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how to get rid of fleas on your dog ?

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Your dogs have fleas? You try at some chemical flea removals, but they do not work effectively? If so, we recommend you to switch to another solution which is derived from nature. It’s called diatomaceous earth!

In this post, we’ll particularly discuss about Safer Brand diatomaceous earth which is considered the best diatomaceous earth product on the market recently.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a white substance, usually in the form of powder. It is composed of silica which is the fossilized remain of hard-shelled protists from millions of years ago.

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There are two types of DE: food grade and filter grade. Food grade DE (also known as pure DE) is non-toxic and widely used as a pesticide, while the filter one is toxic and used as an industrial material. In this article, we will mainly mention the benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth. We’ll also show you how to cure your pets’ parasites with it.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth on Pets

Food grade diatomaceous earth can support a lot in solving your pets’ problems. The following is some of these great benefits:

Remove External and Internal Parasites

If you look through a microscope, you can see many crystals looking like pieces of broken glass. Because of having spiky edges, these tiny stone crystals can pierce through the tough protecting shell of ticks and fleas, which makes them die of dehydration gradually.

Also, when fleas eat diatomaceous earth, they will be injured from inside and finally end up with the death for the same reason. To internal parasites like pinworms and roundworms, it works the same way. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural method to remove your dogs’ parasites, DE is the best solution.

Provide Essential Minerals

Food grade DE is a source of many essential minerals for your dogs. It contains about 3% of magnesium, 19% of calcium and other trace minerals; all of which are vital not only to animals but also humans. Feeding your dog a suitable dosage of diatomaceous earth daily can help them have smooth fur, healthy teeth and even reduce the risk of getting some diseases caused by high cholesterol.

Kill Harmful Insects

Food grade DE can be used as a natural pesticide for your garden. Due to the special shape, DE seems to be the green method that helps you eliminate all kind of insects in your garden such as spiders, cockroaches, slugs, and even some ticks.

Please note that if you want to remove your dogs’ ticks thoroughly, begin with your garden first because most of the ticks in your dogs are from the garden. By the way, don’t worry about your beneficial insects because diatomaceous earth just kills destructive insects.

Eliminate Pet’s Odor

Food grade DE can also remove your pets’ bad smell. It works like a natural deodorizer and can be used not only on your pets but also their bed, litter box, and other places. This will be very useful in cold weather when you can’t bath your dogs.

Is Safe Brand Diatomaceous Earth Safe for Both Humans and Dogs?

There are some people believed that diatomaceous earth is not good for pets because it can “cut” their stomach skin. Is it real or just a rumor? I will show you the answer right now!

Diatomaceous earth is completely safe (without side effects) for both human and animals as long as you use it appropriately. In fact, this substance is widely used for keeping rice from drying and mites. Moreover, some people use it to eliminate bed bugs, indoor insects. Besides this, you can also use DE for same purposes to your livestock and birds.

How to Kill Parasites with Diatomaceous Earth

To Internal Parasites

Mixing DE with dogs’ food, one tablespoon to big dogs and one teaspoon to puppies and small dogs per day. Bear in mind that don’t stop feeding your pets on diatomaceous earth after a week. Because of the cycle life of parasites, you just kill adult worms in the first 7 days; after a week, the new ones will hatch and continue their life.

So, to make sure adult worms, smaller worms and their eggs are completely eliminated, keep feeding diatomaceous earth to them consecutively in 30 days.

To External Parasites

To kill parasites on your dog from the outside, you can directly sprinkle the powder onto his back, from the neck to the tail. Take care of the neck and tail areas carefully because they are favorite hiding places for ticks.

After 3 days leaving it on your dogs’ skin, wash it with a moisturizing shampoo to get rid of dead bugs. And remember, just use it once a week, or else your dogs may have dry skin.

In The Garden

In this situation, there are two ways to use diatomaceous earth: wet and dry. However, I recommend you the dry option because it’s more effective than the wet one.

Sprinkling the powder directly to where you want to apply. Do not apply too much, just enough, and after a rain or watering, reapply it. Also when doing this, please make sure you do wear a mask, and your kids and pets aren’t around.

One more thing, you should sprinkle it on the bed, rug, sofa and wherever your dogs usually play or lie in case few ticks crawl around the house. Leaving at least 3 days then vacuum it. You must redo this after a week in case their eggs hatch. As you keep doing this for 2 months, you will no longer worry about fleas or ticks anymore.

Some Notes When Using Diatomaceous Earth

Although diatomaceous earth is helpful, there are some things you must watch out.

  • Always keep it dry. This powder is only effective in dry condition.
  • Use food grade DE. That’s because filter grade DE is added with many toxic chemicals, so it’s very dangerous to your dogs.
  • Stop using and take your pets to the vet immediately if they have any allergy symptoms. Some pets are very sensitive, and they can’t stand diatomaceous earth.
  • Make sure you clean it up by a vacuum cleaner after using it directly on your pets’ bed and other indoor areas.
  • Cover your face and your pets’ face in order not to inhale the powder. Otherwise, it might stay in your lungs.
  • Food grade DE just help you get rid of fleas and ticks, not tapeworms. 


Diatomaceous earth is useful, obviously. It does not only help you control your dogs’ parasites but also improve their health. Besides, it also supports you in other aspects such as gardening, household, etc. However, there are some notes that you should take into account when using Safer Brand diatomaceous earth.

As always, leave your comment below if you have any question. 

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