Tips When Looking For An Abbotsford Vet Hospital And Animal Clinic

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Oh, pets. If love had a true form in this world, it would be found in the eyes of these cute, little furries. The kind of love your pet can give you is as genuine as the word gets. When you stare into their eyes and look at them wagging their tails in anticipation of a nice belly scratch, you know you’ve got yourself true love right there.

Animals as precious as these, they deserve only the best care – especially when they’re feeling a little under the weather.

If you’re pet hasn’t been feeling as energetic lately or if you’ve spotted them having nasal problems or randomly wheezing during their sleep, then they probably need your help (check this out). One thing that’s preventing us owners from noticing our little friends’ pain is that we can’t talk to them in a way that they can understand and vice versa. No matter how much we wish for it, learning how to talk “dog” or “cat” is just plain impossible. It’s not a simple language barrier that separates us too. It’s a specie barrier. Although we’re all mammals here, we’re of a completely different kind – which is astounding in a way, considering how we’re able to connect despite our anatomical differences.

Anyway, communication isn’t always a two-way street between pets and owners. When owners get mad, pets would sometimes understand that as “playing.” Don’t you just find it funny how, sometimes, when we tell our dog to stop barking, he barks even louder? It happens, right? I find these types of encounters with my dog rather amusing because I think that my dog thinks that we’re just having a conversation. I imagine him interpreting the sudden rise in my voice as an effort to bark back at him. If you think about it this way, it makes proper sense – don’t you think?

Or not.

There’s also the possibility that your pet just likes to push your buttons, lol. Anyway, as far as pets go, they’re a real handful. But this only goes to show that we have more reasons to protect them. Because of this communication barrier, we have to be the bigger person and try twice – no thrice as hard to understand how our pets are feeling. We are their friends, their family.

They may just be a quarter (or even less than that) of our lives but to them, we are their whole lives. If we’re not going to look out for them, who will? They certainly cannot get around by themselves in this urban jungle we live in. They need our help – especially during times when they feel unwell.

Moving on, the very first thing you should do when you see your pet showing signs of discomfort and sickness is to seek professional help. Now, if you’re not a graduate of veterinary school or have no prior experience in any zoological field, I suggest that you follow my advice strictly. There’s no use playing doctor with your pet, especially when you’re dealing with an alarming disease or sickness. You can search the internet all you want but nothing will still compare to getting professional help.

Luckily, if you’re looking for a vet in Abbotsford, there are plenty of veterinary clinics and animal hospitals to go around with. You can have a pet snake and still have a place to crash into during health emergencies in this city.

But of course, the best way to deal with emergency situations is to prepare for them in advance. If you’re a pet owner, you should anticipate worst case scenarios and prepare corresponding solutions to each of them. Remember: Owning a pet is just like having a child. You are responsible for your fur babies so it’s best to come prepared at all times. Even if nothing has happened yet, meeting with a local vet and having your pet registered is something you should really, really do. This is to help you act fast during dire situations.

When choosing a pet clinic, you should consider the following factors:

Proximity Of The Place

Yes, the last thing you want during times of emergency is inconvenience. With that being said, you can bet that it’s inconvenient to drive for 45 minutes just to get to your vet’s clinic. That defeats the whole purpose of establishing connections in advance. If you’re going to choose a clinic, you might as well go with a place that’s nearest your home. This way, you can just rush whenever there’s an emergency. It would help if your vet lives nearby too. Some pet clinics are not open 24/7 so you would want to know the address of your attending vet so that you can get to them during life-threatening situations. 

Find A Clinic That Doesn’t Mind Working On Patients Off-Hours

I know that getting someone worked up at 1 AM isn’t a very polite thing to do but there are times in life when we have to put aside appropriateness to save lives. In this case, it would be your pet’s life.

If you are going to enroll your pet in a clinic, choose one that values their work above everything else. You have to find a clinic that wholeheartedly wants to help little animals. Why? This is because if you find people who are really passionate with their profession, they will not think of you as a bother during times of emergencies. They would even gladly hand you their personal phone numbers so that you can get in touch with them during late hours. 

Just make sure to save the calls for very important matters though. Even doctors need their beauty rest, after all. If you want to be a vet, you may want to read this: https://yp.scmp.com/go-to-gurus/careers/article/96293/so-you-want-be-vet-realities-difficult-career-path.

Choose A Clinic That Cares

Let’s be honest. Some clinics could care less about your pet as long as they get paid. You don’t want this kind of place for your pet. It just doesn’t feel right. Choose a clinic that shows utmost concern for your pet’s welfare; a clinic that checks up on you regularly – inside and outside the clinic.

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