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White German Shepherd Dogs – The Underrated Beauties Of Germany

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You’ve seen a thousand times via TV or the Internet a special dog breed that serves in the military, police department, etc. And you can immediately tell it is the German Shepherd dog thanks to its familiar black-and-brown coat. But, will you recognize them if they are pure white?

German Shepherd is a fascinating dog breed with an athletic look, unquestionable faith, versatility, and exceeding intelligence. But what people remember most is probably the combination color of black and brown.

Now, you want to look at something cool? Alright, let’s meet your potential new soul-buddy: White German Shepherd.

A Purebred, a Mongrel or an Albino?

Take a brief look at these snow-white dogs, if your first question is “Are they albino?” then you’ll receive a “No”. And they are not mongrels, either.

White German Shepherd is actually the traditional, normal German Shepherd, except for their white coat and maybe their temperament. By contrast, there is Black German Shepherd with a black coat that covers almost all of its body.

The recessive white gene is what makes White German Shepherd’s coat white. This special gene deactivates the “visible mode” of the coat’s true colors and patterns, resulting in its pure-white appearance. This happens every once in a while in a litter of German Shepherd puppies.

Extra point: If you’re interested in how to name a German Shepherd beautifully and meaningfully, you can check out this post!

Denial and Acceptance

However, because the white fur couldn’t help the camouflage – the most vital role in any war, this trait was deemed useless, a faulty defect that needed to be eliminated in the German Shepherd dog’s gene pool. From 1930, White German Shepherd has not been acknowledged or accepted as a kind of German Shepherd.

Since 1968, the oldest and most famous purebred dog registry in the U.S. – the AKC, has prohibited White German Shepherd from the competition. But those hardships didn’t hinder German Shepherd’s supporters from establishing their independently-run clubs and registries for these white beauties in the 1970s, all the while persistently petitioned for a new breed classification for the White German Shepherd.

Eventually, their efforts bore fruit on April 14, 1999, as the White German Shepherd was officially recognized by the UKC as a new dog breed.

Prominent Traits of White German Shepherd Dogs

Outer Look

Because the two breeds stemmed from the same root, the White Shepherd’s appearance is similar to that of the German Shepherd. To be more specific, they have the same strong, muscular build, erect ears, long and slightly curl tail, medium size and weight.

And the difference? Of course, it is their pure white fur with longer and stiffer strands of hair. Especially, some White German Shepherds don’t have a double coat.

Other than that, there’s the note-worthy overall outline of the White Shepherd. The white color makes them look softer with the smooth curves contributing to their undeniable beauty and elegance in every of their pose and motion.

Body Measurements

After going through several stages of growing, an adult male White German Shepherd is often larger and heavier than its female counterpart. Specific figures are: 60-95 pounds in weight, 22-26 inches tall for males, and 22-24 inches tall for females.


As the name suggests, the German Shepherd originally lived and worked in European countries, where the climates are usually harsh, so the weather-resistant double coat came in very handy to both protect the dog from the cold, and from the dirt and debris when they were herding flocks.

This trait didn’t lose on White German Shepherds, for they still have the same double coat: the outer layer is dense and wiry with straight hair arranged close to the body, while the undercoat is thick and short-haired. With White German Shepherds, both male and female individuals may have longer and heavier fur around the neck.

Pure white is not the only color found in White German Shepherd. For there’re also cream and light tan colors. But these shades aren’t much favored, even though they’re still acceptable. But a high qualified White German Shepherd must not have lips and nose of any color other than predominantly black.

One thing to remember is that all German Shepherds, no matter the colors, shed a lot. And they shed all year round, too. The warmer the weather, the more they’ll shed. The shedding seasons last for 6 months, during this time you’ll often have “coat blows”.

Long Hair vs. Short Hair

The ideal fur for an original German Shepherd is a double coat with medium length strands of hair. But sometimes long-haired German Shepherd can be seen.

Those are rare, but not weird. And that trait can be passed on to their offspring as a dominant or recessive trait, which will eventually manifest itself every once in a while in a White German Shepherd. The disadvantage is that long-coated White German Shepherds don’t have the undercoat which acts like a thermal layer to help the dog stay warm during winter.

That said, when shedding seasons come, most of the fallen hair will be caught in the long outer coat, so it might create an illusion of long-haired White German Shepherds that shed less than their short-haired counterparts.

Ancient Instinct

German Shepherd dogs were born to herd and to guard the flocks. This ability has been in their blood for over a century, so don’t be surprised if your White beauty sometimes playfully does the same to you. That is, herding you to safety and protecting you from any potential harm.

Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t know or aren’t interesting in Shepherd. You could awake this original life goal in him by teaching him. Because these working dogs are very bright, they can easily be trained and will make excellent herding dog for you.

All you need is a whistle, a flock of animals, and high-quality training treats. Skillfully combine those factors with your hand signals, patience, lots of love, and in no time at all, your diligent pup will become your most helpful companion at work.

A tip to smooth the path for this technique: Because White German Shepherds obey the owners who have the strongest bonds with them, the first thing you need to do is to make the loyal buddy part of your family. This will nurture his emotional attachment to you and your family, as well as help your dog realize his duties and his place in the family.


Just like his peaceful look, the White German Shepherd has a more tranquil demeanor than his traditional-colored counterparts. But that isn’t to say White German Shepherds are not just as active. In fact, they love exercise and wouldn’t shy away from a good challenging activity.

To strangers, they may be a bit timid or skittish at first, but after the warming up session is well received, he’ll be delightfully approachable. That’s why you need only to train your puppy from the early days – Teach him obedience and socialization to build up his confidence towards new things around him.

To families, he exhibits his utter loyal by being a wonderful friend, a brave bodyguard, and a reliable nanny. Because the White Shepherd is both gently and protective, you can completely set your mind at rest whenever the snowy sitter is on duty.

This is also why they’re assigned as therapy dogs in many living centers. And not only being nice with humans, White German Shepherds can live peacefully with other pets as well.


German Shepherds are the working dog, which means they’re very active and energetic. So, as long as you give your bundle of energy his daily dosage of exercise, he can live happily regardless of being indoors or outdoors.

And don’t forget his daily human-interaction sessions either. For these are affectional creatures, being deprived of the closeness with his humans is unbearable.

But if you decide to make him a doghouse or a kennel outside of the house, be sure to make it sturdy and spacious. In the summer, remember to give him plenty of water, as well as move his dwelling in a shaded area, to prevent overheating and dehydration.

Life Expectancy

White German Shepherd could live for 12-14 years, which is slightly longer than the traditional-colored German Shepherd (10-13 years). For how to increase the German Shepherd’s longevity, you can check out this post.

General Care for White German Shepherd Dogs

Fur and Nails

The snowy pup’s nails should be trimmed regularly once a week. As for the hair, you can’t stop the shedding completely, only decrease it by frequently grooming (at least 3 times a week). This will help gather the fallen hair in your brush, rather than all over your stuff.


If you own a grown White German Shepherd, it’s your every-day duty to provide him with 30-minute exercise (jogging, hiking, bicycling, etc.) or game sessions. This is to burn off his enormous energy and to keep him from getting bored and destroying your furniture (gnawing, scratching), your garden (digging), or barking your ears off.

If you’re raising a puppy, only after he reaches 2 years old - when his joints are completely formed, you mustn’t let him play or run on hard surfaces. Besides, there are many things to consider when getting a German Shepherd puppy.


“2 meals a day contained in 3-4 cups of dry food” is the recommended quantity. However, the amount of food also depends on your dog’s actual size, age, and his activity level. So you have to be careful and adaptable when it comes to feeding your snowy buddy.

Health Care

White German Shepherd and German Shepherd shared the same origin, the same appearance, and now – the same health problems. It’s been written in their health genes: German Shepherd is susceptible to skin diseases, elbow dysplasia, crippling hip, heart disease, spinal cord disorder, etc.

Some of those diseases are inherited and can be avoided if you choose a pair of healthy White German Shepherd to mate from the beginning. And remember, the ways you raise your puppy can contribute to the maintaining of his well-being as well.

How Much for a White German Shepherd?

The factors to evaluate a White German Shepherd puppy are usually inferred from:

So, the cursory cost for having a White German Shepherd pup is about $750 - $1000. Not to mention the charges for boarding, shipping, qualifications, and so on.

Owner’s Responsibilities

You have to provide him with plenty of exercises, at the same time be creative to make new, interesting games to entertain him. Also, your white-coated buddy needs to be trained to avoid timid or aggressive behaviors towards other animals and strangers.

Then, the heavy shedding nature adds constant vacuum-cleaning to your to-do list. And things only get worse if you or any of your family members are allergic to dogs.

As you can see, keeping a German Shepherd requires not only a bunch of money but a lot of your time as well. So, think over all of this carefully to see if you can take up all the responsibilities before making the decision. Don’t bring the pup home because of his cuteness, then kick him out after realizing the work is too much for you.


With a dog like White German Shepherd, you’ll never have a chance to get lazy as he’ll grumble and mumble until you sate his eagerness to train and play. Whose life wouldn’t be wonderfully dynamic with a very loyal, playful, and affectionate White German Shepherd?

Leave your comment below if you have any questions to ask us. Thank you for reading!

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