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Feeding Your Cat When on Vacation – and Your Dog, Too

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Humans have always had an instinct to find companionship. Ever since the dawn of civilization, people keep finding each other to build communities. Little by little, these communities became countries and nations. These groups later on became the foundations of our modern society. It is said before in old texts and sayings that humans cannot live alone. In fact, we need strong relationships in order for us to survive. Even if the Western civilization has ideals of independence and individuality, a person needs somebody to relate and even depend on. We humans create relationships for our own survival and there are even cases when there is none, we make our own. One classic example is from Tom Hanks’ movie Castaway, where he made a friend out of a coconut. We make drastic measures when we are alone, and that can drive us insane. Read this article here to learn more about this innate human need.

Aside from other humans, we have also developed companionship with other living things. While plants are becoming popular as a house companion, animals have always been the go to for humans to interact and relate to from time to time. It may be a bit different from having an actual human friend, but animals can also show traits which are very similar to humans. One of which is friendship or camaraderie, the familiarity between beings. Animals have shown care and trust to the people that they know, and are not shy of showing it to them. We always see this from common house pets like cats and dogs but many animals also have this trait.

Having pets in the house are becoming more popular in the recent years. As human companionship can be easily found through the net, people turn to animals for comfort. Many introverted people also prefer to have animal companions rather than humans while staying in their own homes. They always reason out that animals can never betray you and they will always love you as long as you care for them properly. These pets will always return to you no matter what happens, and they do not judge you like some humans would do. They are also great in guarding your homes, especially dogs. They are forever loyal and grateful to whatever that you may give them as long as you treat them right.

With that being said, sometimes it can be inevitable to leave them in your home, especially if you are living alone. There are so many places in which pets are not allowed to enter. If you are working, most offices and work areas also do not allow pets as they can disrupt the operations. They might also be considered as a health risk or potential damaging element. The environment may also be a hazard to your own pet’s health. This is why, as much as you would loathe it, you may need to leave them in your own home. You can try to take them to someone that you know or a daycare center for pets, but it might cost you some money. You might want to have a more permanent solution.

Automatic pet feeders can be your option to this dilemma. These are programmable little devices which can feed your pet without you being there with them! There are so many models in the market today. It is also a very popular choice as there are sites that give the best ones like this one: https://www.officialtop5review.com/automatic-cat-feeders/. It is even specific to whatever pet that you have at home. But why should you get one? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. It is convenient for you and your pet.

If you are going on a vacation or trip away from your home, it can difficult to leave your pet with somebody else. Having this automatic feeder can help you mitigate this problem. How so? It can be programmed to give your pet food at certain periods of time. You just need to schedule your trip well and know the specifics of your chosen device. There are certain feeders which can hold up to 20 cups of food and can last after a week or so. You can even customize it depending on your pet’s needs. Always remember though that it will not last for a very long time. You might need to return or have someone refill the device for you. This ensures the safety of your pet and your own peace of mind.

  1. It trains them to feed at appropriate times.

As you can program these devices to feed your pet at certain times, it trains them to feed properly and eat the right amounts. It is also programmed to release a certain amount of food, like a cup per feeding time for example. This makes sure that your pet does not overfeed or starve to death. There are even models which can record your own voice, and you can use it to call your pet for them to feed. This also trains them to be familiar with your voice so that they will respond better once you're already present.

  1. It saves you time and money.

As this automatic feeder becomes the pet’s sustenance for a time, then you can do your own tasks without being preoccupied of your pet’s state. It gives you peace of mind as go through your own activities. As long as you have programmed it well, you do not even need to go home immediately. The automatic feeder will let your pet eat at your own discretion. There are even automatic feeders that you can remotely control, which is very convenient for many pet owners who are always worried about their pets starving or fattening while they are not around. It saves your time, money and effort in taking care of your pet.

Having a pet around helps us both physically and psychologically. They may not be able to speak, but they can convey their affection for you in their actions. These pets may wag their tails or slobber you with their saliva, but all they want is for you to feel care as well. As pet owners, we should always be responsible for our pet’s well-being.

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