5 Cool Gifts For Pet Lovers Your Friends Will Love To Have

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Choosing gifts for pet lovers isn’t tough as you might think. On the contrary, this task will become much easier with our recommendations below.

In your list of friends, there’s always at least some individuals who pay great love and attention to dogs, cats or other pets. They’re pet lovers! So why don’t you offer these guys accessories for pet lovers as gifts in special occasions such as their birthdays? They will definitely love it.

However, many people find that looking for gifts for real pet lovers is quite hard. If this also happens to you, we are very glad to help you with the roundup of top 5 cool gifts for pet lovers below.

1. Pet Pins

Via: https://vivipins.com

ns aren’t new; in fact, they have been growing in popularity since 2015. They are the very adorable way to show off your personality towards animals. Also, they work for both men’s and women’s fashions, and thus, are loved by many people around the world.

In the recent market, you can find a wide range of pet pins with various styles, colors and themes. Simply search on the Internet or visit vivipins.com, you can see thousands of pet pins which can be perfect gifts for your friends.

If you worry about how those pins can fit with your clothes, you will be happy to know that wearing pet pins is actually very easy and there are lots of different ways to do this. You can attach them to your collar, lapel, belt, hat, etc. I’m pretty sure that these tiny accessories will look great on your suit.

Moreover, you can buy a pair of pet pins, then wear one on your collar and the other can be worn on your pets’ collar. What an adorable couple?

2. Pet Towels

Personalized Pet Photo Beach Towel, Pet Lover Gift, Large Beach Towel, Custom Pet Beach Towel From Photo, Unique Birthday Gift, Kawaii Gift

Photo credit: etsy.com

It would be great if your pet-loving friends have a towel with the image of their dog or cat on it. Instead of looking for things which pet lovers rarely touch, think of a more useful gift such as a towel.

If you want to make your gift more adorable and unique, you can look for towels that the pet on them has the similar appearance (same breed, of course) as your friend’s pet. Another idea is to buy two towels, one for your friends and the other for their furry balls.

3. Pet Pillows

Another useful and lovely stuff that you can gift your friends is pet pillows. Like the pet towel, pet pillows can be useful for both pet owners and their furry balls. So far, in the market, there are many kinds of pillows specially designed for pet lovers. Those products have the look of normal pillows, but they are printed with images of pets on them.

One more thing, you should buy two pillows because your friends may take one as a bed for their pets.

4. Kitchenware

Rescue Me Now Rottweiler Mug - George

Kitchenware is indispensable in every house. This concept can be any simple thing in the kitchen, like glass, bowl, jug, dish, etc. To pet lovers, having a set of kitchenware with images of pets would be great.

To make your gift more special, you can take a photo of your friends’ pets then print it on the kitchenware. Of course, this way can be pretty expensive than buying normal pet-look kitchenware. Anyway, it’s worth trying.

5. Food Storage Container

Andrew James Vintage Dog Food & Treat Storage Tin Box Container Retro Cream in Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Dog Food | eBay

A good-looking food storage container with pet images can improve the beauty of your house. On the other hand, plastic bags just make your home look unpretty. One more advantage, you can redecorate the container to help it match with the colors and decorations of your house.

On top of that, if you are the one who always try to feed your pet great food, you will love to have a food container, instead of plastic bags, to keep your pet’s source of nutrition always in good condition. So does your friend!


Those are five cool gifts for pet lovers your friends will love to have. If you don’t know what you should give your pet-lover friends, think again of these recommendations above and you will find a good one. However, you should know which kind of pet your friends have so that you can pick the most suitable one.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with lots of useful information. Thank you for reading!

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