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Tale Of Your Stinking Dog!

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Dogs are probably the most delightful pets and growing up with a dog is something special. They are cute, sweet, loyal, adorable, fun and love you immensely. And yes, you love your dog too, until they start smelling. Smelling dogs are a big no. If your dog stinks, occasionally or regularly, there might be a problem you need to address.  There could be many reasons for your dog to develop a foul smell.  It could be due to health issues, coat and skin conditions.  And trust us, when we say this, it might just not go away by simply giving your dog a bath.

why dog me stinking



  • The smell of a dog can be overwhelming.  And that smell can linger on your sofa, your carpets, your car and even your clothes. You love your dog and getting rid of it is definitely not an option. It is the stink which has to go. There can be many reasons for that smell. Some of them are given below:
  • Dogs don’t sweat like humans. That is, they do not perspire from their pores and sweep it off their skin in the way we do. But they do sweat through their paws, and they also produce a light sweating from their hair follicles, which has a particular odor which is distinct to the dog. Every dog may smell the same to us; however they don’t smell alike to each other. Moreover, they generate oil, a vital ingredient of hale and hearty hair and skin, which also has its individual scent marker.
  • The oils that dogs exude to make their hair soft can be a reproducing ground for germs and bacteria. Dogs that have skin allergy are inclined to scratch repeatedly, which may harm and aggravate their skin. This can further lead to yeast or a bacterial infection which gives them that pungent odor.
  • Another reason can be a kidney problem or diabetes which might be affecting your poor dog and giving him a bad odor.
  • Dental infectionand unhygienic gums can create a very offensive odor. Furthermore, a sore mouth might lead to amplified drooling. The smelling saliva can cover the hair, your clothes, and furniture and so on and you may not be able to make out that this is coming from the mouth.
  • Anal sacs are two little odor sacs in the region of your dog’s anus. So, when your dog takes a bowel movement, generally these sacs compress and an extremely stinky, oily discharge are let out along with the feces.If these sacs grow to be infected or affected (larger secretion than usual, can’t relieve them properly), problems occur. This can be an awfully hurting situation when these grow to be infected. If your dog is frightened or very excited, these glands can emit the reeking, oily stuff on the nearby fur, creating a bad odor.
  • Dogs who love to have a roll at the view and stench of a decomposing body or animal poop will have that horrible smell long past their adventurous outing.

Remedies and suggestions

  1. Giving your dog a bath – You should give your dog a regular bath with a mild shampoo. However, do not overdo it, as this might give your poor dog a dry skin further leading to irritation, scratching and buildup of odor, bacteria and yeast. Cute smelling shampoos are pleasant. However the scent used in them may be irksome to your pooch, and they don’t continue for a very an extended period. A simple and mild shampoo created for dogs, once a month, is the most excellent choice.
  1. Taking your dog to the vet – If your dog has bad breath, you should take it to a veterinarian immediately. A contaminated cavity or tooth can extend to the other teeth as well. It is advisable to have that one impacted tooth extracted now than to do nothing and wait for it to turn into a wide mouth crisis.

If it is just some non-emergency dog breath issue, you are hoping to treat, that can be easily cured with everyday brushing and healthy chew toy which are readily available in shops as well as online.

  1. Keeping your dog’s ears clean – you should keep away from getting water inside your pooch’s ears while cleaning or giving him a bath. Clean the ear where you can notice wax which is usually of a dark brown color, and into the different parts of the ear. If you feel there is a strong smell from the ear, it is most probably a cause of an infection, and not simply wax, and should be looked by a veterinarian and suitable medication should be given.

When applying the said medication, you should take a cotton ball and solution which is suggested by your vet               to get your dog’s ears clean.

  1. Giving attention to Your Dog’s Diet – If your dog is not taking a healthy, normal diet, then smell may be created by the harmful foodstuff your dog consumes. Take a look into what you are giving your dog, and verify the items in the dog food container. If your dog has been consuming bad quality food, move your dog off inexpensive and little nourishment food onto superior quality good brands. A lot of cheap brands include fillers which are not digestible and can be the source of your dog’s smell, awful dog breath and its dull coat.
  1. If Anal Glands are a problem – If you think that your dog’s horrid stench may be originating from its anal glands, then give your dog’s vet a visit. The veterinarian might be able to let you know whether your dog is just excessively full or it has an infection.

Different breeds of dogs have different grooming requirements, and you should pay a visit to the vet, and he will provide you with tips to make your dog less smelly. Always let the vet know about the stench, as it may be due to some health problem. Little care for your dog will keep it healthy and get rid of that foul smell you hate.


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