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Cascade 1000 canister filter review

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Aquarium filters of all kinds that effectively undertake biological filtration are extremely essential to anyone with the intention of keeping pet fish or other aquatic animals. While an aquarium is lovely addition to any interior water purification that eliminates ammonia, debris, nitrates and anaerobic bacteria has to be your main objective as it is the key to longer life for your aquatic pets.


The Penn Plax Cascade 1000 is one of the best canister aquarium filters on the market today and is highly rated by many satisfied customers from all over the world.

Dimensions: 17 X 10 inches; net weight – 12 pounds


  • The Penn Plax canister aquarium filter is decently priced for such a high performing product and is designed for various aquarium sizes including 30, 65, 150, 1000 and 1500 gallons.



  • The Cascade 1000 model is designed for aquariums with capacity of 100 gallons and runs very quietly. Buyers have a choice of larger and smaller capacity aquarium filters.
  • The effective pumping and filtration mechanism will ensure your fish remain healthy and the water is always clear enough to show off or gaze at your prized pets.


  • The hoses that come with this water filter tend to be a little stiff and it may be advisable to let them soften a little before assembling the product. The Cascade aquarium filter is easy to set up and would be ideal even for individuals looking for a reliable back up filter before replacing older models used in home or office aquariums.




For more information on installation or use please watch the installation video.

What you stand to gain buying the Cascade 1000 Aquarium Filter

  • Easy to operate with button operated self- primer.
  • Secure and hazard proof tip base and strong filter casing.
  • Separate 360 degree rotating valve covers to help control flow and increase attention different areas of the aquarium.

What you stand to gain from this amazing canister filter

The Penn Plax aquarium filter is favorite for many aquarium owners owing to its great design based on the popular HOB (hang on back) mechanism. Many aquarium users prefer the easy to attach filters for various reasons including the fact that they are better at water and biological filtration, not to mention that they are not noisy. The Penn Plax filter is secured to your aquarium with sturdy locking clamps and comes with easy to disconnect piping that makes it easy to adjust or control the flow rate.

It is equipped with a floss pad that eliminates even the finest debris in the water; activated carbon media in the filtration mechanism removes all toxins; and a coarse sponge filter that provides adequate surface area for deep biological filtration. To put it simply the Penn Plax aquarium filter is a great purchase for any fish owner regardless of the number of fish.

Closing remarks

This is perfect purchase for anyone who intends to keep a few fish at home and needs to be sure the water will remain clean even during periods away from home.

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