Pink Spots On Dog Nose – Natural Character or Serious Diseases?

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Nose is one of the most importantparts of both human and dog body as it exchanges the oxygen and dioxide to supply all living activities. However, it is sensitive and may be vulnerable to be attacked.

Furthermore, as a playful animal, dogs (more exactly, dogs’ nose) have the high risk of catching diseases that are threats to their life. If you care about your dog’s health, you should definitely check this post to find out helpful information about pink spots on dog nose.

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Where Do Pink Spots on Dog Nose Come from?


Not only do pet’s noses have the traditional color like black, but they also can come in liver-colored or the color like their fur or pink (also called Dudley) depending on their genetics.


In some certain breeds, changing noses’ color is a sign of aging. This symptom is believed to be a consequence of the disappearance of an enzyme called Tyrosinase that creates pigment. Also, Tyrosinase works more effectively in the warm days because of its temperature-sensitive feature. This, in some ways, could explain the ‘’winter or snow nose’’ phenomenon.


Whenthe winter becomes more specific, dog noses tend to fade or turn pink, and sometimes white-ish. This is widely known as ‘’winter nose’’. If you find this on your pooch, don’t worry since it willsoon return to the normal color in the summer days.

Medical Condition

There are several medical conditions that regard dogs’ noses. Some of them are good, while the others are opposite. In any circumstances, you’d better take your pooch to the vet as soon as possible. Make sure the vet is well-trained, and the service is available. Otherwise, you may pay for nothing!

Are Pink Spots on Dog Nose a Skin Disease?

If you realize that none of the above descriptions matched the present condition of your pet, then your pet is having problems with skin. There is a variety of skin diseases that dogs can catch easily, including these common ones below:

Dog Mites

Ranking firstly in this list is dog mites. This condition is too familiar to all pet owners, isn’t it? As the number of the mites strongly develops, dogs would have to lead a hard life with hurt biting. Those horrible creatures reside inside the dog’s skin, pore and even in hair follicles.

Unless being treated timely, the marks on dogs’ noses would spread further, which bring them nothing except for agony. That’s not all! The appearance of mites or fleas also relates to other skin infections like secondary bacterial.

Fungal Infections

Tomany people, ‘’fungal infections’’ are the same as ‘’dog ringworms’’. This happens when various kinds of fungi started to attack the dog skin.

We all know that fungi are born and develop at a rate of knots. Therefore, no sooner had they appeared on dog nose than they spread out the whole body. At that time, pink will present everywhere when their fur begins falling apart.

Bacterial Infection

This is also known as Leptospirosis because a bacterium called Leptospira Interrogan is the main cause of it. After entering inside dogs’ skin, these bacteria will penetrate into the bloodstream and might spread widely just in a short time. And dogs may have to cope with lots of severe complications.

Pemphigus Complex

Skin diseases belonging to this group can affect dogs and cats seriously. There are two main types of pemphigus, including Foliaceus and Erythematosus. Both of them start their outbreak by leaving patches of red skin on dog nose, ear, and the entire face.

While the Foliaceus prefer damaging many parts of dog body like central body, feet and paws, the Erythematosus onlyattack dog face, head and footpads. These red patches speedily turn into blisters and pustules which often form on dog lips, nostrils or eyelids and seem to be oozing and sore.

Nasal Solar Dermatitis

Also known as the Collie nose, this condition often appears in the sunny areas in the US. Some dog breeds like Collies, Aussies, Shelties (Shetland Sheepdog) and German Shepherd are the targets of Nasal.

When being exposed constantly, the skin area between the nose and the muzzle soon becomes irritated looking. The hair then falls out; at last, the skin oozes bit by bit before crusting over.

If it keeps developing due to the sun exposure, the dog skin will actually break down. No later, these infected noses become bigger and bigger, and of course, make dogs incredibly painful. Skin cancer is always the final phase.

How to TakeCare of Dogs’ Pink Noses?

No matter why your dogs have pink nose: naturally, temporarily or permanently, they should be protected from the sunburn carefully. Like the human, dogs can be applied sunscreen, too. However, remember to pick up one that’s safe enough and good for sensitive skin. For the best result, covering up their nose before letting them go out during the sunny time.

There will be some veterinarians suggesting that you should have your pet’s noses tattooed black. In my view, nevertheless, I don’t recommend this at all. Sometimes, we’d better not break the natural ruleunless your pooch has to live outdoors all the time and can’t avoid contacting directly with the sunlight.Otherwise, this isn’t strongly recommended and must be carried on under anesthesia.


Pink spots on dog nose may be a dangerous symptom. However, it can be killed easily if we take more notice of our pets. As a thumb of rule, preventing is always better than treating. In case you recognize any unusual sign, take your pets to a credible vet as soon as possible. By the way, don’t forget to protect their noses by using suitable sun cream.

Hope that you and your adorable pets stay healthy! Don’t forget to leave your comment below if you have any questions.

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