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Luuup Litter Box Reviews

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I tend to be very protective of my pet. She is the best pet that I could have ever had. She has got a lovely pair of eyes, and her super soft coat is irresistible. Yes, I am talking about my pet cat- Maria. I may be busy with my life, but at the meantime, I do not ever neglect my feline friend. As I need to update with feline foods and litter boxes, I usually do a lot of research and recently came across with Luuup litter box reviews. It was quite promising and found few more reviews, with encouraging feedback.
Luuup litter box is antimicrobial, so my first priority of hygiene is well looked after. My other primary concern was the comfort for my little pet. The comfort quotient has met by using durable and safe materials for our pets. While going through other points on my list, I found it should be easy and convenient for my pet. It has an intelligent design with proportional measurements to minimise mess and ease of cleaning.

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Specialities of Luuup litter box

I was delighted to know about the antimicrobial finish used in this litter box. I have seen many products claim to be using this finish but end up with only big talks. We all know that our cats are comfortable by nature. It has adopted a lot of designer recommendations and suggestions from seasoned veterinary professionals. The top open design makes them comfortable, and it is one of the best features I like the most.
My cat has susceptible skin. So I have to be extra careful before choosing any products for her use. But this Luuup litter box has solved my problem.
I have done my research on Luuup litter box and have gone through many Luuup reviews, and below are the result:

Recalls - Yes, there have been some recalls in the past. But then it was on some other issues and not quality. Luuup litter box does not have any history of recalls for quality or comfort factor. So I felt it safe for the cat.

Popular product – You can find many companies selling litter boxes, but the best one is Luuup litter box because of its feline friendly design. I felt my cat is comfortable in the litter box which is evident in its behavior.

Safe for health - As my cat is very sensitive, I had to be extra careful before choosing this product. But there has been no problem with regard to her skin or any other after using this litter box. Thanks to the antimicrobial coating.

Other related products - You do need to buy a host of other products with this litter box but just one or two to ease your load. I bought just the mat with this Luuup litter box. A list below of the products to suit your requirements are as follows:

  1. Arm and Hammer Slide Clumping Litter
  2. PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat
  3. The Original GORRILLA GRIP Premium Non Slip Cat Litter Mat
  4. WooPet! Cat Litter Mat

My cat felt comfortable while using WooPet litter mat large 24 x 22 inches
It is always important to evaluate the pros and cons of any products. The pros should always counterbalance with cons and cons should be negligible. It should not hamper the comfort of your cat.



After going through various reviews on Luuup litter box Amazon, I finally purchased this product for my cat and noticed the changes. Initially she very hesitant but with time and comfort with this litter box, things began to change positively.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Reasonably priced
  • thumbs-o-up
    Asymmetrically designed
  • thumbs-o-up
    Antimicrobial finish
  • thumbs-o-up
    Clinically recommended by vets
  • thumbs-o-up
    Minimize the mess
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comfortable for cats

When going through the specification of the product, I was worried about the dimensions because it appeared small for my cat, but I am not too sure about it.

  • times-rectangle
    Small size
  • times-rectangle
    Cleaning may require more attention

Final Verdict

Overall Luuup Litter Box Amazon reviews a beautiful impression about the product. That was the main reason, I have decided to check the litter box physically and decided to purchase one for my cat. After started using the litter box, my cat had not suffered from any rashes or skin problems and is very comfortable. But you should be patient in introducing this product to your pet, as she might be initially reluctant in using it.

Product Ranking: 3/5 stars

Features of the product:
Uses 3 sifting trays
Discarding waste is easy
Asymmetrical tray design
Smart stacking tabs

Alternative brands best suitable for cats

If Luuup litter box is not available in the super market or online stores, then you can try the next best options for your cats. They are equally safe, and I am sure your cats will love them too.
A list of alternative litter box:

  1. Van Ness CPS Sifting Cat Pan/ Litter Box with Frame
  2. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter
  3. Amazon Basics 19-inch Two –Door Top- Load Pet Kennel
  4. Ten second Litter Boxes

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