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10 Best Dust Free Cat Litter

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What is dust free cat litter?

best dust free cat litter box in 2017

Quick absorbing materials are using to make dust free cat litters. For making dust free cat litters, shredded newspapers, vegetable materials, or shredded softwood are using as the media. It can quickly absorb cat feces and urine. The litter will clump the urine and feces and does not let it spread around the area.
Dust free cat litters can absorb the odor, which is suitable for cats as well as human and keep the home clean. You can find many cat litters in the market such as clay-based, sand based and corn litters, etc. Out of all these, the most famous cat litter is the clay-based litter, which is not dust free but uses many fine particles. This is not health friendly and may be a reason for respiratory issues.
However, most of the dust free litters use clay as a clumping agent, but it will contain sodium bentonite as the main ingredient, which has excellent absorption quality and resists forming the litter and feces to powder. Sand based and corn based cat litters are dust free. Corn kernels also have good quality in absorbing feces and urine.
In this article, we will discuss some dust-free cat litters that can keep your home clean.

What should one consider when choosing the best cat litter?

  • Price: Decide the amount you will like to invest in your new cat litter, it will be easier to filter your search and find the best in that price range.
  • Weight: Depending on the number of cats you own, decide the amount of cat litter you require until the next purchase. Choose the right packet as per your requirement.
  • Litter texture: Not all the cats are comfortable with the same cat litters. Make sure your cat is happy with your choice and continue with the same brand without changing the brand frequently as it becomes hard for your pet to understand the new texture of the litter.
  • Claw: Some cats with declawed paws will find it very sensitive, and would generally prefer a softer texture of the litter, like clay.
  • Understand the types of litter:

Many types of cat litters you can find on the market, but the most common are the following:

  1. Clay litter: It remains to be one of the most popular cat litters available in the market. It is inexpensive and highly efficient and is traditionally preferred choice for many cat owners.
  2. Clumping litter: This litter comes with a clay base, charged with clumping agent helps to clump together and convert as balls when the cat uses it. Owners can quickly remove the feces and urine. The clumping quality may vary depending on the brand.
  3. Deodorant litter: It comes clumping and odor neutralizing agents in the litter. In some brands, they use baking soda, and some brands are using enzymes to neutralize the odor.
  4. Crystal cat litter: It is a synthetically produced cat litter made with the use of silicon dioxide. It has the same properties as of a shoe box or a diaper, claiming the same absorbent power. It soaks up the urine, dehydrates feces and traps the odor in their pebble-sized rocks.
  5. Biodegradable Natural litters: Wheat, corn kernels and pine pellets are using to make biodegradable natural litters. Since the litter is sawdust in size, it can easily absorb the urine and absorb the odor. These are safe for cats, as it does not tangle in their toes good for cats with respiratory issues.
  6. Recycled paper litter: Recycled papers litters have excellent absorption quality, and are dust free. It will not tangle in the paw pads and hence is comfortable to use.

The following are 10 dust free cat litters:

1.Precious Cat Ultra-Premium, Clumping Cat Litter:

This clay litter extraordinarily planned by mixing medium grain with substantial non-following granules. Precious Cat Ultra-Premium is an outstanding clustering litter that keeps dampness from reaching the base of the litter box, and furthermore, it gives an exceptionally strong clump.
It is perfect for multi-cat families, and cat owners to have a mechanical or filtering litter boxes. Precious Cat Ultra-Premium controls the smell without chemicals, scent, or antiperspirants. It is a characteristic clay litter that is nearly dust free. If the dust coming from the cat litter concerns you, you will like this item since it takes care of that issue

2.World’s Best – Multiple Cat Litter:

World’s BestMultiple Cat Litter cat litter is biodegradable and is suitable for families that have multiple cats. It has a combination of 100% natural wood fibers. The litter uses kernel corn, a characteristic permeable that gives excellent smell control and hassle-free cleanup. It carries the delicate scent of ordinary wood filaments and helps to wipe out the cat smells. The litter has a retentive structure that will keep away awful stenches and smells in the litter. It is exceptionally permeable with each spill framing its own little bunch. It has excellent clumping features, forms into large clumps and hence easy to scoop.

3.Tidy Cats Cat Litter

This remarkable clustering litter keeps dampness from reaching the base of the litter box, and furthermore gives a clump that will not break apart. It is exceptionally absorbent with each spill framing its own little cluster. The litter provides round the clock scent controls and elements a Tidy Lock, which is an excellent assurance equation that locks away pee, alkali, and fecal smells. It is practically tidy free, and you cannot find any dust particles emanated from the litter in your home. The Tidy Cats Cat Litter indeed can meet your expectations, and you will have a comfortable time with your cat.

4.Arm and Hammer Multi Cat Clump:

Arm and Hammer Multi Cat Clump adopted a unique formula that gives excellent scent control. It has dampness initiated miniaturized scale granules that frame a tight seal around your cat’s smells and an overwhelming smell eliminators and baking soda that destroy the smells. It is exceptionally retentive and bunches strong like a stone, permitting it to filter through the scooper effectively.
It has very low tracking, which means there will always be more litter in the box. The litter uses, high-quality sealant – sodium bentonite clay, which helps to reduce odor, and forms solid clumps, which will not break or dust. The baking soda contents carry odor-neutralizing crystals, which effectively seals the foul smell and keep the litter box fresh.

5.Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter cat litter is a great all characteristic litter that helps you to take even the extremely adamant cats back to the litter. It is delicate and has a natural herbal seduction property that will attract cats to the litter ensuring they do not litter somewhere else and mess the house. It has a typical absorbent structure that will keep awful stenches and smells in the litter.

It is exceptionally spongy with each spill form to a little clump. The litter is practically dust free. So you should not find any reason to worry about litter dust disturbing your home anymore. The Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter shall meet all your cat litter expectations and even your most stiff-necked cat will find it comfortable, without any hesitation.

6.World’s Best Cat Litter:

It is a biodegradable feline litter. The litter is fast bunching and simple to scoop. To make it a feasible one, it uses regular wood strands. It uses corn kernels, which is a characteristic permeable that gives excellent smell control and improved cleanup. It creates a soft scent of normal wood strands that securely dispense with the cat smells. The litter has an excellent absorbent structure that will keep terrible stenches and smells in the litter.
World’s Best Cat Litter is extremely spongy with each spill shaping its own little bunch. It delivers no dust and hence, you can have a comfortable stay at your home without any worries about litter dust. The litter is delicate and light; your cat is probably going to take to it promptly.

7.Tidy Cats Cat Litter Breeze Litter System

This Litter System utilizes uniquely composed cat well-disposed litter pellets. The pellets permit pee to go through, and the strong waste left on top for fast, simple expulsion. It has a scent-controlling cushion that rapidly absorbs the urine. The system has a solid amassing litter that keeps moisture from reaching the base of the litter box, and furthermore gives a cluster that will not break apart. It highlights a unique recipe that blocks away urine, alkali, and cat smells. It is practically dust free, and there is no worry of litter dust particle troubling your home.

8.Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

It is a high performing feline litter intended for multi-cat homes. Feline Pine Original Cat Litter has a great permeable structure that will control terrible stenches and smells in the litter. It neutralizes smell without chemicals, fragrance, or antiperspirants. This profoundly permeable pine litter ties specifically to smelling salts particles and locks them, disposing of awful scent and leaving your home spotless and new. It is extremely retentive with each spill shaping its own little bunch, and it scoops effortlessly.

9.Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter

Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter is a solid unscented feline litter ideal for multi-cat owners. It has the quality of a multi-feline litter. The litter carries an exceptional recipe that first seals the scent then crushes it. This cat litter has some substantial obligation scent eliminators that react with baking soda to neutralize and fix the smells. It is exceptionally permeable and bunches strong like a stone, permitting it to filter through the super like fine shoreline sand.

10.Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

The Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is one of the best biodegradable feline litters produced using walnut shells. Having extraordinary cat scent control and enduring permeable qualities, it can give wonderful cat littering experience. Blue Naturally Fresh is totally dust free and is low following. It has excellent absorption quality and has solid clustering power, permitting you to scoop it effortlessly. Further to all this, it has striking scent control and can deactivate all the feline scents and smells. It is delicate, and your feline will like it.

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The best litter for your feline will rely on upon whether the dust and dirt from the litter irritate you, how much time you will take cleaning it, your feline’s ability to utilize it, among different elements. Being educated about the various advantages and disadvantages of every kind of cat litter will help you in settling on the best decision.
It may take a while before you decide the best cat litter for your felines, make sure that whichever litter you choose, is easy going, not too harsh or irritates your cat in any way. Once you and your cat are happy with a particular brand of dust free litter, you may continue with it without experimenting with a new brand, unless it offers you any price and utility advantages.

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