The Beautiful Betta

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The fish known as Betta comes in a variety of forms and colors. Although there are 28 known species, the best known is the Betta splendors, or Siamese Fighting Fish. They are great little pets but many people are confused by the different names describing them.

The Super Delta Tail

The Super Delta Tail is just a step below the Half Moon Tail, when spread it resembles the capital letter D, either forwards or backward depending on which direction the fish is facing. The actual “Delta” tail is a fish whose tail is a bit shorter, the Half Moon, as seen below offers a longer, more spectacular display.  Unfortunately, this fish is not displaying his tail, but you can see the wonderful example of how colorful they are. 

The Half Moon Tail

This is one of the most desirable tail shapes that breeders are striving for. The tail is a full 180 degrees half circle and when flared it is beautiful (it is not fully flared here, and truthfully should be longer, although the fish is being called a Half Moon). Flaring is encouraged by having a mirror next to the tank, or by putting another tank containing another Betta next to it. Encouraging occasion flaring (without tormenting the fish) is a good way to keep a Betta healthy and active. The color of this fish is often called “Butterfly”

The Double Taildouble-tail

These fish don’t actually have two tails, but what has occurred is that their tail is divided into two lobes, and upper and lower one. Interestingly enough breeding a double tail to a double tail results in deformed fish, so they should only be bred to fish with another tail type.

The Crown Tail

The picture is not the best quality, and the fish looks a little weak in the body, but you can see the features that make the Crown Tail special. The webbing between the rays is reduced, making the fins look more exotic. This fish have been in the pet stores for a few years now and are quite popular.

The Veil Tail

The Veil Tail is basically an elongated version of the tail these fish would naturally have in the wild. It resembles the veil of a wedding dress. Although this form of the tail is very common in pet stores, among breeders it is frowned on, and many shows no longer have classes for fish of this tail type.


This picture isn’t really demonstrating anything, I just thought it was an interesting shot, it does show some of the metallic looking possibilities in fin color. If you want to take pictures of your fish, do so in a brightly lit room and turn your flash off for best results. Encourage flaring to show your fish to his best advantage.

As Sold in Some Stores…beta

When you see a Betta for sale in a jar or cup such as this one. Do not pity it and purchase it. As hard as it may be, this fish will not be healthy and may suffer from back problems. Buying from people who sell fish in this way should be discouraged otherwise it simply condemns other fish to similar conditions when the seller orders more fish. Rather you might say to the seller “shouldn’t there be more water in the cup?” Let them know you do not accept this as a “normal” way of displaying or selling fish. They often keep the water level low because fish will jump out, however this can be prevented by simply putting a top on the cups with holes to let air in.


Bettas will normally fight even fish of opposite gender, unless the female is in her breeding pattern. Here we see two fish mating, you can see at the surface of the water, the male has already made the bubble nest. Once the eggs are laid he will tend them and the female should be removed. Breeding Bettas is a tricky thing and should only be undertaken when a person can realistically deal with finding homes for all the potential offspring (maybe 300).

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