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The Art of Dog Grooming | Best Tips and Tricks

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If you own a dog, then you might be wondering how to get it groomed properly. A messy, stinking, and long nail dog is not something you want to have in your home. Now the main issue is that different dogs have different needs. Their food habits might be different; their sleeping times might vary, and they may not be able to tolerate extremes of climate. Similarly, each dog is required its own matching best dog grooming tips and tricks.

Some dogs cannot survive in freezing conditions while some dogs cannot bear the extensive heat. It is essential that the dog is taken care of properly. A happy dog can ensure that the members of the household are happy and cheerful.  In this article, we will read about some dog grooming tips which can help you take good care of your loyal companion.

Few good dog grooming ideas

  1.  Selecting the tools: Brush is an important tool in dog tips and trick for doggrooming. Therefore, you need to give the maximum care in choosing the right brush for your dog.  While you are buying dog grooming brush, select the right brush suitable for your dog.
  • Slicker Brush: Slicker brush is ideal for dogs with long coats.  These brushes are designed to remove tangles and resist matting of hair.
  • Bristle Brush: These types of brushes are ideal for long and short hair dogs.  With bristle brushes, you can remove foreign particles from the dog’s coat.
  • Pin Brush:  Pin brushes are best for removing tangles and is especially good for long haired dogs.
  • Stainless Steel Brush:  These brushes are available in various sizes.  Since it is stainless it won’t rust and easy to clean and maintain.   Also, you can use steel brushes for an extended period.
  • Stainless Steel Scissors:  Stainless steel scissors are good for trimming dog’s hair where it is difficult to reach with your dog trimmer.  You need to use scissors with safety protection features to safeguard your dog if it fidgets.
  • Dog Clippers:  Clippers are the very important tool for dog grooming. Buy unique dog clippers which are better than the ordinary barber clippers. The dog Clippers will have special snap on features, which let you keep the exact length of the hair to be cut and removed.
  • Rubber brush:  These types of brushes are good for dogs with short hair.
  • Stripping Knives:  Stripping knives are good for dogs with wiry coats.  Such dogs need to be stripped frequently or monthly once.  So it is naturally a good tool for dogs with wiry coats.   You may use stripping knives in the direction of grain for a better result.
  1. Nail Clipping: The dog grooming tips will not be complete without a discussion about nail clipping. Nail clipping is an important grooming session.  You need to buy strong dog clippers for better usage result.  Weak nail clippers will get damaged after continuous use.  Care must be taken while clipping the dog’s nail.  You should not cut above the pink colored portion of the nail.  These portions are live area, and you may hurt the dog if you try to clip above the pink colored area.  Your will create a scary situation and hence you have to be very careful.dog grooming equipment
  1. Smooth coats: Dealing with dogs with smooth hair need to be extra care.  You have to use rubber hair brushes, and the brush has to be used against the grain of the dog.   The brush can be used to remove the foreign particles and prepare the dog for grooming.   After finishing with the rubber brush, try using bristle brush which can let you remove the fine particle of hair.  This will also help to remove the dirt from the coat.  It is also a good idea to use chamois to polish the coat so that your dog will have a sheen look.
  1. Long coats: You need to do periodical grooming for long hair dogs. Otherwise, the hair will get tangled.  It would be ideal to use a slicker brush and bristle to do the first stage of the grooming work. The slicker brush will help you to remove the tangles. After that before the trimming job, use steel brush with the wide tooth.  If the dog’s hair is too much tangled then, use a pin brush, which can untangle the hair easily without hurting the dog.   Use the brush carefully to untangle the hair on the leg of the dog.  After finishing the brushing job, use a fine brush to give a clean glossing finishing for the coat.
  1. Oral care: Oral care is a neglected area by many dog owners.  Inadequate dental care will lead to dental diseases and form plaque.  You might be thinking how to brush your dog.  Don’t worry; you can use Greenies Dental Chews, which will take care of the job.  Dogs will like its taste, and it can check the oral issues.
  1. Bath: Dogs need to be bathed at least once in a month.  Depending on the climatic condition you can increase the number baths in a month.  Try using mild dog shampoo which is comfortable for dogs.
  1. Ear cleaning: Since dogs ears are prone to bacterial infection, its ears need to clean periodically.   You can have various products from a pet shop that can be used to clean dog’s ears.  If you find it is difficult to do, especially if your dog fidgets, then it is better to consult with a veterinarian.

For a better understanding of dog grooming tips and tricks, please watch this video.


Apart from the above dog grooming tips and tricks, please be careful about give proper care and attention to your dogs.  If you interact with the dog on a daily basis, you can easily understand their pattern of changes.  Any changes in its alertness and the happy mood may be a symptom of impending health issues.  If you are unable to manage those warning symptoms, it would be better to take the dog to a veterinarian before it turns too bad.


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