Should You Add a Timber Wolf Dog to Your Family?

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Many people are intrigued with the idea of owning a wolf hybrid. Here are some things to consider before adding a timber wolf dog to your family.

Should You Add a Timber Wolf Dog for family

There’s something fascinating about wolves which may be why interest in owning a timber wolf dog is so high. A timber wolf dog is a genetic cross between a gray wolf and a dog and these magnificent creatures are sometimes referred to as wolf hybrids. Although timber wolf dogs can make wonderful companions, there are certain factors that should be considered before considering bring a timber wolf into your home. When you adopt any dog you’ve signed up for a possible fifteen year commitment and the care of a wolf hybrid can be even more challenging and time intensive than that of the average dog.

If you haven’t owned a dog in the past, a timber wolf dog is not your best starter dog. They present challenges which go beyond those associated with owning a dog and even the average dog can be a challenge to train and socialize. If you like large, majestic looking dogs, it’s far better to adopt a German shepherd or Malamute if you haven’t had extensive experience working with dogs. A timber wolf dog needs a strong alpha leader in order to be successfully trained and socialized.

Another aspect of timber wolf dog ownership to consider is your personality as well as your general stature. In the beginning a wolf hybrid will attempt to challenge your leadership until he establishes that you are indeed the alpha. If you’re a small person or have a weak personality, you’re likely to run into problems during the initial period of acclimation when you need to establish your authority.

Do you have the time to devote to a wolf hybrid? A high level of commitment to spending time and working with a timber wolf dog is critical. If you’re working a full-time job and involved in numerous other activities, you may want to reconsider your decision to add a timber wolf dog to your family. They can be destructive when left along and will require a great deal of focus and attention, particularly in the beginning. Training can also be a challenge since they tend to have a mind of their own and constantly challenge your authority until you’re established as the alpha.

One extremely important consideration before adopting a wolf hybrid is determining whether it’s legal to own one in your area. The laws governing wolf dog ownership varies from area to area and bringing a wolf hybrid into your home could be illegal in your locality. In other cases, you may need a license to own one. Before even considering the idea of timber wolf dog ownership, clarify what the regulations are in your area.

Do you have other pets or small children? While most wolf timber wolf dogs are not innately vicious, they tend to be large and rambunctious which can make them unsuitable companions for small children. Small dogs, likewise, may not be the best match for a wolf hybrid when living in close living quarters. If your living quarters are small and cramped, you may be better off adopting a small dog. Wolf hybrids need space to roam, and, preferably, a six foot fence.

The best way to determine whether timber wolf dog ownership is right for you is to spend some time with them. There may be a local club in your area for wolf hybrid owners or you may be able to volunteer with a local group who rescues wolf dogs. It can also be helpful to explore online websites where timber wolf dog owners discuss the challenges and rewards of owning these animals. The more educated you are prior to acquiring a wolf hybrid, the better off both you and your new wolf dog will be.

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