Revolution for cats reviews

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Revolution is a topical medication for cats to protect them from Fleas, ear mites, and heartworms. It can be used for cats of eight weeks and older as per the instruction of the vet. It is a very versatile topical medicine that offers a wide range of protection for cats.

Revolution (Monthly) (Known as Stronghold) Blue Cats 5-15 lbs 6 Applications

What does Revolution do ?


Revolution helps in killing fleas and also prevents the hatching of their eggs till a month. Although it doesn’t repel fleas, it does an excellent job in preventing their development. It controls the 3 progressive stages of a flea’s life cycle and wrecks it within a particular period. Revolution contains an active ingredient called selamectin.

It is a topical parasitic idée, which is good to use on cats and dogs. It mainly protects your pets from infections from scabies, worms, mites, and fleas. The ingredient is also powerful enough to remove particular types of lungworm infections in cats. Selamectin present in Revolution directly affect the nervous system of the parasite and kills them or prevent eggs from hatching. The medicine need to apply topically as per instructions.

How effective it is

It takes about a month to see the complete difference because it takes that much time for the adult fleas to emerge from the eggs. You might see a few fleas for a couple of months; however, you can the full result later. You will be surprised to see how cats react to it. You will be able to see 90% of improvement in the condition of your itchy cat after consistent usage of the medicine.

Revolution is the first topical medication that can prevent heartworm diseases. It is also waterproof in nature for more than 2 hours. As it is waterproof, it doesn’t lose its power even after taking a bath. It is for animals only and is not suited for human use.



  • It helps in curing heartworm infections which are less than one month old.
  • It offers a waterproof treatment so that you don’t need to wait to give a shower to your pet after applying for the medicine.
  • Revolution will not create any uneasiness for your pet, as it is odorless.
  • Works perfect in destroying baby as well as adult fleas.
  • It controls and prevents infestations from developing in future.
  • The product is absolutely safe and secure for pregnant and breeding cats.
  • The treatment is beneficial for a wide range of infestations.
  • It doesn’t cost you a fortune.

When to use Revolution


If your pet demands protection from any kinds of fleas or worms, you may use Revolution after talking with your pet’s veterinarian. It can also use as a preventive and control measure to keep off fleas from your cat.

Before using it on your cat, do make sure that pet is compatible with spot treatments. You need to use Revolution especially if you are living in an area where worm infestations exist. If at all your pet has a history of mixed infestation attack, you may talk with your vet regarding starting Revolution for your cat as a preventive measure.

Our Picks for the Best Flea Treatment for Cats

1.   Frontline Plus 

Apply this liquid medication to your cat’s neck once a month to kill all stages of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.


2.  Bayer Advantage II 

Advantage II is a fast topical flea control for cats that kills all life stages of fleas. Fleas are killed within 12 hours and, to protect against further infestations, reinfesting fleas are killed within 2 hours. One convenient waterproof application of Advantage II lasts up to 1 month.

3. Cheristin for Cats Flea Treatment, 6 count

Cheristin for cats topical flea control is designed to kill 98–100% of fleas in just 12 hours. Quick and easy to use, this product is efficient and provides long lasting flea control.


How safe is it?

Revolution is really safe and secure and does not harm your pet in any manner. However, in highly sensitive pets it might cause a slight skin irritation along with discoloration of its fur. The only disadvantage regarding the medicine is that it cannot protect your cat from the painful bite of fleas as it works through entering the bloodstream. Some of the users have reported that there has been some sort of mild stomach upset in their cats.

How to use it

Applying Revolution on your cat’s body is easy as applying for any other topical medicine. Remove the cap and open the tube of the drug. Make a partition on the fur at the backside of your cat’s neck and squeeze the entire contents onto its body. Make sure that you have empties the full contents of your pet’s body. When you apply for the medicine, apply it on its body directly instead of rubbing it on fur.



Revolution is a topical treatment for cats from the attack of parasites. If you are living in a country where pets are likely to be affected by worms, it is better to start using Revolution for your cats as a mode of prevention. If it is the first time you are using it on your pet, do talk with your pet doctor to know whether your cat breed is sensitive to the medicine or not.


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Comments (8)

  • It may be ‘odorless’ to man but my cats know exactly when I want to apply it no matter how subtle I try to be before trying – LOL! I usually just have to grab him and his mom and quickly press the tube against the skin at the back of the neck and deliver the contents. They usually forgive me a couple hours later 😉

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a714260df37059ab9628af142da1f29ba08ccb7eb5109fb1eea6830a527ee96f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8f74d927e2d3bd0afe07d55bc9ca3d4049497c5c022fe5827b81ca7c4b807f3b.jpg Our vet recommended Revolution for my 12 y.o. cat saying that its VERY SAFE and it works better than anything else on a market (kills tics, fleas, parasites and other) They tried to sell me a year supply of this poison, good thing I only got 1 dose to try. Few days after application he start scratching that spot (between shoulder blades) , pulling the hair out…. Than he start to scratch more excessively until he bleed… There have been almost a month after application and its not getting better (((( He still scratching, bleeding, etc. Btw, he didn’t have any fleas to begin with… DON’T TRUST DOCTORS, DON’T TRUST VETS – they just distributers of the drug companies!

  • I used Frontline Plus for over 15 years, with no problem, even in an area of fleas, ticks, and chiggers. In moving to western NorthCarolina, Revolution was recommended. I hate it; cats still have fleas, and my kitten is salivating after he eats one! So, poisonous, ineffective, AND expensive! Now I’m stuck with 6 more doses. This “review” sounds straight out of the company’s propaganda.

  • Revolution has killed 4 out of 5 of my kittens so far. The last one will not survive as well . It is s powerful poison to your pet without any recourse for reversing its side effects . Please if you care for your pets make sure you do your own research of this product along with the required dosage for your pet .

  • My 4 year old car had her 1st round of Revolution 10 days ago and has been lethargic, unable to eat and seems to have a mental deficits. I contacted the get and hopefully will wear off. Her mother died after treatment and having severe seizures. We tried iv meds but could not get seizures to stop.

  • Also watch for welts and bumps (and outright open sores) developing on the cat’s skin. Stopping Revolution eliminated this! Some cats are allergic to this product. STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY IF WELTS DEVELOP! Also not recommended for cats less than one year old. (the dose in the ampule is too large)

  • My cat has been itching for a while I’ve tried everything even flea med revolution and he still itches and scratches himself I recently bought atopica it’s expensive but it seems to be working my vets are always expensive all they want is money i think they know what’s wrong but they want you to keep going back to them my cat honeybun has eased up on the itching a little the atopica helps with all kinds of allergys even food only thing it won’t help is any flea allergy

  • I have been using Revolution with my cat for years. Initially she tried to get away from me when I first put it on her skin. I then warmed the vial in the crook of my arm to warm the med up a bit. Now when I apply it, she has no problem accepting it. I am sure the temperature change was the difference on her skin, not the odor of the med.


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