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Kibble and bits Review

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As a proud mother of my growing canine family, I am particular before buying any food for my pet dog. I try and do a thorough research before buying food for them. No doubt, it should be wholesome providing proper nutrition and health. My pet dog Daisy and her two puppies are the apple of our eyes. I always keep my eyes open to find out the development in pet foods and always wanted to give the best food for my dogs. I was curious after reading some Kibble and bits Review. The information provided in the reviews and customer feedbacks are encouraging and started experimenting with one packet

Kibbles 'n Bits is the fifth largest pet dog food brand in the USA, marketed by Big Heart Pet Brands. The brand started its production in 1981 and are producing about 497 million pet dog food per year under the brand name Kibbles 'n Bits.

Specialties of Kibbles ‘n Bits

I was glad to know that Kibbles n’ Bits dog food made from real meat and poultry as opposed to many products that have synthetic or artificial protein. We all know that dogs have an unusual craving for meat and Kibble 'n Bits just offer your dog's most favorable meat food. The primary source of protein in Kibble ‘n Bits dog food is from meat and beef. One another essential nutrient of dog's meal is carbohydrates, which comes from brown rice or bacon and are easily digestible.
My dog has low immunity level, but Kibbles n’ Bits has high antioxidants and includes 23 essential vitamins and minerals. It has a wide variety of choice in flavors like meat, beef, chicken, bacon, steak, and vegetables like tomatoes and cheese too, which will allow you to select the best suitable item for your dog.
While I was having a conscious research on various Kibbles ‘n Bits reviews, I found the following information, which I would like to share with you. Since, I found many positive aspects, referred in the reviews are an accurate reflection of the product quality, and I personally recommend the dog food for people who love their pet animals.

Recalls – Kibbles ‘n Bits does not have any history of recalls in the last two years. So I felt it is a good choice for my dog.
Good for health – What made it as my favorable consideration is its fortified vitamin contents. It comes with 23 vital vitamins, and various meat flavor makes sure to have all the essential nutrients required for your dog, as the standard set by AAFCO, suitable for all types of dogs during their various stages of life. It prevents kidney problem and heart diseases. Further, it can help to maintain healthy skin, coat and keeps your dog active.

Food varieties: You can find different types of dog food in Kibble ‘n Bits, and you may get confused to select the right food for your dog. What I suggest you is, you can start experimenting with different products and identify the best suitable product for your dog.
My dog loves Kibble ‘n Bits Bistro Grilled Chicken flavor with a savory taste of grilled chicken spring vegetables and baked apple. He likes it very much.

Views on Amazon



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     Reasonably priced

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    Wide varieties for all age groups and types ​of dogs

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    Maintains health and help in growth
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     Unsuitable for sensitive dogs as it has yeast, tomatoes, and cheese.

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     Presence of certain oils like canola oil and chemicals like dicalcium phosphate
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Mean fat-30%


Summary Review:
Kibbles ‘n Bits is 100% gluten-free. It is one of the best pet dog foods available in the market offering with balanced nutrients, delicious flavors of meat or chicken. Its improved protein, support for developing strong muscles and the antioxidants improves the digestive system. 

Alternative brands best suitable for dogs

Sometimes due to various reasons, if you are finding difficult to get particular brands of dog food you are regularly using to feed your dog, it is better to note down some best alternative brands for immediate consideration. You can try the following brands, which are equally good like Kibble and Bits.
A list of alternative dog foods:

  1. Honest Kitchen Grain
  2. Merrick Grain Free Dog Food
  3. Taste of the Wild
  4. Acana Regionals Dog Food
  5. Nutro MAX Adult Grain.

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