How To Stop A Dog From Peeing In The House

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For those who have dogs in the house, and you get a common feeling when you see he or she is peeing, what a nightmare you get to solve their products thereafter. Peeing in the house is becoming the most popular problems that dog owners are sick, and they want to let their dogs do the natural job in their right place. “How to stop a dog from peeing in the house” is also a question which it always exists in their mind like a casual task. Nonetheless, practice your dogs to do their right mission could not be easier than you might think. Read comprehensive overview as below, and you will recognize the causes.

Differentiate between the urine marking and the natural peeing state

  If you see large splashes of urine on the surface instantly, then your dogs could not or they did not want to go out of the house to undertake. Thus, this is the time to give the responsibility for them to do the accurate job – they should not pee inside the furniture even if it could be a storehouse or something like that. However, your dogs would mark their own place by peeing in the house like marking in a doorway, table legs, chair legs and pieces of furniture. To spot their kingdom, they will haul their hind leg and urine on any piece of furniture in your house with similar or different smells which they feel comfortable in these items.

how to stops Dog Pee

Why do they need to use the urine marking?

  Dog urine blemishing is not a toilet training problem as it means that dogs refer an intuitive behavior. We, as human beings, incline to assume that dog urine is something nasty; however, dogs think that their urine is one of the most absorbing points to recognize and relish. Additionally, dogs could leave a message through their smell in the urine that you could totally clear this point. These messages could offer their territory, their position in the society or the mating ability as well. On the one hand, the dog urine marking might mention supremacy or even they want to declare something which belongs to them. Some dogs ought to spot their signal because they do not have the comfort or insecurity, and the urine marking might boost their confidence. In fact, we as human, are not able to understand their own language as well as their world at all.

How to stop your dogs from peeing in the house?

Manage and shatter their habit

Initially, you should observe them and wait for them to make the urine. Then, you need to catch them in as quickly as you can because dogs enable to realize and remember that they do not allow to do this act. Furthermore, you need to stop their urine marking in the piece of furniture, and you must be steady as well as be patient until they have ready built this new habit. You will be uncomfortable and exhausted within days, but once the dogs remove the previous habit, you will be deserved an award in your attempt by having a clean house all the time. If the situation seems to be more difficult to supervise, then you could close all of the doors and keep dogs in the house. After that, you let them know that they have to pee in the litter box only. So, you should purchase a urine box for them to use daily, and add more boxes in case you have more than one dog. Make a shaker bottle or can You get a shaker can (or a bottle), and then, you put a few coins into the bottle. Next, you take the shaker bottle in the places where you have realized the dog urine comes out. You are able to watch them out to find the potential urine place and place these cans. Once your dog wants to lift his hind leg, the bottle could make noise and he or she might be scared enough to postpone their natural job. In this time, you should come and make the signal “no pee”. Please draw attention to appear the current scene as early as you can because they might escape in a few seconds and you lose the evidence. This method might be applied in a short period of time, so you should combine other approaches to get the best result. Always inspire your dog pees outside the house Encouraging your dog at the right urine time outside the house is crucial and vital to change their behavior and habit. Generally, you might want to provide them positive augmentation when they are engaging in one behavior that you want them to have, and this absolutely includes going to pee outside the house in their nominated area. Therefore, you should make praise and approval when they get outside to pee. Repeat this praise and having the right peeing place about three or four times per day, you will reach a new change in their behavior within weeks only. The neuter method The neuter method often uses in the male dogs to decrease their instinct as human will castrate penis dog. We do not encourage you to apply it for your lovely dogs and puppy to stop them from peeing in the house although it will reduce their bad behavior as well as the urine marking. The neuter approach will be suitable for those who could not breed many dogs and puppies in the upcoming time.


Eventually, the key point to get the accomplishment in this task is you need to be patient and disciplined whether you use the signal, catch them in their act or inspire your dogs to pee outdoors.

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