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Which Organ Does A Dog Not Have? (Compared To Human)

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Humans and dogs are two mammals that have nearly similar biological systems in the gross anatomy. Their organs may locate at the same places but come in various sizes and shapes with the distinguishing features. And they all work together to support particular functions.

However, do humans and dogs have the same organs? Or which organ does a dog not have in comparison with the human? Check this post to find out!

Which Organ Does a Dog Not Have?

As we mentioned above, among many similarities between the human and dog’s body, the appendix is an exception. Unlike wombats, rabbits or apes, dogs and some other animals don’t have an appendix.

which organ does a dog not have in comparison with the human?

There is no an organ called “appendix” in the dog’s anatomy

The Creator takes you something, but then he will make up for you. Therefore, mammals who don’t own an appendix have the other structures. Though these are not probably as effective as the ‘’real’’ appendix, they still can harbor the beneficial bacteria.

What’re Advantages of Having No Appendix?

No Appendix, No Appendicitis!

If you or your loved one developed the appendicitis, you know how painful the condition will be. However, dogs will never have to put up with this pain as long as the appendix cannot get inflamed in their body. Why do they so lucky – simply because appendix doesn’t exist in them.

In humans, appendicitis happens when the appendix get inflammation. It’s shaped in the finger-like structure and found by abdomen’s colon. After this structure becomes red and angry, some symptoms such as intense abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or fever will follow.

These symptoms may appear in dogs, but they’re most likely from something else, not a vulnerable appendix.

No Appendix, No Surgery!

The appendix is said to be the useless structure as it’s only ‘’killed’’ by surgery and leaves no repercussions. According to the surgeons of Duke University, the main function of the appendix is reserving the good bacteria.

The appendix is a cul-de-sac part of the gut and works as a factory containing bacteria. This ‘’acts as a safe house for the bacteria’’, says Mr. Bill Parker – surgery professor, study co-author.

This has a possible function (turning handy when the good bacteria suddenly deplete as a result of cholera and amoebic dysentery). However, people are advised to remove it before it gets flamed and turns deadly.

Which Organ in Dogs Is Similar to the Human Appendix?

Since a dog doesn’t have an appendix, it has an organ called cecum as a replacement. This large pouch locates in which the large intestine begins, and after the last point of the small intestine. It helps host the useful flora in the intestine and pick up the fecal matter as a part of the normal digestion.

Cecum of dogs

For more detailed, it turns out to be a safe house containing and protecting the probiotics. Thanks to this, severe diarrhea as well as other intestine diseases are lessened. Also, this is ‘’the real reason your dog or cat eats grass’’, claims vet James C.Coghlan said in his book named “Paleopet’’.

While the digestive organ is a bit small in dog bodies and can’t get used to with the herbivores, which prefer using it for the fermentation purposes – this is still beneficial in some ways.

The symbiotic microbes reside in the cecum and the colon of nearly all species, according to the book “Animal Physiology: From Genes to Organisms” of Dr.Lauralee Sherwood.

In compare to the cats, dogs still have the larger cecum.

What Does the Cecum in Dogs Affect?

The cecum is easily attacked by several external factors, especially the polluted water and poisonous food. Cecum problems often come with some symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. The hateful intestinal worms will arrogate all the nutrients moving in your furry friend’s gut to themselves and cause the irritation.

Besides, these symptoms may be a consequence of a viral infection in the intestinal tract called ‘’Reovirus’’. This is an infection which stems from lots of virus strains then leading to the bowel disease (IBD). IBD is exactly a microscopic penetration with the inflammatory cells into the small wall of the intestine. It’s said to be related to an abnormal immune with the environmental stimuli. Once developing, this will create an inflammation leading to the disease.

Not only does it affect the intestinal system, but it’s also harmful to the whole body when gets seriously. So, as the cecum problems appear and grow in a complex way, you’d better take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. But remember to feed the dogs with safe food and pure water to prevent the diseases.


The relationship between dog and human was stable more than 100,000 years. Dogs act as human’s guard, playmate, and tracker, etc. while people adopt, teach and provide food to them.

In addition to the close-knit relationship, these two mammals also have several similarities and some differences in their anatomical systems. Hope that you will find out the answer to the question ‘’which organs does a dog not have”. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. We’ll answer all! Thank you!

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