The Obama Dog Home

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Sustainable Pet Design is pleased to introduce Summa Canum, The Obama Dog Home. Summa Canum (Latin for “Top Dog”), has been created not only to provide an appropriately sustainable and stylish home for the new leader of the free canine world, but to introduce eco-friendly practices and materials to the American people.new-home-summa-canum-obama-dog-house


Sustainable Pet Design was inspired to create a dog home as a gift for the Obama family, first, after witnessing Americans’ incredible interest in the as-yet-nonexistent First Dog, and second, as we joyously witnessed our new President’s commitment to green industry. As we began construction on Summa Canum, one vendor after another expressed a desire to contribute. Summa Canum is now a gift from many. Materials donated include historic wood, greenroof plants, eco-friendly paint, bio-fuel, expert advice, as well as arrangement of transportation with a rock-n-roll legend. SPD is honored to have begun the movement we now call Project Summa Canum.


Summa Canum is modeled on Greek Revivial architecture that was popular during our nation’s youth. Columns surround the home and support a flying pediment at the entry. The historic wood is highlighted in details such as the sandblasted logo on the back of the house and the circular design on the entrance floor.



The First Greenrrroof Dog Home is constructed from the wood of Tennessee Aromatic Cedar trees that our 7th President, Andrew Jackson, planted along the driveway of his estate, The Hermitage. After a tornado felled these trees in 1998, EarthSource Forest Productsreclaimed the wood for lumber and has donated the last of it to Summa Canum.


Architectural Coatings and Design Center provided the zero-VOC paint and varnish that will ensure that the First Dog will not become ill from toxic fumes.


Emory Knoll Farms, a Maryland nursery specializing in green roof plants, is supplying vegetation. The dog home will arrive at The White House unplanted in order to provide the Obama kids with the opportunity to get their hands dirty in their own little garden.


Third Planet Energy has arranged for delivery of Summa Canum by rock legend and champion of environmental practices, Neil Young. The dog home will arrive in style with Young as he visits The White House in his super-efficient 2.5 ton 1959 Lincoln, otherwise known as LincVolt. Summa Canum has already been dropped off at the LincVolt Garage in Wichita, KS. Biofuel was provided for the trip to Wichita by Coastal Byproducts of Ventura, CA. Amoeba Music provided financial support to offset the cost of the trip.
Caitlin Jean Petersen donated photography services for the project. Please check back soon for more photos of Summa Canum.

obamadog-houseTHE FUTURE

Sustainable Pet Design’s vision does not end with the arrival of Summa Canum at The White House. Our intent is to create an ongoing testing ground for sustainable practices to which all Americans can contribute. Summa Canum can be retrofitted with solar panels, radiant floor heating, a graywater recycling system–just about anything you can imagine. When Summa Canum is tricked out to the max (or when the First Dog puts her paw down for some peace and quiet), we’ll build another, together. Have an idea? Send us an email or leave a comment. We look forward to working with you!

Show your support with a limited edition Summa Canum dog tag. Each brass tag is engraved with the words, “Summa Canum” and “Green Revolution…for the Dogs,” and sequentially numbered. All proceeds from the $5.00 tags go to Project Summa Canum. 

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