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best 5 gallon betta tank :Try Samurai Fighting Fish (betta)

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Betta fish is an extremely versatile tropical fish species that can survive in a broad range of environmental conditions. This species is often found in rice paddies and is one of the most beautiful ornamental fish species.for-betta-fish-you-need-a-tank-with-a-capacity-of-5-10-gallons

Owing to the betta’s thick skin you may have seen people keep the fish in decorative or ornamental bowls; often the bowls are inadequate and the fish suffer in silence.

While betta’s can make do with this you should keep in mind that these fish need plenty of space and sanitary environment to thrive. Because of that your optimum fish tank should be large enough to keep the fish healthy; for betta fish you need a tank with a capacity of 5-10 gallons.

You should also think about buying a fish tank with a lid because these fish jump in and out of the water. By nature betta fish are very aggressive; so much so that housing two males in a single tank means constant fighting – sometimes to death. (Betta’s are also known as Siamese fighting fish)

Betta’s aggressive nature is the reason many people with more than one male separate them and keep multiple tanks. Betta fish are very easy to care for and can live as long as 5 years within a fish tank with optimum conditions.

the 6 best betta fish tank with reviews

1.Marina LED Aquarium Kit – 5 Gallon

Marina is well known for producing high quality aquarium merchandise and this plain looking fish tank is no different.

While many 5 Gallon fish tanks for betta’s are much better looking this kit comes with everything you need to get started except the heater.

Nevertheless, you want to be sure that your fish remain alive and as such you want to look into getting a heater for the unit. Betta’s are tropical fish from Asia and will thrive in waters in the region of 22.5 – 26.5 degree Celsius. While they may survive in many conditions, low temperature is the main cause of a fatal bacterial disease.

On purchase the kit includes the 5 Gallon fish tank, built in LED, small net, fish food, filtration mechanism and the aquarium guide. The tank canopy is another very betta specific component given the jumpy nature of this species.

This best betta  fish tank 5 gallon from Marina would be perfect for beginners looking for quality at an affordable price. However, just to be sure your fish will always be fine you should take some time and look around for an ideal heater and thermometer.

You have many options when it comes to heating and fortunately these are not at all costly. When shopping for heaters look for submersible models with thermostats for even more convenience.

2.Marina LED Aquarium Kit – 5 Gallon

This 5-gallon betta fish tank is a favorite of many keepers owing to its rugged look and smooth operation.

On purchase of this elegant fish tank you will receive the tank, in built filter, and LED lighting with two setting for daylight and moonlight. It has an advanced 3 stage filtration system to ensure your aquarium water is crystal clear and free from chemical impurity and micro organisms.

Like many tanks this size it does not come with a heater which can be a problem if you plan to keep tropical fish like betta’s. Owing to that shop for an affordable submersible heater with a thermostat and add value to your fish keeping experience.

Betta’s are hardy but prone to infections that arise from low temperatures. The most common of these infections is the fur coat syndrome; it affects the fish immune system and can be fatal. With an aquarium such as this, the sliding canopy makes checking temperature and inserting or removing the heater so much easier.

While you may have heard that in general changing 15-20% of the water weekly is sufficient for most fish, those parameters do not make for crystal clear water. For crystal clear water you need much more filtration. This 5 gallon betta fish tank has an inbuilt filtration system. This is one of the problematic features given that it will be a pain, if it falls apart or if you consider adding another powerful filter; it is built into the casing.

This model is the ideal fish tank for an office, bedroom, or corner. It has an elegant design, is reasonably priced and consumes very little space.

3.Fluval Chi 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank

Hagen Fluval is one of the biggest names with a solid reputation in the production and sale of high quality aqua care products. For anyone looking for a relatively small fish tank for betta’s this model makes a one of your best options.

Like all aquatic pets, betta’s need lots of room to live a healthy life. The Fluval Chi 5 gallon fish tank just what your fish need to remain healthy. This is an acrylic tank and will require you place it on a surface with adequate support all across the bottom.

The package includes an advanced 3-stage filtration system that you can use to maintain healthy water conditions. For best water conditions train the fish to feed once. Generally the fish will eat all the food in about 2 minutes; what remains after that becomes debris. Feeding twice also increases excretion and can contribute to over feeding. Betta is carnivorous and in nature is adapted to hiding in rice paddies, with plenty of hiding places. Owing to its nature you will give your betta less stress simply by adding few water plants.

Amongst the features most buyers are most excited about is the fact that it provides good lighting for water plants. The LED lighting is attractive and yet very useful given it provides both the fish and plants much needed light at all times.

With crystal clear water some keepers go a little further and tint the water; you could add Tannin or Indian almond leaf.

In summary this would be among the best betta 5 gallon fish tanks on the market today. It comes with many useful components and is sturdy.

4.Fluval Chi 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank

This is another very elegant and solid aqua care product from an established manufacturer.

The product is designed black and will fit in with any interior design motif. It sits quite well anywhere including the living room, office or lobby. Also included on purchase is an advanced 3 stage filtration mechanism. This ensures that the aquarium water is free from chemical impurity, debris and harmful micro organisms.

Within the filtration mechanism is replaceable activated carbon, bio rings and foam for filtration of debris.

For your marine plants and the fish you also get to enjoy the powerful 37 bulb LED lighting system. Fish are prone to stress from poor lighting and marine plants require some light to survive. This lighting system will ensure your plants and fish remain healthy and stress free.

Like many fish tanks this size it does not include the heater. Often buyers purchase submersible heaters and filtration replacements separately. For betta keepers the heater is very important.

Betta’s are some of the most attractive fish for many keepers. This tropical fish thrives in tropical or warm water conditions. Many are often surprised by the aggression of the species; the reason betta’s are often housed alone.

The stylish metallic trim and black base lends this fish tank a very classy look; and the reliable components are the reason this is one of the most bought 5 gallon betta fish tanks.

This stylish product is best for the home, office and lobby and the buyer who is prepared to pay a little more for quality.

5.Fluval Chi 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank

Betta is a very popular species and can be seen struggling to survive in bowls in pet stores. Surprisingly such confinement (space <5 Gallons) is so stressful these fish would die if not for the cocktail of medication in the water.

The API Panaview is one the few 5 gallon kits available on the market that guarantees optimum environment for betta keepers. For starters it comes with an effective 3 stage filtration mechanism to keep the water clean and clear at all times. The 45 GPH (gallons per hour) capacity of the filter ensures the water quality is always high.

It appears the norm that fish tanks this size do not include the heater. Tropical fish such as betta’s require warm water and a submersible heater is one of the things you want to carry home with this kit.

Other than that, the kit is complete and includes a decent LED lighting system that will keep fish stress free and plants healthy. The unit has a black theme that ensures it will fit in with your interior décor. The easy to open lid will make feeding and maintenance easy and ensure your fish does not end up on the floor (betta’s love to jump around).

The affordable, quality acrylic tank is perfect teens bedrooms or college dorms based on the design. It can rest on the flat base and has nice rounded front; it could probably sit between books on a bookshelf.

6.Hawkeye Aquarium Starter Kit; 5 Gallon betta fish tank

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable starter kit for young people this model would be ideal. This acrylic tank is strong and perfect for teen’s bedrooms and college dorms where glass tanks are likely to be damaged.

The Hawkeye kit has many features that work to ensure your fish remain healthy. The kit has a great LED lighting system that varies between daylight, midnight blue, twilight blue and white. With proper lighting your betta’s will remain stress free and marine plants healthy.

The kit also includes the API Superclean 10 filtration mechanism. This ensures biological, chemical and debris filtration; achieved using patented crystal API Bio Chem Zorb. The filter operates at an impressive 45 GPH that is more than adequate for even a small shoal (5-10 small fish ).

Water filtration is very important even where species such as betta are concerned. Compounds such as nitrates or nitrites even in the tiniest amounts can be fatal.

The durable Hawkeye starter kit is great for young people or use in places where it may have to get bumped once in a while. It’s affordable, durable, has good lighting, easy to open top and has enough space to keep the betta healthy and stress free.


Other than the beauty of the betta you should consider several factors when planning for fish keeping in your home.

If you have teens or plan to place it in a busy spot you should consider acrylic fish tanks. On the other hand if you have the money and are planning for your office the glass tanks are often more elegant and suitable.

It is my opinion those would be the main differentiating factors given that built-in filtration often ranges around 45 GPH.

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