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How To Choose The Best Pure Balance Dog Food

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Feeding your dog a healthy diet at the right proportion is the prerequisite to meeting the needs of healthiness. However, giving your pooch daily balanced meals might require you lots of work and research. For example, what ingredients to have or what to avoid, how much to feed for each meal, dry food or wet food, etc. In general, it is complicated to consider all of them without doing some studies by yourself.

Luckily, products by Pure Balance Dog Food can deal with all these problems. They’re willing to serve dog foods with healthy, nutritious, balanced ingredients, as well as various flavors.

Who Makes Pure Balance Dog Food?

Pure Balance is produced by Ainsworth which is the also company making out of some of the best Blue Buffalo dog foods. The high-quality Pure Balance boasts about and the affordable price they sell their products have got them great attention from everywhere. Their products are widely sold in Walmart retail groceries around the country, and pet lovers are glad to buy their premium products at low cost.

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The only disadvantage that many customers still don’t satisfy is that some Pure Balance foods include too many carbs in the formula.

What’re Main Product Lines from Pure Balance

Pure Balance offers many product lines, and some of the most typical choices are:

  • Pure Balance Grain Free: It is free from grains as its name reveals. It is found in Salmon and Pea Recipe, using excellent ingredients for finest nutrition with the devoid of corn, wheat, soy, etc. So, it is obviously a healthy option for your pet’s bowl.
  • Pure Balance 95%: It is the first kind of canned food from Pure Balance so-called 95%. It is also one of the most affordable dog food on the market. You may look for it in some different formulas from Chicken, Beef and Chicken, Turkey and Chicken, etc.
  • Pure Balance Dry Dog Food: This is another good product line from Pure Balance. However, it uses brown and brewer rice in the formula, which is a limited point because of causing allergies in some cases.
  • Pure Balance Canned Dog Food: It has lots of similarities to the Pure Balance 95% above. However, this one takes advantages of higher quality.

Pure Balance offers many product lines, and some of the most typical choices are:

Ingredient Analysis

Most Pure Balance dog food meets the nutrition requirements as being included high-rate ingredients and authentic animal proteins. Now, let’s take a closer look at some main ingredients.

Animal Proteins

They commonly come from salmon, bison, venison, and chicken.

Salmon is always considered to be one of the most excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially, DHA and EPA. They are also responsible for the improvements of our brain and eyes, as well as the enhancement of the immune ability. Besides, salmon is high in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, and phosphorus. However, DHA and EPA in salmon require 80% of moisture to be well kept, so as being packaged in dry kibbles, their content will be considerably declined.

Another good pick is bison which is a new protein meat that is not much given to pet products. It contains about 55% of protein, 45% of fat, and is an abundant source of amino acids, as well as omega-6 fatty acids.

Next,venison is also a kind of novel protein. With 60% of protein, it is expected to bring a special bowl for every dog. In addition, essential amino acids and omega-6 and 3 fatty acids have functions in the health of glossy skin and beautiful coat. Calcium and phosphorus are liable for boosting the strong bone and body’s comprehensive growth.

Last but not least, chicken is one of the best ingredients. It also plays an important role in building the brand of Pure Balance Dog Food. If your beloved pets are not in any case of allergic problems, this meat is the best choice for everyday meal.

Vegan Proteins

Coming from proteins in plants, particularly peas, supplying anywhere between 25% and 35%. What is worth looking at is that vegan proteins bring alpha-linolenic acid or ALA, various healthy fatty acid, numerous vitamins, good fiber, and many other great nutrients.

For example, peanuts can reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Green peas are low in fat, which helps to excrete fat in the body. Or Oatmeal – it is a good source of fiber, especially beneficial for older dogs with bowel problems, which can be fed with bio-preparations to enhance their functions.

Resistant Starches

Starches are the main source of energy in the body. In addition, starches in dry pellets help to prevent bowel constipation.

In some Pure Balance products, a lot of resistant starches come from potatoes and many other fruits and vegetables. They are able to support insulin sensitivity, which helps the metabolism of glucose better and body’s ideal weight. Even though the resistant starches included in Pure Balance are limited, it shows that the company's understanding of essential optimum nutrition for every pooch.

Healthy Carbs

In addition to these ingredients, Pure Balance also offers a variety of healthy carbs from fresh fruits to vegetables. They not only provide fiber for a healthy intestine tract but also supply the precise content of vitamins and minerals that function in processes such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunity improvement, muscle support and bone development. Anyway, this is a combination of vitamins and minerals with phytochemicals that make it truly valuable.

Different Flavors

The brand has about many different flavors, some of them include:

  • Free salmon and pea.
  • Salmon and peas
  • Lamb and brown rice
  • Chicken and brown rice
  • Free chicken and pea
  • Freebison, peas, and venison.
  • Trout and lentil
  • Beef and chicken
  • Free turkey and sweet potato
  • Gravy carrots and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Peas and sweet potatoes


Pure Balance is a reliable brand providing dog food with great diversity and nutrition richness. You need to learn how to understand your dog’s nutritional needs as well as product basics to identify foods and nutrients that fit your pet's needs and ages.

With our useful information, we hope to bring you some experiences to choose food for them. Leave your comment below if you have any question. Thank you for reading!

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