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Train Your Canine Dog Trainers: Why Put in Effort on Dog Training

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You woke up one day staring at a really adorable photo of a golden retriever puppy on Instagram. Now, you’re wondering why you don’t have one. You’re living in your own spacious apartment. You’re single. Also, you’re financially stable with your good remote job you do at the comfort of your own home office. “Why did it take me a long time to realize I could actually get a fur baby for myself?”, you started wondering.

Now, you can’t stop thinking about having your own adorable golden retriever. Finally, your home wouldn’t be as quiet and dreary as it seems right now with your newest companion that’s fun, energetic and lovable. Congrats, you’re finally part of the doggo-loving republic.

Being a pet parent is really fun and exciting. You get to snuggle with a warm, soft furry creature on cold winters. You come home everyday to the most cheerful home buddy you could ever have. Yeah, nobody misses you like crazy more than your four-legged bestfriend! Also, the best summer mornings are when you get to go out with your pal for several rounds of run.

Similar to being a human parent, note that taking care of a dog comes with some of the not-so-fun parts a.k.a. responsibilities, you know, things like cleaning up poop. But the impressions you’ll have about most of the responsibilities you’ll handle as a dog owner would depend a lot on your attitude and perception. If you really love your fur baby, the not-so-fun part won’t easily bother you.

Perhaps, you already have an idea of what it means to be a responsible pet owner. Every state and country implement specific laws and regulations on that. But you know the basics for sure. You need to provide your pet with food, water, shelter, vaccines and occasional vet visits. Hygiene and grooming are important things to take note as well. You can read more about that here.

Some of us might conclude that this list pretty much sums up our responsibilities. But we might be forgetting or even undermining the importance of dog training. However, it is an important part of our tasks as a pet parent. Putting in effort on dog training comes with great rewards.

1.It allows more quality bonding time which enforces positive relationship.

Training your dog takes some time and patience. The more hours you spend together, the more you strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Rewards as simple as pats and rubs can be very satisfying to them. Of course, it will be better with toys and some tasty treats. Motivating your dog with rewards fosters a positive and happy relationship between the two of you.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from your daily grind and just stop minding the time? Teaching your puppy with new skills and tricks is surely a wonderful stress-reliever. Train Your Canine Dog Training Company provides various insights and pieces of advice on what’s the best training course for your pet.

2.Training helps prevent destructive behavior.

Dogs have too much energy to expend. They have too much of it that they don’t know what to do with it anymore. So, when they’re left alone, they easily get bored and cranky at the same time. That’s exactly the reason why they bite and chew whatever they find around the house. Even if that’s your shoe or your socks, they don’t really care. Worse still, they don’t really care if they start nibbling the cable of that laptop charger.

Well, in the first place, they don’t know what it is and how important it is for you. Untrained puppies are prone to destructive behavior. So, to avoid that kind of hassle, make it a habit to train your pooches starting from their young age.

3.It can make your other tasks easier.

Remember the not-so-fun part—cleaning up your dog’s poop? At first, it can be inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be like that on a daily basis. You can definitely make your life easier by house training your fur baby early on. Basics are regular feeding cycles and the same go-to space for their call of nature needs. Find out more here: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/house-training-your-puppy#1

4.You can teach them how to be more sociable.

Dogs are naturally social creatures. But without proper training, it might be difficult for them to properly express their friendliness and keep it in place. Your dog might jump on your guests the moment they appear at your doorstep, which can really intimidate them, especially if they don’t understand dog language at all. Well, most of us probably don’t. So, your dog might come across as aggressive, though he’s just trying to be friendly.

5.Your fur baby can learn more life skills.

As you know already, these four-legged creatures can be so smart. They’re even used to assist persons with disability. Their olfactory receptors are so strong and complex that they can even sniff and detect bombs and drugs. The sweetest ones can be trained as therapy dogs for sick patients. So, yeah, Fido is pretty talented—he can work at the airport, FBI or at the hospital.
Of course, you don’t expect your fur baby to reach superb milestones like that. But who knows, right? He might just have the potential!

Start training your puppy now and reap those rewards. If you need assistance, you can also hire a dog trainer. Have fun in your journey as a new fur parent!

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