients for your dogs but also prevents them from absorbing too much protein. For those who don’t know, eating too much protein can make dogs get diabetes.

Another solution is to mix dry dog food with low-calorie food you can make at home. But this way shouldn’t be used regularly.


Because of having a very thick coat, you need to spend more time grooming your Russian Bear Dog. Although this dog breed is not heavy-shedding, it still needs to be groomed and petted. Grooming your dog every day will not only reduce the amount of shedding fur but also keep your house clean and clear. Moreover, this is a good way for you to share the time with your giant friend.

To such large dog breed like the Russian Bear Dog, you shouldn’t (and cannot) take them to grooming salons. They are quite aggressive and can attack strangers at any time. Taking care of them at home is easier.

Moreover, pay attention to your dog’s nails by cutting them when they are too long.

Health Problems

Russian Bear Dog is so strong that they can knock down a real bear in the wild, but it doesn’t mean they are completely healthy in every part of their life. To giant dog breeds, getting some minor illnesses is quite rare. Even if they get one, they can recover with fast speed. The main concern here is some diseases they may get due to their big size.

In particular, here are several common diseases that a Russian Bear Dog may get:

  • Heart Conditions: Heart conditions is the only disease that can be prevented. Normally, heart disease just occurs in dogs which aren’t given food and taken for walks regularly. If you don’t want your dogs to get this condition, give them more chances to do exercise and feed them with healthy food.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes is the most common health problem in dogs, especially big-size dogs like the Russian Bear. Getting diabetes can make your dogs unable to absorb enough essential minerals or vitamins as a result of the resistance in insulin. Therefore, the dogs may become weaker and weaker.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is the condition that can be passed from mother to puppies. Dogs getting Hip Dysplasia have difficulty in moving and usually chew, bite at some paint joints. In order to identify this condition, you must take the dog to the vets for a health check at least twice a year.

Physical Activity

Due to the massive size, the Russian Bear Dog needs to do exercise more than normal dog breeds in order to avoid many health problems such as diabetes. They typically love running and jumping. The most suitable time to take them outside is in the morning and the afternoon. If you are living in a small flat, you need to spend more time on outside activities with them. Being in house too long can also cause mental problems.

Should You Have a Russian Bear Dog?

To strangers, Russian Bear Dog is not friendly at all due to its aggressive temperament by nature and the much demand of being taken care of carefully. Hence, this breed is not suitable for the urban living. If you want to raise a Russian Bear Dog, please make sure you can satisfy some requirements below.


Russian Bear Dogs – the black pearl of Russia – are so unique with their appearance and temperaments. They are powerful and completely faithful with owners. They can do more than a normal dog can do. However, keeping one at home is not an easy task. They seem to be suitable for countryside life and need an experienced owner. Therefore, think carefully before getting one.

Hopefully, this article is useful for you. If you have anything to ask, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. Thank you for reading!

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