Great Gifts For Dog Lovers to Enjoy

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Trying to pick out a good gift for someone who loves dogs? If so, check out this quick list of gifts that this person will truly get to enjoy.

DNA Test For Pets

You have probably heard of DNA tests for human beings, but did you know there are DNA tests available for dogs? Many pet owners are not sure of the exact breed of their pets, but one of these tests could provide the answers they are looking for, which will come in handy when determining the types of diseases that could run through an animal’s bloodline as well.

Getting results has never been easier because the person who owns the dog can swab its mouth, place it in an envelope, send it out, and then receive the information from the testing within a month. Different brands of DNA testing for dogs are available but Embark is one of the best ones to choose from because it is accurate, convenient, and easy to use. The cost of the Embark DNA test is $199.99.

Socks with your Dogs Face

Imagine being able to purchase a pair of custom made socks with your dogs face on them? It’s a pretty great idea isn’t it and a unique gift for the dog lover in your life.

Well, Lovimals are offering just this via their website, meaning you can get a pair of socks printed with your own animals face on them. If you’re looking for novelty socks then this could be the perfect gift.

Bissell Vacuum For Pet Hair

While most pet owners love their animals, they do not always enjoy having pet hair all over their furniture. If the cats and dogs are climbing on the furniture or shedding all over the floor, pet hair is bound to get on everything, including clothes and shoes. An easy way for the pet lover in your life to keep their home free of as much pet hair as possible is to use a special vacuum designed specifically to eliminate hair from cats, dogs, and other animals. The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A outperforms several other types of vacuums, it comes with a warranty, and it is only $69.99, making it a great gift to give.

PawboView Pawbo Camera

Some pet owners feel a bit of separation anxiety and guilt when it is time for them to leave their homes, whether they are going to work or simply going out for the day. However, a convenient pet camera  allows these pet owners to keep an eye on what the animals are doing at home. The camera connects directly to the wireless internet in the home and provides a clear view of what is going on inside the home, so the pet owner can watch what the animals are doing throughout the day. Not only is it possible for the pet owner to see what the animals are doing, but it is also possible for that person to talk to the animals, making sure they can hear him or her.

While several pet cameras exist, the Pawbo camera is a top choice because of its neat features. It allows users to play laser games with the animals and even dispense treats. The current cost for this device is $149.00 and it can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Fitbark Tracker

Plenty of people are wearing fitness trackers to keep track of the number of calories they are burning each day while monitoring their overall health. However, they are now making some convenient fitness trackers for dogs, too. If you buy this gift for the dog lover in your life, they could place the tracker on the collar and then use their smartphone app to view detailed information, such as how well the dog is sleeping and how active the dog is being throughout the day.

Now that you have a list of some great gifts to give to a dog lover, choose which one you think is best and consider getting it for that special person in your life.

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