12 Wonderfully Unusual Dog Houses

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You’ve got the best dog in the world. Why not give your pet a home great enough for his excellency?

Everyone who has a dog knows that they want to get their pup the best that they can afford. They want their little doggie to stand out in a crowd. Here are a set of dog houses created for dogs to live in…the only difference is…well, they are a bit different.

1.Mexican Hacienda Dog House

mexican hacienda dog house

This dog house belongs to actress and model Rachel Hunter. When you look at it compared to the size of the dog, I know you are thinking WOW! But hang on, better still; this house has air conditioning, heaters and running water too. Surely, now the dog can set up its own little home in this puppy mansion.

2.Brick Estate Dog House


Who ever decided to keep this house for their dog really had some grand plans. I love how they’ve clearly made the house probably look like their own with the brick outer. I just wish I could sneak in inside and see what it is like there. Now, that is a novel dog’s house idea.

3.Victorian Dog Housevictorian dog house

I like the homey feel this dog house give and what I really like about it is that it emulates a Victorian cottage. Only that it is a kennel. I’m pretty sure that even humans wouldn’t mind sharing this nice Victorian space with their dogs. What I like about it best is that the paint work and that cutesy little heart may be the ideal surroundings for your pup.

4.The First Dog House

See a photograph of The Obama Dog Home from Sustainable Pet Design

Obama’s dog surely will be treated like royalty once it starts living in this little piece of paradise. Apparently, it is meant to be very eco friendly thanks to a grassy roof on the top. Not sure whether it is too liveable for any dog or not. Guess there are certain advantages that come with being a president or being rich…

5.Crystal Dog House

crystal dog house

Not very spacious but definitely the most luxurious! This is a dog house fit for a king! This dog house may look really simple but it uses an amazing 7600 Swarovski crystals and costs…hang on…an amazing $31,600 dollars. Now that is what I call dazzling!

6.One Jackson Square Dog House

One Jackson Square Dog House

Made as a tribute to the architect of the One Jackson Square, New York, William Pedersen, this dog house is just so unusual but what isn’t unusual for a designer crib like this is that is was auctioned out starting with a whopping $15,000. Again, if you notice the grassy top, it is eco friendly. The dog that might have got this is just plain lucky!

7.Stone Age Dog Housestone dog house

Clearly some one wanted their dog to relive the past! Made only of papier mache, this looks like rock but actually it isn’t. It may look very basic to start with but inside, it is a lot more spacious and luxurious than you can imagine. This way a dog can pursue all of its wild adventures without bothering you any more.

8.The Table Dog House

table dog house

It’s a table. No…it’s a dog house. Oh, no, it’s a table. Nope, a dog house. Keep wondering what this is because this ZenHaus as it is called comes in numerous colours and is portable! So the next time you put your sandwich on top of it, you know that just below it there could be one very hungry dog right below. The world truly is getting multi-functional!

9.Igloo Dog Houseigloo dog house

If you live in the Arctic, or if you just fancied an Arctic lifestyle, why not move your dog out of its boring dog house to this icy cool igloo house? Only, don’t worry, your dog will be well insulated and won’t really freeze. Whoever came up with this design has some wicked ideas! Better still, it only costs between $84 – $200!

10.Cedar Dog House

cedar dog house
I know this doesn’t look extraordinary, but hey, it is pretty impressive and I absolutely love it because now, the dog can climb up the stairs and sit on the roof and observe the beautiful view…over the garden. I know it won’t be as great as your house but don’t deny your dog a bit of roof luxury!

11.Fashionista Dog House

fashionista dog house

If you have a dog that is a fashionista or loves being the crowd puller, here’s the perfect (orange) dog house. Everything, right from the shape to the stairs are just jaw dropping and you dog will definitely be a babe magnet in this. And, oh, did I mention it’s only a tiny bit more than about $1000? Should be worth it!

12.Barrel Dog House

barrel dog house

If someone made their dog live in a barrel, you’d think that they’d be either incredibly poor or terribly mad. In this case, it is the latter. This barrel dog house is a white oak whiskey barrel and it comes with a sun roof (which your dog can sit on) and at $300, it may seem loads but I don’t see why you couldn’t get your dog a barrel?

So did you enjoy those unusual but wonderful dog houses? I’m sure now you are thinking that you’d like one for your own dog. Leave a comment saying which one is your favourite. Mine? I quite like the Victorian cottage kennel!

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