Why Should You Track Dogs with GPS Collars?

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You love your pup more than anything in the world and want to keep it safe. The sheer idea that it might run away, get lost or be stolen by malevolent persons sends shivers down your spine. You do not have to worry anymore. What you have to do, instead, is pick the perfect GPS collar. In this way, you will be able to track your dog’s location and live a fearless life. We will help you find out more about what GPS dog collars can do for you and your four-legged friend in this article.

Safety becomes your best friend 

Firstly, when you choose to go for GPS collars you get peace of mind. No more wondering where your dog is if he has been missing for hours. You can just track it on your phone and go get it. Maybe you have malicious people around, who do not like animals. That will definitely make you feel restless about leaving your beloved pet in the yard whenever you leave for work. With a GPS collar, all your worries will disappear, as you will always be able to view your dog’s location with GPS.

This does not mean that you have to become obsessed with tracking your dog’s moves, either. The right trackers let you introduce a safe space where your dog will usually be from the very beginning. You can insert there your home and yard or his favorite park if he likes to go there often but you know that he always comes back, without exception. The app will let you know whenever your pup leaves the indicated areas, so you can rest assured that you will be informed. Read more on how a pet tracking device works in this interesting article.

You can track its daily activity

What is great about these GPS collars is that they have multiple functions. Of course, their main function remains that of location trackers, but interestingly enough, these collars can also become activity trackers. So, you have more than one reason for resorting to such a solution.

Let’s say, for example, that you are at work. Because this is where you spend the most time, you cannot see what your dog is doing all day long. This is the other great benefit of having a GPS collar – it allows you to keep an eye on your pup’s activity all day long.

By using one, you will be able to track the amount of time your dog has spent sleeping, running, playing or walking. Being able to do this is very important for its health. In this way, you will know if you should go out for a run together at the end of the day or if it had enough.

Apart from helping track the customs and daily routine of your dog, a GPS collar can also help track the bad habits such as scratching or licking too much. What is more, you can in this way send an email to your vet with a report of what your dog’s been doing.

It becomes easier for you to create a daily routine

The fact that you can track your dog’s activity every single day is great not only for your serenity. It is important because in this way you can easily create a routine for your dog. As stated above, knowing how much time it has spent running or sleeping will help you determine what you should do together for the rest of the day.

In this way, you can create daily, weekly and monthly objectives for your pup. Having in mind a clear idea of what you want his activities to look like will facilitate actually keeping to a healthy routine. You will know that your dog never misses running or playing, as you will have it all organized.

Your dog’s health will be on good hands

It’s interesting how choosing a GPS collar not only helps you know where your dog is all the time but also helps keep track of its health. Do you know how it happens for you to forget to take your medicine? Well, the same might happen with your pup’s medicine and it’s not like it will be able to let you know about the mistake you’ve made. And missing giving your dog its flea or tick preventatives is not something you want to happen.

This is when GPS dog trackers also come in handy. You can set to them reminders for giving medication. In this way, you will be worry-free about tracking your dog’s pills and help it enjoy a happy and healthy life.

What to consider when picking the GPS collar 

There are some main ideas you should take into consideration when choosing your pup’s collar and we made sure you know everything about them below.

Pick the right size 

When it comes to putting something around your dog’s neck, size is one of the most important factors. Consider the fact that the collar will stay there constantly, so it must assure comfort and ease. Your dog must not feel like there is something too tight around its neck. You shouldn’t go for a loose collar either, because it might bet lost. Considering the size of the GPS collar is of utmost importance.

The range is important 

You are getting a GPS tracking device because you want to know where your pup is no matter what. So, before buying a collar you should know that some cover a smaller range than others. Think carefully about where your dog might wonder and pick the variant that best fits its needs.

Consider the battery life 

Not having it charged defies all the purposes of a tracking device, so you’d better make sure that you have yours charged all the time. See this about your device – how many hours does the battery last? Some should be charged daily, while others last for days.

Make sure that you pay attention to every little detail before you pick your pup’s tracking collar so you can use it at its full potential to keep your four-legged friend safe.

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