Potty Training Puppy Apartment Review

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Puppy apartments have recently been hunted from several pet owners, especially for puppies with the potty training. This is an evidence prove that a number of puppies need to have the shelters, and the owners could help their pet have a better sleep as the potty – training is not simple to apply.

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So, the potty – training apartments are built to make the sleepy process smoother for puppies, and pet owners do not get a headache about this problem. However, do the potty – training puppy apartment work for both of them? The answer varies depending on your situation, the advantages and the drawbacks of the apartment as well.

Puppy apartment reviews

In general, a puppy apartment has primarily a bedroom with one bathroom only. For those who buy one puppy from a reliable dog breeder, your puppy will have begun the potty training procedure.
Therefore, they will know that a puppy apartment resembles as a nesting box or the whelping which they were born and raised in.
These spaces will help puppies develop their natural instincts and provide some private areas which your puppies could eat, drink and play.
Additionally, a puppy will recognize the both instinct areas because they are able to dig into the soil area where they do their normal activities. A puppy apartment has more entrances than a whelping box.
With a puppy apartment, you will not worry about their natural waste or urine that might appear anywhere as they have already done in the bathroom only, and their sleepy area always keeps clean.

The benefits of using a puppy apartment

Improve their instinct

In the puppy apartment, your puppy will come inside the bathroom and the door is closed to create the private space for them.
At that time, they have two options – they will dig the soil in their bed or from their food or water or they could find their sleeping as well as their feeding areas.
Most of the puppies will dig the soil far away from their feeding and sleeping areas as this is the natural instinct.

Get a good habit when peeing and pooing

Some pet owners probably bring their puppies outside the potty to let the puppies waste or urine. However, they should think again as the action will get a bad habit for their puppies when growing up as well as the viruses and bacteria could develop in their living areas (both of owners and pets).
Your puppies will have their private spaces to do their activities and they feel much more comfortable to stay for long hours a day rather than a snug crate. On the one hand, you will not waste your time to bring your puppies out of their boxes or your home every two hours per day.

Save the water source

You know, if you do not have a puppy apartment, then you could not save the water source because you have to undertake the cleaning process all the time.
Are you exhausted to do that? I am pretty sure that you have to clean their natural products and wash for them routinely to remove bad odors as well as potential bacteria come to your house. Hence, you could not save the water source for a day, a week, a month and a year.
A puppy apartment will place all of the night – time pee trips in order to reduce and limit unnecessary water intake.

The drawbacks of a puppy apartment

Get better in the bladder issue for puppies
Some pet owners assume that a puppy apartment could control their bladder puppies if they apply the potty – training puppy apartment method.
Nonetheless, the puppy apartment will help your puppy urine in the right place only and the potential issues might increase when using this solution.

Lose the natural instinct – dig into the soil

With a puppy apartment, your puppies could soil anywhere they want to without guiding and choosing.
If they do it regularly, they will get lose the natural instinct as they do not have to find the right place to soil.

Appear potential bad smells

Although a puppy apartment will support your puppies do their urine or waste in the bathroom, the possible odors could exist in their body and wake their instinct up. Then, they will soil again and again without stopping.
Please keep in mind that a puppy apartment could not have the potty training process automatically.

Reduce the exercises practicing

Some dog owners depend on the puppy apartment too much and their puppies will be lazy to do the exercises or having outdoor activities. Puppies could not have a dynamic mind, lose the socialization instinct, and they will have some potential diseases like obesity and diabetes.

How to have a potty training procedure successful in a puppy apartment

The thumb rule to success in this task is you need to relive and cut down their natural instinct outside of a puppy apartment or a crate.
It means that you should create a new habit for them by using right methods, understand them and be patient enough to step onto the target.
You should balance their outside and the inside activities. You could let them go outside about two hours in the first week.
Then, you reduce the outdoor time in a half and increase the indoor time in a crate or a puppy apartment.
Your puppies might not understand how to deal with a puppy apartment in a first few days, so you should take time to observe and help them to know what they should do.
Furthermore, you need to feed them at the same time to make a routine for them to eat and drink a few times a day.
They might go outside after breeding or feeding thereafter and should choose a specified place like a patch of grass for them to relieve themselves outside.

Doing the same place every time will help them remember what they need to do. Do not forget to obey the city’s ordinances from the dog waste when you take them outside.
What’s more, you should use a command to help them understand your request clearly and easily while taking outdoors and indoors.
Once you decrease the outdoor time for puppies to pee or poo outside places, you will help them forget to this habit and replace a new habit – using a puppy apartment.
However, you should bring them outside in order to support the socialization ability, absorb the fresh air and the sunlight.


Now, you have already learned something new about the potty training puppy apartment for your puppies. Consider the pros and cons once you have started to use the puppy apartment to make your puppies feel better in the upcoming time.
On the flip side, you could make a crate to be a puppy apartment, but you should take into account the behind drawbacks such as the entrances, the separation between a bathroom and a bedroom.

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