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Authority Dog Food Review ! You Should Know

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For those who do not have much time to prepare and cook for your dogs but you still want to have high – quality foods for your lovely dogs, you should not miss out the quality dog food like the authority dog food. I am pretty sure that you will be satisfied the authority dog food, and you will invest the right option as I am used to be found the true quality dog food for my dogs.

The Authority dog food receives several good reviews from the dog owners and their products absolutely gain 4.5 – star rating. Because they have high – quality sources from the animal protein as the first ingredient in most of their recipes and other formulas as well with the full of nutrition and balance these ingredients. Keep on reading the of the Authority dog food review and you will know the reasons. 

An overview information about the ingredients of the Authority dog food 

The Authority dog food was started since 1995 by the PetSmart organization. This type of dog food has a high amount of protein, fat with various nutrition, according to the nutritionist of the firm’s pet. The formulas of the authority dog food came out the feedback of from a team of nutritionists, veterinarians and Pet Parents organization as wells.

These authority people decide and claim that they had to produce a nutrient – dense dog food with vital proteins, essential vitamins and minerals as well. These ingredients have already met the AAFCO safety standards in the dog profiles. 

Furthermore, the Authority dog food has different formulas that are suitable for dogs with be served for the specific age group with special needs. On the one hand, some Authority dog food cans had been recalled because of the melamine in 2007. Until now, they did not have any recalls anymore.

It does not contain probiotics and microorganisms while other quality dog foods contain a huge amount. The team of the PetSmart organization discovers these beneficial ingredients could not boost the digestive system for dogs.    Additionally, you will find the chelated minerals in the authority dog food while other poor quality dog foods do not have these minerals at all. 

Some popular ingredients in the Authority dog food 

The chicken

Chicken is one of the most ingredients in dog foods. Raw chicken contains more than 75 percent of water and most of the moisture molecules are lost, decreasing the meat content in an abrasion of its original weight.
After finishing the processing, this quality ingredient would continue to cut down the total content in a smaller part than the previous item.
The chicken meal
Chicken meal is a kind of a meat concentrate and it contains over 250 percent protein (nearly 300 percent) than fresh chicken. Do your dogs need a huge amount of the protein? Ask the veterinarian to ensure this detail to improve your dog health.
The brown rice
The brown rice is a complicated carbohydrate which could be easy to digest once cooked. Nonetheless, the brown rice does not have other natural energy content for your dog.
The corn
The corn is absolutely affordable and contentious cereal grain that you could save your budget about the dog foods. Like the brown rice, the corn also does not have much more energy and valuation for your dogs as well. Thus, the authority dog foods do not have more corn but it is still an inexpensive price.
The oat groats
The oat groats are a kind of the whole grain and it contains the caloric content without having the gluten element. It is rated the average nourishment in the nutritional valuation.
The corn gluten meal
The corn gluten meal is the rubbery part leftover remaining once the corn has had most of the substantial carbohydrate came out of it.
Though the corn gluten meal has 60 percent of the protein, it still has a lower amount of the biological value than meat.
With the plant – based items like the corn gluten meal could increase the total protein which marked on the label – a point we should consider when estimating the actual meat content of the dog foods.
The dried beet pulp
The beet pulp a contentious ingredient as it is made from the sugar beet which is a high – fiber product in this process.
Some users assume that the beet pulp is an expensive filler while others think that this ingredient could lead to increase the blood pressure and the intestinal health.
If the manufacturer get the beet pulp with an appropriate amount, this ingredient will be suitable for them.
The canola oil
Many people assume that the canola oil is an unhealthy fat, but it contains a rich amount of Omega – 3 fatty acids.

Some latest Authority dog food products are available 

The Authority dog foods provide many selections of dry food, wet food and a mixture of treat. With the Authority dog foods, you will find the real meat as the first ingredient with other fresh ingredients like home – made products without having artificial colors, flavors, and preservative substances.
Dry foods
Dry foods are suitable for all of the life stages and every dog could use these categories. They might have many platforms such as the original, grain-free, and tender blends formulas. You should spend the time to discover the recipes on their website.
Wet foods
The wet foods have three different sizes (15 ounces, 13 ounces, and 6 ounces) depending on how your dogs could digest and your budget. The wet foods also are produced many product lines like the GNC Pets, Savory Cuts, Ground Entrees, and Pates which are served meat ingredients such as the beef, chicken, and lamb.

The mixture of treats
The mixture of treats provides ten different choices for dogs. They combine between the form of dental treats, the training treats and the chewy ones with dissimilar flavors like chicken and beef.


The Authority dog food could not be the best quality product lines on the market, but this is a worthy food for your lovely dogs. Nonetheless, some dog owners recognize that the Authority dog food products are not good for dog’s health as well as they might have the allergy with the authority dog food. If you are staying in this situation, then you could look up another diet product for them.

I highly recommend Orijen dog food because it does not have the grain ingredient and provides the natural diet for each of the dogs. “Biologically appropriate” is the most crucial point that the Orijen brand always follows and it has been achieved as the puppies, adults, and seniors completely use it without any issues. The products contain more than 90 percent of the meat ingredient that is more than three times of other dog food products. Each of the diets have 38 percent of the crude protein only.

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