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Anti-Barking Device To Discipline Your Dog

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Barking is a natural behavior of dogs, and that is how they communicate! Dogs are our best friends, and we can understand braking is their nature, but sometimes it will be annoying and get out of hand. It is also one of the major issues a dog owner face which is a somewhat tricky problem to solve. Here is when Anti-barking device comes for a dog owner’s rescue. They are beneficial products to manage your dog’s excessive barking habit. When compared to old days, these devices have come a long way as technology has advanced. If it didn’t work for you earlier, it needs not be the same now. Let’s find out more:

History anti-barking devices:


An Anti-barking device is a tool that has been using to teach disciplinary rules to your dogs. When you use these devices whenever they misbehave, it teaches your pet that negative things can happen when they bark unnecessarily. It helps in teaching your pet eventually to hold back their unnecessary barking habits. Initially, these devices were used to train hunting dogs only. However, later, people start using it as a tool to teach domestic dogs as well. Years ago there weren’t many types of anti-barking devices but now it has undergone a dramatic development, and different types of devices are available in the market.

Types of devices you can find as per your choice:


There are several types of anti-dog barking devices:

Anti-Bark Dog Collars

Anti-Bark collars are an electronic device, which can wear around a dog’s neck like a regular collar. However, it works by passing a small amount of electric shock into your dog’s body whenever he tries to bark excessively. In the old days, the dog collars were not humane, and the amount of shock passed on to dog’s body was high. But, these days, each collar is manufactured with a safe amount of shock that is not abusive.

Sound Emitter Devices

Sound emitters are a type of sonic device or collared devices that emit sonic waves when a dog barks excessively. The sensors in sound emitter will detect excessive barking automatically and will produce an ultrasonic sound which is audible to dogs only. The sound triggered is very high pitch, and it will be unpleasant to dogs, and they will stop barking.


Sprays that contain Citronella are using as anti-barking devices as dogs can’t withstand the strong odor of the herb. These devices will spray a jet of Citronella onto the dogs face whenever they bark. Citronella is a type of herb which is famous for its insect repelling properties.

Are they beneficial?

It is a controversial topic whether the use of anti-barking devices is humane and safe to use on dogs. Ultimately what you need to take into account is how you use them. These days, such devices adopt strict manufacturing standards by maintaining high safety levels. What you need to keep in mind is that there is no point in trying to stop your dogs barking completely. As it is their nature to bark, you cannot eliminate it entirely. You need to distinguish between normal and excessive barking. The effectiveness of these devices depends upon the nature of your dog and also upon how you use it on your pet. In most cases, these devices are helpful in controlling your dog’s excessive barking.



  • Anti-barking devices are quick and effective when it comes to training your dog to control excessive barking.
  • They are safe and not painful when you use them correctly.
  • Anti-barking devices work well when you work with stubborn dogs in teaching them the basic level of discipline.
  • Sound emitting collars or devices are pretty accurate in sensing excessive barking behavior of a dog.




  • Use of shock collars can be painful for some dogs.
  • Sensitive dogs may not react positively to the use of these devices.  


Editors View

Though anti-barking devices are cool gadgets to discipline your dog, they are not for every dog. Whatever it is, you have to agree that barking is a normal behavior of dogs and you need to accept that fact unless it is very excessive, you don’t want to use such devices on your dog. You also need to figure out whether it is a bad behavior of your dog or whether he is trying to communicate something to you. If the root cause of excessive barking is something else and you can identify it, then you will have a happy and quiet dog at your home.

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