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How To Teach Your Dog 100 English Words

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Though barking is the mode of communication dogs follow, it is possible to teach them to understand the language you speak. As dogs are a man’s trustable companion, they also can understand your commands in your language. If you are a native English speaker, your pet will be able to understand basic sentences if you are using it with the pattern. The best time to teach English to your dog is the time when you bring it home. By following the right training technique, it is possible to teach your dog 100 English words without much stress.

How to teach the very first word

Teaching the first English word is a milestone, and the training you need to start with a proper plan. Approach your dog with confidence and enthusiasm. Be patient and do not forget to use a treat to catch your dog's attention. Use actions for the command you are planning to teach and then spell the word loudly. When you are training for complex commands like jumping over a hurdle, the treat can be a valuable tool to tame your dog.

Tips to Teach your dog 100 English words

Use your body language
Dogs can read your body language, so use it to so that they can understand what you are trying to convey. If you want to teach your dog "Sit" command, he would be able to understand it correctly if you try to bend a little as if you are going to sit on the ground. However, at times when you bend down your dog or use the word “sit down," your dog may mistake it for lying down. So you can also by sitting down so that he gets the real point.
Consistent repetition
Dogs are intelligent, but not up to that level where he can associate a word with an action immediately. Constant repetition is the key; you might have to repeat it about 50 times or more for him to understand it. Whenever your dog is performing an action like jumping, repeating the word jumping, again and again, will help him to connect the word with that action.

Communicate with change in voice tone
Dogs grasp a lot from the voice modulation of his trainer during the training session. When you want to make your dog obey something, slightly raising and lowering your pitch would help to give some clue that you are commanding something serious. Dogs can understand low pitch voices are for dominance and threat and they connect high pitched sounds for non-serious situations to convey certain things. If you want to scold your dog for doing something he is not allowed to do, making slight changes in your voice tone will make things easy.

Be playful
Fear and threatening will inhibit creative learning. Hence it is better to use playfulness if you want to teach your dog 100 English words. Especially when it comes to teaching complex activities or sentences, turn on your playful self and try to interact with your pets during the teaching session.

Follow a training plan
Just like you didn't learn English in a month or six, neither your dog will be able to achieve it. You need to develop a consistent training plan that is interactive and easy for your dog to grasp. Spend some time on one command instead of trying to teach 2 to 3 words at a stretch. Fist, come up with the words which you want your dog to learn and then make a list of all those words. You can tick them off once you feel that your dog has mastered it. It is better to start with monosyllabic words like "Sit" and then you can move to teaching short phrases like" Stand Up" or "Sit down."


To teach your dog 100 English words, you have to be consistent and patient with the teaching process. When you are training English words to your dogs, don't think that they will associate words with objects. Researchers show that unlike humans, dogs learn words by taking clues from bite size and voice modulation. It is a natural behavior for your dog to misbehave at times, but you need to control how you respond when he misbehaves especially during teaching sessions., Instead of doing it all in a stretch, give some time for your dog to learn things and relax. Don't forget, treat is mandatory!

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