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Best Dust Free Cat Litter – Reviews and Buying Guides

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Cat litter is increasingly used in cat-raising families thanks to the ability to eliminate daily waste of pets. In spite of having the same purpose, there are many types of cat litter available on the market. So, you have to research and consider a lot of features for choosing the best cat litter for you and your pets, especially, low in dust.

This is why we’d like to present our best dust free cat litter review, along with useful tips to help you! Let’s get started!

What’re Benefits of a Cat Litter?

Reducing Health Risks

Firstly, the content of crystalline silica in clumping clay cat litter causes respiratory issues for both you and your cat. Notably, people working with a large amount of crystalline silica dust must be conscious of health threats. This substance is considered as a kind of a human lung carcinogen, leading to silicosis. So, instead of dusty cat litter, owners should buy a type of low dust cat litter to prevent themselves from the risk of health.

Secondly, if your cat or any of your family members is suffering from asthma, dusty cat litter will have an obvious and intense impact on them. People and pets with asthma may feel irritable for wheezing and coughing. Therefore, choosing lowest dust cat litter will deal with this problem.

What’s more? When using the dusty cat litter, for example, clumping sodium bentonite clay litter, the dust is stuck in your cat’s fur and paws, bringing about more severe problems. While your cat brushes herself or himself after using the litter box for odor control, he or she could inhale a little dust. When sodium bentonite clay and moisture contact with each other, a chemical reaction is occurring.

As a result, this clay will expand up to 18 times of its original volume and become cement-like mass in your cat’s intestine. This is typically hazardous to kittens with small digestive tracts that are easy to be blocked. In cases, you should avoid using this litter until your cat is at the age of 3-4 months.

Keeping Your Home Clean

When choosing cat litter, you have to pay attention to the problem of dust and dirt. Because cats go to the litter box, legs and hair will certainly be contaminated with dirt. So, cats will make your house very dirty! As such, you will spend a lot of effort to clean up your home.

How to Choose the Best Dust Free Cat Litter

Your Cat’s Preferences

In the study of cat litter preferences, dust-free clumping cat litter is the most preferred type. Cats have an aversion to the one with a strong aroma with many synthetic flavors. But the sad thing is that the low-cost cat litter on the market contains a lot of synthetic flavors to control the smell of cat waste. So, it is advisable to choose cat litter for odor control as it’s odorless or slightly scented naturally.


If your cat has signs of respiratory diseases, avoid corn, pine, and wheat litters. Clouds of dust may cause coughing, itching. Unless you have specifically eliminated these allergens, it’s a good idea to choose a hypoallergenic cat litter. Additives such as deodorant, fragrances, and perfumes can also stimulate your sensitive cat. In general, most cats are fonder of them, but dust free unscented cat litter is best for the cat’s respiratory system and helps them breathe easier.

Dust Free


Va: catlitter-cn.com

It is difficult to be sure that cat litter can be completely dust free, and that’s why the least dusty cat litter still contains 1% of dust. As mentioned above, dust is the main cause of asthma and respiratory issues in cats and humans. If cats have respiratory problems, they may be allergy-related. The simple principle is that the larger the granules, the smaller the dust. So, look for a cat litter with larger granules.

Types of Dust Free Cat Litter

Knowing that users hate dusty litter, most products are claimed to be a low dust product. If you are an experienced in finding and using a truly dust free litter, you will realize that these claims are easy to make but difficult to live up to.

However, there is a way to define the lowest dust cat litter. Keep in mind that there are many types of the litter with a world of different formulas, based on the ingredients you will choose to be a kind of minimal dust.

You should choose biodegradable non-traditional litters with natural ingredients, for example, wood, walnut, corn, grass, etc.

Our Reviews on Best Dust Free Cat Litter


1.Purina Yesterday’s News unscented Non-Clumping

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Purina Yesterday’s News is a top recommendation by American vets. The litter’s unique feature is made of 99.7% dust-free and soft paper pellets. Therefore, the material is gentle on soft and sensitive paws. In many cases, declawed cats have difficulty in using the normal litter. So, Purina Yesterday’s News gets a plus point in the deal with this problem.

What’s more, it is not only healthy for your home but also friendly to the environment. Paper’s highly absorbent ability eliminates the moisture better and controls odor more effective. The pellets are 3 times more absorbent than clay. If your family member doesn’t like litter with an extra smell, this one is perfect for you as additional perfume, or any allergen is not welcome in the formulas.

Notably, it requires more maintenance than those with clumping litter. Because of being a non-clumping cat litter, you need to remove a part of the used litter and replace with a fresh one every day. This cat litter is in lightweight to carry out and you might leave it to decompose itself. Otherwise, if you don’t want to get other animals’ attention to any compost pit, dispose of the litter after use.

Users said that the litter should be commonly suggested for cats with post-surgery because it is gentle and doesn’t contaminate their injuries.

Almost no tracking
High odor trapping ability
Highly suggested by vets in the USA
99.7% dust free, completely eco-friendly and natural
The extremely soft litter is gentle on the sensitive paws, even the weakest cats.
Requiring more maintenance than those with clumping litter.

2.Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat


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It is no wonder that Clump & Seal from Arm & Hammer is one of the leading dust free clumping cat litters on the market for a lot of amazing features. You wouldn’t mind paying a high price to get this product as a good way to keep your home clean and fresh.

In the first place, the main ingredient is formulated with moisture-activated micro-granules. In addition, a mixture of odor eliminators and baking soda end up locking the sealed odors. Baking soda has the function of bacterial growth prevention and helps with breaking down the poop faster. Also, because cats enjoy the smooth and soft texture, you can take advantages of this feature to train your kittens to use the litter box.

This cat litter may absorb the moisture and clumps due to micro-granule technology; you are not worried about sifting the litter out of the box. It is totally dust free, designed for multi-cats. It also stops the litter from being kicked around the room, even if your kittens get accustomed to doing so. So, some terrible problems like dirty home or health danger will disappear.

Prevent bacterial growth and break down the poop faster
Reduce tracking
Superior odor control
Moisture activated micro-granule technology
Perfumed litter may not be loved by some cats.

3. Precious Cat Attract Problem Cat Training Litter

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If you are having the struggle to make your pet use a litter tray or litter box, this product would be an excellent choice. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter is one of the best dust free clumping cat litter available on the market, which is perfect for practicing kittens to use the litter box.

The dust free litter is not made of any plant protein or any kind of chemical. Thus, your family and your cat will feel safe to use. Also, because of superior absorption ability, it makes clumps pretty hard and soaks up excess moisture, making it easier to scoop away once used.

It is completely odorless without any artificial deodorant or perfume. So, it is able to attract cats to the litter box, and now you are no longer concerned about your cat pooping all over the place. In addition, with odor trapping capability and 99.5% dust free, your home will be clean and fresh all day.

Hard clumps
Suitable for practicing kittens to use the litter box
Completely odorless
Affordable price
Cats have a difficult time masking the odors in some cases.

4. World’s Best Clumping Formula

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World’s Best Cat Litter is the only cat litter that has a naturally absorbent structure on the market at present. It is ideal for homes with one or two cats. Also, the litter has been rated by cat owners and experts as the best dustless cat litter because it satisfies both clumping ability and biodegradation.

Instead of using clay, the manufacturer has made of renewable, whole-kernel corn, making a forest-scented natural cat litter for outstanding odor control and tight clumping ability. This is a really brilliant idea. And thus, it can be flushed or composted. Besides, cooping the litter box becomes easier for hard-clumping action. That means the litter will clump very quickly when exposed to cat waste (you might want to check out how to eliminate urine odor). So, it is said to be both environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

The moisture absorption is quick, keeping the wetness from seeping, sinking to the bottom, or attaching to the box sides. World’s Best Clumping is also very low in dust, which is useful for your cat’s respiratory health. You also do not need to use your scooping mask for the easiest time to scoop. Any trace of dust will no longer be found around your home.

Moreover, cleaning is also very simple, you just throw the lumps into the toilet and flush. The production technology of this type is more complex than many others, so its price is very high, but most users say it is worth every penny.

Naturally absorbent structure
Both environmentally-friendly and biodegradable
Outstanding odor control and tight clumping ability
Easy cleaning
High price

5.Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter


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This is another cat litter product from Arm & Hammer, which is specially made to strap and wipe out odors before they have the chance to leave on the cat litter box. For easy scooping, the litter does a great job thanks to plant-derived particles that form rock solid clumps effectively. Therefore, no clay dust clouds can be kicked up!

Furthermore, the moisture-activated technology called Micro-Granules in every piece of Arm & Hammer litter creates a tight seal around the cat waste. At the same time, heavy-duty odor eliminators will wipe out sealed-in odors on contact. As a result, what you and your cat smell will be a light, pleasant scent which could retain freshness until the end of the week.

Some customers like to use this product together with the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Litter Box, which is a really good way to achieve the maximal odor elimination. And you can try this if you want!

If there is one drawback about this product, it could be its pretty expensive price. But everything has its own cost! If you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed with it.

Almost no tracking
High odor trapping ability
Highly suggested by vets in the USA
99.7% dust free, completely eco-friendly and natural
The extremely soft litter is gentle on the sensitive paws, even the weakest cats.
Requiring more maintenance than those with clumping litter.

6. Pack Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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This is a kind of dust free clumping cat litter, coming from 100% natural ingredients. The manufacturer has produced under the standard of 99.9 % dust free, so this cat litter would not make a mess of your home. That is because it contains heavy non-tracking granules, medium grains. This makes it a worthy property to keep your health and cat away from risks. Even when pouring the bag out, only a small amount of dust comes out in the air, but it then settles quickly.

In addition, the completely hypo-allergic feature due to the absence of plant proteins makes it loved by most cat lovers. The product is likely to absorb moisture and prevent it from reaching the bottom of your cat’s litter box. Especially, with odor absorbing and trapping capacity, your home is always clean even your absence all day long.

An amazing feature is unscented, which makes your cat not mind using regularly. There is no doubt that this product is loved by most of the cat owners and one of the best no dust cat litter on the market.

Many buyers respond that clumping is great and low-tracking, their cats don’t make a mess anymore. Any multi-cat home or any house with a stubborn male pet is in need of this one. The Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Cat Litter believes to send its promises to most cat owners to a maximum extent.

99,9% dust free and non-tracking
100% natural ingredients
High absorbent ability and trapping capability
Convenient for homes with multiple cats
Unscented feature
Can be rather sticky.

7, Feline Pine Original Litter

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If you are looking for a completely natural cat litter that is effective, biodegradable and affordable, Feline Pine is worth a look.

Feline Pine has been one of the top prestigious suppliers of all-natural cat litter in the world since 1994. Knowing that users wanted a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cat litter, Ken Simard launched developing a natural wood cat litter. So, the primary material is chosen from 100% Southern Yellow Pine for its odor neutralizing capacity and moisture absorption ability. Sawdust shavings are gentle on kitty’s paws. Many users say that this one should be used with special litter tray to promote the best effect.

After dehydration process to remove toxins, oils, and allergens from wood, the pellets become ultra-porous and absorbent. Because of this, the feature of odor absorption is excellent without added deodorizers or fragrances. All products have hardly harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes to irritate your pets.

Also, natural pine smell attracts your cat well. The litter has herbal aroma from pine to help control the smell of waste better. Large granules will clump to some extent, but in the form of small particles, pine wood turns into sawdust causing dust and often has to replace the litter tray.

Highly absorbent pine fibers act as thousands of tiny sponges with an eye to absorbing liquid and limiting ammonia odors, so cat’s litter box remains fresh and dry. This one doesn’t produce aggravating dust clouds, but it is easy to track a little bit.

Highly absorbent pine fibers
Nice natural pine smell
No aggravating dust clouds
Natural and biodegradable
Easy to track a little bit
Pinewood might turn into sawdust causing dust.

8. Littermaid Large Crystal Litter

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It is specially designed for cats with respiratory issues. It is completely dust free because of being crystal litter. With extreme moisture control system, the litter helps to trap and blind urine and feces odors, leaving your home smelling clean. And you will not smell something like a combination of perfumes and cat urine. The product is hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, deodorants, or allergens.

The nature of crystals themselves owns a clean scent to stay your home smelling fresh, making it be a perfect choice for multi-cat households. However, cats are funny about their paws. Most of them hate the new crystal cat litters since crystal particles may irritate on their sensitive paws. Also, it can be dangerous if your pets eat large amounts of particles. Most cat experts say that although the ingredient is usually more expensive, it will last longer.

The formula is made to be 99% dust free and reduce tracking due to a variety of larger crystals. LitterMaid(R) litter hopes to offer pet lovers and their pets with the best litter experience as possible. Coming to this one, both you and your picky friend will feel the perfect balance between odor control, lower dust, and absorbency.

99% dust free clean scent
Clean crystal’s scent
A perfect choice for multi-cat households
Reducing tracking
Dangerous for cats if they eat large amounts of particles
Crystal particles may irritate on their sensitive paws


Spending hours researching the experience of professionals and users, we hope you can choose the best dust free cat litter, or at least, the best low dust cat litter that suits your cat’s conditions.

Personally, we would like to suggest the World’s Best Cat Litter that is received thousands of positive reviews from users. Specifically, it is completely dust free, chemical free and biodegradable, which means it very healthy for both humans and cats.

Until now, which product are you looking for? Please share with us by leaving your comment below. Thank you for reading!

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  • There is an even better alternative to the Tidy Cat Breeze system shown above. It’s called Cat-lilac and is also available on Amazon. Instead of using costly messy pee pads to catch the urine, it uses a holding tank which you only need to drain once per month by pouring it in your toilet. Click on the link below for more details.


  • There is an even better alternative to the Tidy Cat Breeze system shown above. It’s called Cat-lilac and is also available on Amazon. Instead of using costly messy pee pads to catch the urine, it uses a holding tank which you only need to drain once per month by pouring it in your toilet. Click on the link below for more details.


  • The walnut cat litter by Blue Buffalo is indeed very dusty. It gets more dusty every time waste is scooped out .

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you so much for your contribution. We checked it, and yes, it’s not a really good product for our cats. We changed it to another better product. Hopefully, you will love this new one.

      Again, thank you!

  • Since when did Arm and Hammer suddenly become “Dust Free”? Baking soda is their claim to fame and that’s all that baking soda is; dust. It is also potentially moldy dust, and very quickly so!

    It leaves me wondering about the rest of the information as well. You are a “.com”, which means you are effectively being paid to advertise; correct? Or, better said by he author of the following article:

    “Don’t Be Fooled by Ads Disguised as News
    An increasing number of online editorial organizations are running something called “native” or “sponsored” content, a.k.a., advertisements disguised as news. CIO.com blogger Bill Snyder says the practice is often deceptive, and the FTC is currently investigating the issue.”

    By Bill Snyder


    Further more, it takes some nerve – unless none of these things area available at the brick and mortar level – to sell your fellow businesses down the sewer by sending them straight to the slayer of all financial sources middle class obtainable! Amazon? Nothing but Amazon? Seriously! First you lie about the dustiest crap-trap ever put out, putting it at the top of your list, and then you continue at varying degrees all throughout! How much you were paid varies from the top, the highest payer, to the bottom, the lowest payer!

    We are a pathetic culture!
    You are a living, breathing example of said harsh reality!

    In closing, nothing molds faster and funkier than paper, and nothing stinks longer and stays damper than paper, unless it is hung up by the sheet. Why do you think we use paper towels to soak up messes? Think about it for a minute. And all that bad news on the issue of wheat and pine? I’d like to meet the vets!

  • Dr. Elsey no longer makes Precious Cat. It is now called Ultra and it is horrible. It does not clump and is not dust free. Urine sinks to bottom of pan and turns into wet clay which is impossible to remove. I threw one pan out because I was so disgusted with it. You need to change your review.

  • I have been searching for a dust free litter for al most 20 yrs. Was using Arm&Hammer clump free in black box but the last box i got was highly scented and DUSTY. I cant even stand it. Got Multi Cat and it was WORSE. Next OKOCAT..wood based. Now i have cat litter all over my apt all day everyday and the smell of the wood bothers me. This is ridiculous right?? If there was a beach close by i would bring sand home!!! I know the dust is bothering her cuz she wheezes. I smell it left on my clothes even…we cat lovers need to rebel and make these litter companies give us healthy litter for our cats and ourself!

  • Why do I buy a brand (any brand) of clumpable litter and it’s nearly dust free for a long time then suddenly the exact same litter will be really dusty right out of the box or bag? I’ve been trying to find this out for years. Thanks for any thoughts or info.

  • We have been using ‘Worlds Best Cat Litter’ green bag for many years. We have the litter box in a closet with a fan in it, to pull any odors out. BUT….it leaves a find dust that accumulates so much, that it covers the walls of the closet, destroyed the fan by clogging it totally up, and so I am not sure what it means by it is ‘dustless’. BUT…we don’t know what else to try.

  • I have yet to find a litter that covers all bases: reasonable cost, scent-free, low tracking, light and virtually dust free. “Sustainably Yours” (made of cassava and small amnt of corn) is incredible for clumping, virtually non stick scent free and low tracking, however, at $48/bag can get pricey if you have a few cats. My other favorite is Pet Valu’s brand of Fresh 4 Life “Eco Clump” which is grass based, scent free and light, making garbage day a breeze, but it can track, so you want to have the litter boxes in one place with a mat under to help with tracking – $40/bag is not bad and sometimes it goes on sale. I tried the Arm and Hammer dust free box (small) and I couldn’t believe the smell of this stuff – Won’t buy that again and so glad I was just trying a small box (coupons and points at Pet Valu so I thought I would test it) – Gross!


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