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The Best Way To Bath Your Dog- Dog Bathing Tips And Dog Grooming Techniques

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Giving a bath to your dog may sound simple and silly, but it may not be that easy especially for the first time. If you are the new owner of a dog and the very first time when you are about to do dog bathing, your pet may not really know what you are going to do. Although there are many professional places where you would get the entire job done, it is better to do it yourself as it helps in saving a lot of money. Before you start doing dog bathing, you must know the basics of dog bathing tips.

Doing dog bathing by self is not just saving some money, but it will help you to develop a strong bonding with your dog.  Also, the dog will gradually understand how caring you are! Nowadays, in some places pet stores allow self-service dog bathing facilities for the owner where they provide all he needed accessories for washing your dog. But, before accepting the offer, you need to be having a plan and know the best way to bath a dog.


tip for dog bathing

It is recommended to bath your dog at least once in every two months, but if they are in a habit of spending more time outdoors, you need to give them more frequent baths. The best way to bathe a dog is in a bathtub or outdoors. Before taking them for a bath, you need to brush off dead mats and skin from their body. Make sure that you use some shampoo which is exclusively made for dogs and lather up the coat and finally, rinse thoroughly.

At any cost, avoid using human shampoos on your dog’s body. Do not pour water directly on their ears, nose and eyes. If your dog has many folds and loose skin, you need to be more careful as to clean the folds with damp sponge or cloth to avoid any infection. If you have a puppy which is extremely naughty, make use of some floating toys in his/her tub to shift her attention while you give a nice bath.


You need to brush regularly your dog so as to keep their coat in good condition and to prevent dirt build up. Regular brushing also helps in distributing the natural oils throughout the coat just like human hair. Make sure that you brush your dog’s coat according to their coat type. There are many types of combs and brushes which include general purpose tools and tools for specific use.

If your dog has a short and smooth coat, you can use any kind of rubber brush to clean off excess skin and dirt and finally use a bristle brush to remove dead hair. A slicker brush can be used for dogs with short and dense fur like a retriever and once in a week brushing is just adequate. If your dog has long and silky coats, you should brush them daily with a slicker and bristle brush.


Just like us, grooming is also important for dogs, and it also helps in improving your relationship with your pet. Utilize this time for you to become more familiar with their body parts so that you can identify any kind of unusual changes in the early stage. There are different dog grooming techniques, but you need to choose them wisely based on your dog’s needs.

tips dog grooming techniques


Skin can be an indication of your dog’s health, so it is important to pay attention to small details when it comes to skin. Performing basic dog grooming techniques regularly will help you to keep your pet away from skin problems. Excessive scratching, shedding of hairs and licking can be seen when your dog is having any type of skin problems. Always check if there is any odor coming from your dog’s body as this can be an indication of a bacterial or fungal infection. Make sure that you brush your dog’s hair often to remove any sort of dirt from their body and clean folds with high care.

Paw care

The paws on the bottom of your dog’s feet provide extra cushioning support to protect their bones from any kind of external factors. It is highly important to check your pet’s feet regularly to make sure that they’re free of wounds or infections. Paw care should be given priority while following dog bathing tips.

Dental care

Dogs are prone to tartar build-up which is kind of a plague which leaves a gummy residue in your dog’s teeth after eating something. When the plaque gets hardened, it forms a tartar and causes redness and inflammation in the gums. But dog’s teeth are much cleaner than us because they are not prone to cavity problems.

Follow a hygienic regime and make sure that you brush your dog’s teeth often with a double headed brush which can be used at a 45-degree angle for effective cleaning. Picking up, toothpaste for your dog is equally important as choosing a brush. Never use human toothpaste on your dog because they contain fluorides which can be poisonous to dogs. You can also use chew bones and toys to strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums.

Ear care

When you are bathing your dog, you really need to careful because if water gets into their ears, it can go deep into the ear canal and cause infections. As a dog’s ear canal is long and sensitive, you need to maintain a regular regime to prevent infections. You should never use cotton swabs on your dog’s ears as it can seriously hurt their ears. Instead, use cotton balls and use it to clear your dog’s ear with the help of your fingers. You can use gloves while doing this.

It is also important to use a right ear rinse which contains no toxic and harmful contents. If you notice that the cotton balls are dirty even after several clean, you need to take them to a vet to make sure that things are alright. Anytime, if you notice your dog rubbing their ear or shaking their heads often, you need to be alert as these are common signs of infections.

Nail care

The Dog’s nails should be trimmed when they start to touch the ground when they walk. For dogs that spend more time outdoors, especially in grass and mud, need to have a weekly trim. There are two different types of nail clippers for dogs which are guillotine and scissor type. You can choose according to your comfort level and make sure that the clipper should always have a sharp blade in it. Do not clip deep at skin level; you just have to clip off the excess nail on the tips.

nail care for dog

Eye care

Cleaning your dog’s eyes should be taken seriously as they have sensitive eyes just like us. Like humans, they are prone to common eye related problems like conjunctivitis and cataract and glaucoma. A healthy dog will have a clear mucus secretion which should be wiped off with a soft damp cloth or sponge.

Never use napkins and paper towel to clean their eyes as it can easily shred can cause discomfort to your dog. Avoid using shampoos near their eyes as it can lead to irritation.Dog’s with light colored fur can have more tear secretion which is normal, and this often leads to tearing stains which should be removed soon as it can promote bacteria growth.


If you are going to bath your dog for the first time, it is better to learn about the general dog bathing tips. Instead of taking your dogs to a professional, you try turning yourself into an expert so that you can take care of your dog without anybody else’s help. Have a fun time with your dog as it is the key to the relationship with your pet.


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