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10 healthy food options for dogs

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Dogs can’t eat each and every human food as it is not necessary that the food we eat is actually healthy for our pet’s diet. There are many food items which are good for humans but at the same time they are unhealthy for dogs, therefore, it is essential to list out the best healthy human food options to keep the dogs in a good physical and mental condition.

Here is a list containing the best food options for dogs:

1. Chicken: To add extra protein in your dog’s diet you can go for cooked, unseasoned chicken. Also, if you are out of dog food, then you can make a good meal replacement with chicken. Always feed the dog with cooked chicken rather than giving a raw one and to make it more scrumptious you can prepare it in a pellet grill using flavoured wood.

2. Eggs: Eggs can serve as a healthy evening snack because they are high in protein as well as they are loaded with riboflavin and selenium. You can scramble an egg and feed it to your dog as a healthy breakfast. Avoid feeding a large number of eggs to your dog as eggs are high in fat as well.

3. Yogurt: Yogurt is an ideal treat for your dog as it is high in protein and calcium. Also yogurt contain active bacteria which cures your pooch’s digestion problem. Fresh yogurt without any added sugars or sweeteners is a complete healthy diet.

4. Peanut butter: Peanut butter made from unsalted peanuts is a rich source of proteins, fats and various vitamins. Peanut butter is great for adding nutritional elements in your pet’s food. Avoid buying peanut butter from market instead make your own by blending unsalted peanuts in your kitchen’s grinder.

5. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is loaded with fibres and vitamin A. It can be served to your dog as raw or in a can. It is good for digestion so it can be added to your pooch’s healthy diet list.

6. Broccoli: This source of Vitamin A can boost the nutritional value in your pet’s food. It should be kept in mind that broccoli shouldn’t make up more than 10% of its diet as it may cause gastrointestinal irritation.

7. Carrots: Carrots are high in proteins and low in calories, they are also a great source of vitamin A, therefore it is very good for your dog’s teeth. Carrots can be a healthy diet as they are rich in fibres as well.

8. Cheese: Add a piece of either regular cheese or cottage cheese to your dog’s food as cheese is a great source of calcium. As cheese is high in fats it may help your dog to gain weight. Make sure your dog doesn’t have any kind of dairy issues otherwise avoid feeding cheese in its diet.

9. Green Beans: Green beans serve as a great snack for your dog as it is low in calories. It will boost up the iron and vitamin level in the dog’s diet. Feed only fresh and canned beans to your pet.

10. Papayas: This healthy fruit contains an enzyme named papain, which breaks down protein and thereby improves the digestion. Remove the seeds from papaya and serve it to your dog as a healthy snack. Papaya is rich in various fibres and vitamins.

You may also add grilled food to your dog’s diet because grilled food has its own benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • One of the most important benefits of grilled food for dogs is that it offers less fat. More of the nutritional value of vegetables can be retained through grilling them.
  •  Vegetables are not the only food which increases the nutrition after grilling but there is meat which retains more of its thiamine after grilling. Thiamine provides energy to the pet’s body by converting food into fuel. Grilled seafood and meat which is fully cooked on a perfect charcoal grill add an extra element to your dog’s diet besides giving it a good taste.

All dogs are not the same therefore it should always be kept in mind that some of the dogs may find the above-listed food allergic. In such cases, feed the dog with a small amount of food first and then add that particular item in its diet depending upon the way its body reacts towards the food.

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