How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog?

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You’re planning to go somewhere for your vacation. You bought the plane tickets and booked the hotel rooms. Your suitcases are completely packed. Everything is ready! However, the only thing that confuses your mind is your pets. You love them and truly want to have them by your side. But the fact that there are more complex rules you will have to cope with.

As an optimal solution for pet owners, dog boarding services appear. But how much does it cost to board a dog and which services will be suitable for your four-leg friends? Here we go!

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog?

Since there is a variety of dog boarding services on the market, we list 4 of themost common choices below for your easier option:

#1. Traditional Kennels

In comparison to other boarding services inthis list, thetraditional kennel is the simplest option. It is considered as the most common boarding type. However, before jumping to the final decision, you have to see the facilities by yourself. Don’t put your total trust on their website!


Easygoing and happy dogs

Refer rates:

  • Average kennels: $12 - $26/dog/24 hours
  • Mid-range style kennels: $22 - $25/dog/24 hours. Often include watching TV and listening to the classical music.
  • Higher-quality kennels: $40 - $100/dog/24 hours. Dogs can enjoy as much as possible, stay in an artful furniture (plasma TV is available) and private bungalow. Premium food is also supplied.

Extra charges:

  • Any required activity like walking, exercising or more playing time will cost $5 extra.
  • Treat to spa or some delicious steak for dinners: pay more at least $25.
  • Others: $7 for bath and $2 for medical


  1. Easy to find
  2. Affordable price


  • The facilities may not be well-equipped.
  • After the served time, most traditional kennels aren’t observed by human till the morning.

#2. Luxury Boarding Facilities

This is a service for pet owners who want to bring their pet both head-to-foot caring and new experience.


Dogs that don’t get used to killing the daytime hours by themselves.


  • The huge kennels with the plush bedding and great play areas. Dogs will be taken lots of attention from professional staffs. Tons of additional services like grooming, playing in a cage. Especially they also offer webcams for you to face-call with your four-leg friends.
  • Well-trained staff and high-quality services will give your dogs more experiences.


  • Luxury boarding definitely comes with the costly price. Therefore, up to your budget, this option may empty your wallets.
  • Some activities, like walking at late night, are dangerous for the pet as they might get lost and be out of control.

#3. In-Home Care

If you prefer keeping your dog in your home to sending him somewhere, this service will meet your need. The price is typically higher than the others as in-home care looks after only your pet at once, not other’s.


The higher charge includes the transportation costs.For example, the in-home service provider in Wilmington, Delaware:

  • 19 – 24 hours and overnight care: $85/dog
  • 13 – 18 hours: $63.75/dog
  • 7 – 12 hours: $42.50/dog
  • 1 – 6 hours: $21.25/dog


  • Help your four-leg friends feel comfortable as they can stay in their own familiar space as well as maintain their routine.
  • No need to transport.


Though this provides your pooch the ease, it mightrisk to your house. To prevent an unwanted situation, make sure that those providers have a license, bond, and an insurance before allowing them into your house. These are 3 basic yet crucial papers for every vendor. While the license and bond will show their professionalism, the insurance will protect both host and sitters when necessary.

  • The time according to the service may last from 9 pm – 7 am. This means your dogs may be alone the rest time.
  • Sensitive dogs who need a large amount of human love have a desire for being thoroughly cared by the pet lover.

#4. Daily Care

More and more dog boarding facilities set their daily care that can apply to all dog breeds and sizes. To keep other boarded dogs safe, the owners must show the proof of their pet’s current vaccinations as a basic rule.

Fleas or bugs aren’t tolerated at these locations at all. In case a dog infests fleas for the others, his owner most likely has to pay for flea bath service or the treatment for all dogs there, including their pooch. If necessary, they’re even responsible for de-flea the whole premises.

In addition, these daily rates depend on the status of the dogs. For aggressive pooch or one that needs to be segregated like a female going into heat, the rate definitely increases. In a few circumstances, some boarders don’t want to take those dangerous customers.


Pooch must be friendly to other dogs and cats.


A special health condition or adult dogs that require special care and medical attention also impact on the price. It’ll cost you a larger sum of money, of course. To more detailed, these are examples of the standard daily rates:

An on-site boarding in Illinois:

The owners will provide food to their dogs during dogs’ stay. Otherwise, food from the center will cost extra.

  • First pooch: $45 /24 hours
  • Each additional pooch (in the same family/ of the same owner): $22.50/24 hours

Another in Frisco, Texas:

  • First dog: $35/night
    An additional one (same family or same owner): $10/night
  • Service includes daily routines, medical dispensation, and interaction with the others.

In case a dog is boarded to 3 pm or caught after 3 pm, the additional charge will be $17.

The one in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Rush bookings later than 7.30 pm, at night or for holidays: $5 additional charges.

  • 12 – 24 hours: $50/dog
  • 8 – 12 hours: $40/dog
  • 8 hours or less: $30/dog


  • Suitable for the customers that need service in a short period of time.
  • The friendly environment with other dogs can give your dog both physical and mental development.


  • Not many types of dogs are accepted.
  • Not a good long-term solution.


Leaving our pretty pet behind isn’t easy at all as we have too many things to worry about them. For instances, is the quality good enough? How much does it cost to board a dog? Which service is suitable for your dog? Etc.

With our article, we hope that you will soon find a new and ideal second-home for your lovely pet. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave any questions below!

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