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American Journey Dog Food Reviews

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Recently, my sister has been disappointed about the foods for her dogs because she could not have enough time to prepare and cook for dogs (especially she has to do overtime every week). She has already looked for the dog foods in the hypermarket, and she has had not known the great brand dog food.

Then, she asked me to support her to recommend the reputation trademark. As an experienced pet owner, I have been understood her feeling and I have been maintained find out the dog food brand in the market. The American Journey Dog Food was another option for both of us, I would pick out the reason and the American Journey Dog Food reviews about this line product. 

The American Journey Dog Food obtains several excellent reviews from the dog owners, and these line products absolutely achieve 4.7 - star rating. Because these products contain high – quality ingredients like the animal ingredient in their recipes and other tremendous formulas.

Additionally, the full of nutrient valuation in these foods could be balanced in each of the ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at the American Journey Dog Food reviews and what it enables do for your dogs and you.

An overview information about the American Journey Dog Food

The American Journey Dog Food is one of the most popular trademarks about the dog food in the USA and this brand is produced by Chewy Incorporation. With the American Journey Dog Food, you will find several dog foods for your lovely dogs depending on their life stages to have a suitable recipe.

Most of the American Journey Food products are the dry foods and the grain - free foods with various recipes and formulas to choose to be suited for dogs. On the one hand, this brand also has the Alaska salmon oil liquid supplement to protect dog skin and boost their immune systems.

Some popular ingredients in the American Journey Dog Food (the grain - free type) which you should recognize

Because of the diverse recipes, we take an example to point out the ingredients in one line product of the grain - free type, is the American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato Grain Free.

1. The raw lamb

Though the raw lamb has more than 75 percent of the water, the moisture will get loss and decrease the meat content in a tiny part than the original weight. The quality ingredient will reduce the content to a smaller part from the total after finishing the process.

2. The chicken meal

The chicken meal has more than 250 percent protein and this amount is higher than the fresh chicken. Thus, you do not concern about the protein volume for dogs in each of their meals with this food type.

3. The turkey meal

The turkey meal also contains a huge amount of protein which is one of the most crucial nourishments for every dog. 

4. The peas

If you are looking for the natural fiber in the dog food, the peas could provide a vast source of the carbohydrates in the legume group. Nonetheless, the peas also contain more than 20 percent of the protein ratio, it might cause the protein increased for your dogs in this food type. 

5. The chickpeas

The chickpeas are also called the garbanzo beans in a nourishing member of the natural fiber group from the vegetables. However, the chickpeas also have more than 20 protein percent like the peas ingredient which it should be considered about the meat content in this food type.

6. The sweet potato

The sweet potato does not contain the gluten from the complex carbohydrates in a dog food. On the flip side, it has a huge amount of the beta carotene and the dietary fiber. 

7. The beet pulp 

The beet pulp is a contentious element which is made from the sugar beet and contains a high volume of the fiber.

8. The pea protein

The pea protein is made from the final part of the vegetable after taking off the substantial part. 

9. The chicken fat

The chicken fat is produced from the cooked chicken which is a similar ingredient to make the soup, and the fat is removed from the liquid surface.
On the plus side, the chicken fat is a rich source of the omega - 6 fatty acid and the linoleic which is vital for dogs.
The chicken fat does not have the delicious taste, but it is rated a high – quality ingredient which is necessary for the body.

Some popular ingredients in the American Journey Dog Food (the dried type) which you need to know beforehand

The American Journey Beef & Brown Rice is chosen from the other dry foods of the American Journey trademark in order to support you understand more details about the ingredients in a dog food.
1. The beef
The beef is a quality ingredient in the raw beef which contains nearly 80 percent of the water, but the water will be lost and reduce the number of the meat content significantly from the original weight.
On the plus side, the quality ingredient will also decrease the content to a smaller part after closing the process.
2. The chicken meal
You might be surprised that the chicken meal contains more than 250 percent of the protein and this percentage is bigger than the fresh chicken.
3. The brown rice
The brown rice is a multiplex kind of the carbohydrate which could digest easily after cooking. Nonetheless, it is self – effacing nourishing merit to one dog.
4. The peas
The peas contains a high number of the carbohydrates in the vegetables family that your dogs could get the natural fiber clearly.
On the contrary, it also gives nearly 25 percent of the protein which you should consider another point in this ingredient.
5. The pea protein
The pea protein also contains a high volume of the protein (over 80 percent) which is produced from the part after taking away the substantial part in the vegetables.
6. The rice bran
The rice bran is made from the whole grain rice that contains many fibers, protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals as well.
7. The chicken fat
The chicken fat is created from the cooked chicken that has the similar ingredient of the chicken in order to make the soup, and the fat (included) is taken off from the surface of the liquid.
The chicken fat also contains many omega – 6 fatty acids and the linoleic element to supply the power to a dog.
In spite of the non - appetizing taste, the chicken fat is a necessary ingredient for the body that we could deny.
8. The brewers rice
The brewers rice is a cereal grain which has been left in the small elements after grinding the whole rice. Like the brown rice, the brewers rice does not contain much nutrition content to a dog.
9. The barley
The barley is a starchy carbohydrate providing the fiber and some healthy components. Nonetheless, the barley also offers unpretentious nutrition content to one dog.
10. The turkey meal
The turkey meal has a high amount of protein which is rated one of the most vital nutrition for every dog.


The American Journey Dog Food might not be the best dog foods on the latest market, but these products are perfect options for those who want to look for the grain - free and the dry foods. Some of the dogs do not like enjoying these two categories as they might be want to eat something fresh. You are not the only one because other dog owners have to come up with another diet for your dog right away.

Could your dog love relishing the raw foods instead of using the grain – free foods or the dehydration ones? If you have already invested the correct answer, then the Primal Pet Products could become the next selection for your dogs as this is the conventional types which are processed in a high temperature to destroy the raw ingredients.
If you want to choose the raw foods and you still save the time to another task, the Primal Pet Products will assist a dog takes all of the nutrition, and you do not have to prepare in the kitchen. This product also contains the organic ingredients which could not impact on the genes in a dog.

Please keep in mind that you should read and follow the instruction precisely. Do not forget to keep it in the fridge with appropriate temperatures and estimate your budget as this is an expensive food for them.

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