Awesome Ideas For Pitbull Names And How To Choose The Best One

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Dogs are always considered a friend of human beings in the sense that they are faithfully devoted to their owners. Therefore, it is out of the question that they deserve a fantastic name. However, picking up a name for your furry friends may turn out much more difficult than expected, especially when there are endless options available.

To help Pitbull owners make a sound decision, we’re here with some awesome ideas for Pitbull names and useful tricks on how to choose the best one. Also, we have a series of great posts about dog names, including common breeds like German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Husky, Dachshund, Rottweiler, Yorkie, Beagle, etc. So, check them out!

Tips on Choosing Dog Names

Rules are not fixed when it comes to naming a dog. You can take advantage of a dog name generator, look for unique features or follow the tradition. Whichever name you may end up opting for, make sure that it satisfies your demands and your dog’s reaction to it is good enough to keep it forever.

Use a Dog Name Generator

If you have no idea about the name and get confused with its practical meaning, a name generator may be a feasible solution. Steps are simple and easy to follow. Just choose the gender of your dog and mark several typical traits, then wait for a list of recommendations to appear.

Some dog name generators even offer the choice of inspiration source, including books, TV shows and your favorite meals, to sort out potential names quickly. Others allow pet owners to customize styles and themes, making the whole process more significant and personalized.

Favor Short Names

Compared to long and complicated names, it takes dogs much less time to recognize and react to one or two-syllable names. Rather than calling your pet Sir Marvel of Mango, it should be shortened to Simba. If you do prefer a longer name, go for a cute shortened name, knowing that it is much easier to call him that way.

Try Sharp Consonants

Given that dogs’ ears are extremely sensitive to high-frequency sounds, names beginning with letters s, sh, ch, k, and so on are likely to draw their attention. The case is also true with names ending with a vowel, especially a short “a” or a long “e” sound.


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    Fur: Based on your dog’s distinguishing characteristics, you can choose a name that can make you think of your companion at once. When it comes to fur color, if you have a brown puppy, you can name him “Chocolate” or “Brownie”.

    Body parts: In terms of other body parts, watch closely to find out unique markings on his paws, ears, face, etc. that cannot be found in other dogs. For instance, your dog with two white front paws can be called “Mittens”. Or if your Pitbull has webbed feet, you can call him/her “Wedding”.

    Size: Your Pitbull’s size whether tiny or huge may become a source of inspiration when choosing a name. Some people even go for a name that is opposite to his actual size. For example, a tiny dog may be named “Sampson” while a large dog is named “Tiny”.

    References: It somehow makes sense that you refer to names of famous dogs either shown on television or depicted through literature works. For example, Jack London has a dog named Possum while Odysseus’s dog is called Argos. It seems rather weird at first to go with the name of your favorite food like “Pizza”, “Bacon” or “Fish”, but just the thought of running around yelling your dog “Pizza” is enough to make you happy all day long.

    Hometown: In some cases, think about naming your dog after your hometown or country in honor of your heritage. Use the search engine like Google to find out names of your favorite country in another language. Irish dog names, such as Aengus and Patty, are favorable choices.

    Hybrid: If your Pitbull is not pure, meaning one of his/her parents comes from another dog breed, then you can choose a name that fits both bloodlines he/she is carrying. For example, an American Bulldog-Pitbull can be named “Bullypity”.

Avoid Specific Names

Command Sounded Like Names

Although dogs are unlikely to recognize exactly each specific word, they can develop a natural reflex to the frequency of words. As a result, they easily run into trouble of mistaking among words which are too similar in sound, especially in the case of commands that they are trained to follow. For example, the name “Rey” can be misunderstood into the command “stay”.

Too Popular Names

You may run the high risk of getting a strange dog jump on you or your dog running to strange people’s calling because of his common name. This phenomenon usually happens in public places, parks for example. Fido and Rover are typically among traditional names that are attached to puppies.

Besides, it is necessary to take into account the kind of reaction that may be provoked out of calling out certain dog names. For example, people may take a little more caution when dealing with a dog named “Murder” then a “Honey” called one.

Names of Family Members or Friends

Some people name their dog after their respected relatives or friends with the belief that it is an honor while others may take offense with that choice. It varies greatly among different cultures and norms, so be careful with your family members or friends’ names.

Try Out the Chosen Name First

Once you have chosen a proper name for your beloved puppy, try calling it for a few days to see whether it is easy and effective. Otherwise, go for something else if it is not worth keeping permanent. Don’t hesitate to give out treats to your dog each time he actively responds to his new name. The more rewarded he feels, the more quickly he becomes familiar with your calling.

Suggested Names for Your Pitbull

Female Pitbull

It is easy to understand you give your female Pitbull a cute and feminine name. Choose among Anna, Bella, Clara, Edith, Florence, Katie, Maddie, Maisy, Penny, Rachael, Sally, Sophie, Tessa, Violet, etc.

Male Pitbull

For strong male dogs, there are a variety of names to choose, some of which are Andy, Basil, Carter, Charlie, Danny, Eddie, George, Harrison, Manny, Mason, Pete, Robin, Victor and Will.

Blue Nose Pitbull

Contrary to common knowledge, the blue nose Pitbull has a grey nose with color tones ranging from pale to almost charcoal. Some popular names include Aqua, Cobalt, Flint, Grizzle, Marine, etc.

Red Nose Pitbull

Considering that the nose of your Pitbull is orange or fawn in color, it makes sense to choose a name related to that color spectrum, including Amber, Apricot, Brick, Cherry, Ginger, Peach, etc.

White Pitbull

White dogs are attractive in their good looks and pale fur, so a name that can highlight their glorious fur coat is highly suggested, for example, Angel, Blizzard, Chilly, Cotton, Frosty, Ivory, Opal, Pearl, etc.

Black Pitbull

With an impressive dark coat, the black Pitbull looks wise enough to be given a corresponding name, such as Ash, Coal, Eclipse, Lead, Olive, Oreo, Thunder, etc.


Choosing a name for your Pitbull should be a lot of fun. We hope that you can choose a memorable name for your furry friend. If you know badass Pitbull names that we’ve not mentioned yet, please leave them below. Thank you so much!

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