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The Best Dog Breed: German Shepherd Wolf Mix

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The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a mix of the German Shepherd and the Wolf. The German Shepherd has been around since 1899. It originated from Germany and bred initially as a village dog for herding purposes. Once people found out that these dogs were intelligent and had a keen sense of smell, they have been absorbed into the police and army for protecting people as well as sniffing drugs and other chemicals.

The Best Dog German Shepherd Wolf Mix

The standout animal:

Because of these dogs, the lives of our military personnel have become easier. The Wolf, as you all know, is incredibly swift and cautious in nature. Wolves are generally more ferocious than dogs and come with killer instincts. It is their wild habits that make them stand out among other animals.

You can call the need for a wolf mix that probably made shepherds come up with the idea to crossbreed them. A combination of the gentleness and intelligence of the German Shepherd and the aggressiveness and tactfulness of the wolf combine into a very lethal breed in the form of the Wolf mix. Hence, the combination between the German Shepherd and Wolf.

In this article, we will read about the wolf mix and find some of their specialties. Perhaps after reading, you might consider owning one for your home.

Appearance of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is one of the largest breeds of dog. They can grow up to 24 inches, slightly smaller than German Shepherd breed of dogs. They usually weigh around 60lbs, which is again slightly, less than the German Shepherd. They have a domed forehead and black nose. Their eyes are medium size and come brown in color.

Their ears are large and are cute to look at when you talk to them because they point it toward you. The neck is long, and it rises when excited. The tail is bushy and can reach the hock. They come in various colors namely black, grey, white, brindle, and panda. Overall, they are similar to a German Shepherd but have salient features to that of the Wolf.

Temperament and character

As you might know, German Shepherd dogs are brilliant and hence find positions in the military and army. It is easy to train them, and they have the excellent ability to sniff out drugs to bombs. The same quality is true with wolves, which are very smart and know how to react during emergencies immediately. They know how to defend themselves from large animals when attacked, is what makes them unique.

When you have a mix of these breeds, then you know you have something special in the form of the German Shepherd Wolf Mix. It is not common to see the Wolf Mix in the airports and in the military. You can find them use the original German Shepherd; that is because the Wolf Mix needs space and cannot keep them in a compact area.

They need spacious accommodation:

While other dogs might not mind living in an apartment or enclosure, these dogs can become volatile if made to stay in compact areas. Hence, their position is mainly as a family pet dog to those who live in the countryside guarding their animals and property, as well as in the jungle to keep you safe from wild animals. They may seem small, but have the instincts to harm animals twice their size.

Fantastic food habits:

They make ideal trekking companions. That is because they can find their way out through the vast areas using their keen sense of smell. They even have particular eating habits.  You will be amazed to see their food habits.  Just watch this video link.

They are easy to train and can bond with your kids at any time. When you have other animals at home, and then make sure that, you train them correctly, just to avoid any dangerous incidents.

A caution for first-time buyers

German Shepherd

If you are a first-time buyer, who has never had a pet dog before, then you have to be careful about something.  It is a rare breed, and only certain sellers can give you the original ones. Though you can find hundreds of this same breed, only a few are original. Several experts even have been baffled at the lack of education among buyers that make it easy prey for sellers claiming they are selling the wolf mix, but in reality, it is not the case.

That is because they are a cross breed between the German Shepherd and Wolf. However, only a few dog sellers offer real German Shepherd Wolf Mix what you are looking for your home. When you want an original Wolf Mix dog, then it is vital that you must crosscheck the seller, do some research online and then make your purchase.

Always make sure that you have given the proper vaccination to the dog. In some countries, having the wolf mix as a pet dog is illegal, so find out beforehand, whether you can keep the dog in your home or not. Apart from that, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of space around your home so that it can spend time outdoors, as it like to roam in open space.

As you can see, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a very friendly and loyal animal. At the end of the day, you want a pet, which is loyal and respects your family. These characteristics, you can expect from this kind of breeds. It also makes an ideal family pet dog. They are incredibly easy to train and will have around with you inside your home along with your family.


It comes as no surprise that German Shepherd Wolf Mix dog is very popular and ranked as the most intelligent dog among domestic pet animals.  The Wolf Mix is a versatile dog, having very friendly nature, gets along with children and adults quickly. If you search for a perfect family pet, then you would want to do yourself a favor and get one of these amazing animals today.

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Comments (5)

  • I’m going to have to disagree with this article….
    Articles like this is what causes wolf hybrids to be euthanized and even re-homed (If they find one that is, Wolf hybrids are one of the first to be put down if they are in shelters or not even find a home)
    This article is basically saying anyone can get a Wolf hybrid
    Trust Me they aren’t for everyone not that they can’t make great companions but people already get wolf hybrids and expect he/she to act like a domestic dog and most of the time this isn’t the case.
    Please don’t make articles like this basically saying wolfdogs will act just like your retriever or what not. They won’t and again not saying they are bad companions, just sick of people running into something they have no idea about If you want any animal DO Alot Of RESEARCH you never know to much. People will look past the wolf in the dog and once times get rough the animal has a great chance of being put in a shelter and because of it’s heritage can result in the animal losing it’s life. All because someone didn’t take the time to research this wonderful animal and give it the proper respect.

  • I tend to agree with the writer above, I own a wolf dog mix and have taken extra precaution to it and my grandchildren. Sheba is 2yr and 8 months old and at about 2 yrs of age I noticed her personality change, I should have named her shadow , she does not lose track of me. I spend over 12 hrs a day with this animal and if I let my guard down she will do what she pleases to do. At 4 mos of age she killed one of my Chihuahua , she has got the fear in the rest of my other dogs and is loyal to me and my wife but only listens to me.

    I tried to have her trained at 6 mo and she bit the trainer, Im to far invested in this animal and I am madly in love with her, however had Id known more about this animal and her characteristics I would not have bought her

  • Agree with above comments, these animals are not for everybody and you really need to be invested in this, 99% of these animals do end up in shelters. My advice is to get a German Shepherd, it will be better, period.

  • I must agree with those who caution prospective wolfdog owners to do their homework before considering owning one of these magnificent animals. I tell people “either you own them or they own you.” You do not want to be in the later situation!
    Their training requires gentle dominance. Violent aggressiveness on the part of the owner will never be forgotten by this animal who can make short work of a cow femur. (payback?) Wolfdogs can be stubborn and will challenge authority. I have watched as my wife worked for over half an hour, finally getting our girl to roll onto her back in submission. Wolves and hence wolfdogs live in a hierarchy in which dominance is critical.
    Our 3 year old malamute grey wolf mix is the most wonderful, intelligent and loving canine I have ever had the privilege of knowing. While reputed to be shy of strangers, ours actually barks at intruders and cut herself severely on window glass going after a burglar. Wolves do have a strong prey drive, but we were surprised by her protective instincts. She plays surprisingly gently with our cats and children.
    I have had one shepherd wolf mix and recently acquired another. Our maliwolf however is much larger, At about 100 lb. she can drag several hundred lbs. easily. (Who is going to walk who?)
    As much as we love her, she requires lots of fenced area (white picket fencing is not going to get it). They can never be off leash outside their enclosure, (she is a legal liability with a tendency to become fixated on things). Left alone at home… (think separation anxiety and a potentially chewed up house.)
    They love to dig, and some can be escape artists.
    Wolfdogs can make excellent housedogs though with proper housebreaking and a big exercise area to burn off their high energy. (lets play!)
    I could ramble on, but suffice to say DO YOUR HOMEWORK! If you have time, patience, proper accommodations, and ability to train, you can be rewarded with a unique relationship with an extremely intelligent ,loving and faithful companion for years to come. Are you up to it?


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