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Tips to Keep Your dogs Disease Free

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In order to keep your dog healthy and disease free, it is important to provide it a nutritious diet along with some regular visits to the veterinarian. Grooming, spaying is a lot beneficial to your pet and the most basic thing to keep them happy is the way you treat them. Your careful attention and love are the additional elements for their mental health. The ultimate goal of making your dog disease free can be achieved by following these few tips:

  1. Hydration is important for maintaining a good health in a dog, therefore provide clean, fresh drinking water to your dog every day. This will improve the strength of your pet and will keep them active. However, the amount of water they drink totally depends upon the dog’s breed and size.

Use stainless steel water bowl instead of the plastic ones because there is a risk of breeding bacteria in them which will make your dog exposed to allergic reactions.

2. Provide healthy human foods to your dog which are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. Avoid any kind of added sugars or preservatives in the diet. Younger dogs eat more often, therefore, it is necessary to adopt a diet plan for them as described by the vet. Try not to feed them with the store- bought food as the home-made food is more beneficial for your pets.

3. Make your dog exercise daily to boost up the energy level in his body. Generally, small dogs require less time for workout hours whereas larger dogs need two outings along with a run and a long walk. The duration of the outing will totally depend upon the dog. Regular exercise will strengthen your dog’s immune system and naturally keep it disease free. Consult the vet before planning a proper workout schedule for the dogs as ‘some’ of them may catch hip problems.

4. Keep your floor clean as it has its own benefits. Cleaning your house floor with disinfectants and best floor steam cleaner makes your dog get rid of bacteria which is the real reason for causing diseases in their body.

5. Grooming will keep your dog’s body clean and be maintaining a proper hygiene may result in their mental growth. Regularly bathing your dog, brushing their teeth and trimming their nails will prevent skin infection which is occurred from bacteria. Since grooming procedure is different for different breeds, it is necessary to consult the vet before grooming.

6. Provide a proper bed for your dog as they need a quiet and warm place for sleeping. You can create your dog’s own bed if you can’t find them a dog’s crate. Keep a clean blanket and pillow on their bed.

7. Take your dog to the veterinarian for their annual check-up. Plan out the most common diseases found in your dog’s breed and prevent them from providing the best food along with regular workout sessions for your dog which are suggested by the vet.

8. Vaccination can protect your dog from many deadly diseases such as rabies, parvo, therefore it is advisable to give the best course of vaccination for your pet as suggested by the vet.

9. Keep your dog free from parasites such as flies, heartworm, as they are the main reason for causing diseases. Go for proper remedies and medicines to protect your dog from parasites. Adopting a healthy hygiene is important for maintaining a proper health free from diseases.

10. Keep examining your dog’s health on a regular basis and in case if you find any early signs of sickness, then you can contact your vet prevent the disease in the latest stage.

11. Remove your dog’s feces regularly to maintain a healthy clean environment around them. Avoid leaving your dog to those areas which are affected by bacteria.

12. Spaying and neutering are really helpful to prevent the risk of cancer in the dogs. This makes the dog less prone to roam and hence reduces the possibility to come in contact with infectious diseases.

13. Keep all the household chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful products away from your dog as they could be dangerous for their health.

14. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent dryness which is the reason for creating irritation in your dog’s body. Best room humidifier is great for removing various symptoms caused by flu or the common cold. They are really effective for treating dryness of the nose, throat, and lips.

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