Can I give my dog vitamin E?

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We care so much about our diets and that we get the right kinds of nutrients. However, have we ever wondered what our pets need? What if there are specific things and minerals that they need in order to have a good health? Or have we thought how they can get some particular foods which take care of their nutrient requirements?

We might have wondered at times but may not have paid heed to these questions. So, when we hear someone asking the question of can I give my pitbull vitamin E, we might suddenly realize that even we require an answer to that question.

Effects of Vitamin E on your dog’s health

Your dog has as much the need for vitamin E as you have. This is because vitamin E is a fat-soluble mineral which is required for the dog’s capability to heal its injuries, muscle builds up and circulatory system. The mineral is an antioxidant which helps in protecting the body from infections caused by free radicals which might enter the body due to an injury or some other entry point.

Apart from the benefits it has from the internal view, vitamin E also is important for the dog's skin and maintaining and glow in the fur. This is the reason why it is also found in many dog shampoos so that the coat gets a smooth and glowing look and the flakiness is reduced.

Vitamin E is also perfect for the immune system which makes it a must-have nutrient during winters because winters cause drying of the skin which can adversely affect the immune system. So, vitamin E is very important for the health of your dog. Some other benefits have been explained below.

    The antioxidants help in damage to the cells and prevent the spread of the damage in case it has already happened. This is especially important as it decreases the dog’s capability to contract cancer and other life-taking diseases. And since vitamin E is an antioxidant, you should definitely give it to your dog to boost its immunity.

    The joints and muscles of the dog have to undergo a lot of wear and tear each day due to the activities they do. In such cases, vitamin E is necessary to prevent loss of mobility in the joints and increase the muscles’ straining capacity. They support the connective tissue of the dog’s body which is necessary to prevent aches, breaking and loss of flexibility in the joints and muscles.

    Vitamin E is a special vitamin which also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be very beneficial for elderly dogs. Dogs who have painful and stiff joints due to the work they do can benefit from regular vitamin E intake as that results in lowering of risks to contract arthritis and permanent pain. And even if the dog has already contracted it, vitamin E can help to reduce the pain and prevent further aggravation of the matter.

    Vitamin E also has an important part to play in the cardiovascular health of the dog. A regular supply of the vitamin makes the cardiovascular system of the body stronger and enhances cardiac health. When the vitamin is given from the very first stage, it causes the puppies to grow up with a much healthier heart and cardiovascular system as compared to those who have started taking the vitamin at a later stage in life.

    Some dogs might have ear infections due to a variety of reasons. Such infections are very painful and often serve as the entry point for various allergens and other bacteria. The fastest way to cure the infection is by using the vitamin E oil. You can simply break a vitamin E capsule and put the oil in the ears in order to let it heal faster.

    As explained earlier, vitamin E is necessary for the glow and maintenance of a dog’s skin. And it does not stop at that. Vitamin E also prevents the skin from contracting infections from the outside world and serves as a deterrent for wasps and other insects which tend to stick to the fur of the dog and feed off the blood. This is very important for the dog to be calm and relaxed in daily life and be healthy at the same time.

Products to use to administer the dog with vitamin E

Vitamin E is a major nutrient for your dog and for this reason, it is found in almost all major pet foods which you normally buy from the market without even knowing their ingredients and the nutrient content. Don’t worry, you might not know the importance of vitamin E, but surely the pet food companies and makers do.

Vitamin E is also present in many daily items which you can feed to your dog. Eggs and other protein-rich items are generally rich in vitamin E too. While, on the other hand, there are certain vegetables also which are rich in this vitamin-like spinach, avocado, dandelion, peanuts and sunflower seeds. You can have a mixture prepared with dog food and these ingredients and then feed your dog this vitamin-rich food.

Since vitamin E does not only have internal benefits but also external ones for the skin and coat, you can also directly apply it to the pet’s coat or fur. This can come in the form of vitamin E oils which you can massage on the pet’s fur or mix some vitamin E rich products into the water while bathing so that when the bath is completed, the skin and fur of the dog glows and looks healthy.

While it may sound weird at first, but vitamin E pills are also available for your dog which you can give it mixed with water or food and have the vitamin deficiency completed.


So, vitamin E is very important for your dog and you should definitely ensure that it gets the regular supply through meals or through pills, as may be the case. You can also consult a vet in case normal diets don’t seem to be working well.

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