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Review on Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clippers

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Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clippers

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Review Summary

Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper is an animal-friendly domestic clipper designed to use at home without any training. It is simple to use, as there are no complicated operation procedures. It comes with a single speed powerful universal motor, offering 2100 strokes per minutes enough to cut through even heavy costs. Supported with Oster CryogenX blade, it provides an excellent trimming experience; even a novice can handle with much ease.

About the product:

Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clippers is a powerful single speed dog clipper exclusively designed to use for pet grooming. The clipper comes with heavy duty universal rotary motor, powerful enough to create 2100 stroke in a single minute, is quite sufficient to deliver the perfect result.

The motor is noiseless and hence your pet dog will not get disturbed during the trimming session. The clipper is capable of handling coats of different types. When comparing the clipper with old generation clippers, you can finish the grooming job in 15 minutes, which used to take about 40 minutes.

The blades are easy to change without stopping the motor. While running the motor, just pull off the blade and insert the new blade. The snapping feature is quite convenient and saves a lot of time. AgION antimicrobial coated CryogenX Blade is using in the clipper, which can resist microbial infection your pet animals. The antimicrobial coating fights against forming mold, and other bacterial infections.

Product Score Statistics

  • 1 in Horse grooming clipper
  • 31 in Cat grooming clipper
  • 67 in Dog grooming clipper

Product Specification

  • Single speed universal rotary motor
  • Motor can provide 2100 stroke in one minute
  • Anti-microbial AgION coating for resisting mold and bacteria
  • Comes with CryogenX blade
  • Detachable blade unit
  • Product dimension: 3x10.5x 6 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Highlighted features of Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper:

Single speed motor:

The Oster 78005 clipper comes with a powerful, universal rotary motor. It is noiseless and hence is extremely friendly to use on your pet animal without having any iota of distraction. Noise making clippers disturb the pet animals, and it would be difficult to manage, once they are on the top of their alert mood.

The powerful motor can create 2100 strokes in a minute, and you can use it on heavy and light coat pet animals without any difficult. The motor can work continuously for 20 minutes without any sign of heating. Therefore, you will have enough time to plan your grooming and carefully do the trimming job, especially on the sensitive areas.

CryogenX blades:

The clipper uses CryogenX blades, which are highly durable, and designed with tug-free fabrication that helps to glide smoothly over any rough and tough animal coats. The blades manufactured by using heavy duty steel, cryogenically treated by using titanium carbonitride. This treatment gives a smooth silk finishing on the surface and helps to use for trimming effortlessly. The treated blades perform well, sharper than any ordinary blades. which has more heat resistance power and will be 30% cooler than the rest of the products so that the blades will not heat up quickly.

Antimicrobial coating:

The blades use AgION antibacterial coating, which helps your pets from bacterial infections. The coating is also beneficial to protect your pet animal from infection of mold and mildew.

Noiseless operation:

The quiet motor is a great relief for the owners of the pet as well as the pet. Most of the pet animals are highly sensitive towards the irritating sound, and you will find it tough to control your pet until the trimming work is over. The motor is not only noiseless, but it will not heat up quickly.

Utility of CryogenX blades:

The clipper weighs about 2lbs makes very convenient to handle single-handedly. You can use all Oster CryogenX blades on this clipper since it designed for compatibility use of various blade numbers. While running the motor, you can easily replace the blade by snapping it off and allows you to insert a new one. The snap off feature is especially good when you want to use the clipper on sensitive areas of the pet animal.

Suitable for professionals and domestic pet owners:

The clipper is very handy for professionals as well as domestic pet owners. The unit is lightweight, with a solid shockproof plastic body. Individuals, who want to groom their pets frequently, find this clipper very useful as it allows using at your home, at your convenience.

Why do we consider it is right for you?

You may be thinking because this clipper comes with single speed mode and managing the speed and usage need professional experience. Nevertheless, in reality, a little practice can make you a professional user of this machine. When you practice is properly, you will find it easy to manage and the way clipper can use on the sensitive area of your pet animal. The motor is very powerful, and it can give you 2100 strokes in a minute.

The noiseless feature of the motor is pet-friendly, and as it does not produce irritating sound, you can expect incredible cooperation from your pet. It comes with CryogenX blades, coated with a antimicrobial application and the blade made of hard steel meeting Rockwell Hardness . It allows you to use on heavy coat animals without any problem. You can continuously use it for 20 minutes, without any overheating problems.

Best benefits:

Lightweight of the unit, about 2lbs, makes so convenient for use single-handedly. The blade is solid enough to use for cutting heavy coats. Single speed universal motor allows a no bother operation, as you do not have to fiddle between the speed switch. The motor is powerful enough for regular use, especially for domestic use and produce 2100 strokes in a minute.

Pros and Cons of Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper


  • Noiseless motor working
  • Produce 2100 strokes per minute
  • Single speed
  • Compatible with all Oster CryogenX blades
  • No heating problem
  • Can use 20 minutes continuously
  • Antimicrobial coated blades are using
  • Lightweight, 2lbs
  • Compact size


  • Limitation to use plastic adaptor
  • Cannot use more than 20 minutes continuously
  • Can get better results if used with ceramic edge blades

Customer score:

It is a user-friendly clipper, especially for individuals who want to groom their pet animals at home. It has no complicated operation procedures or speed governors and hence is so friendly to use. It comes with single speed, powerful universal rotary motor, which is noiseless and hence animal-friendly.


Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper is a friendly feature stuffed clipper for domestic pet owners. Anybody can practice it at home, as it does have any complicated operation procedures. Lightweight, single speed, weighing about 2lbs makes it easy to operate. The powerful motor offers 2100 strokes per minute gives excellent grooming performance. The high-performance motor can reduce your workload while grooming and it can contribute to reducing a 40 minutes job in less than 15 minutes. You will find this clipper very useful and animal-friendly since it is noiseless.

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